10 reasons why running friendships are just the bees knees…

There is always someone to do a long run with. Long runs are long. And sometimes boring. Having someone to share that with can be fun!

Running friends give you ideas for new types of runs, new routes to run, even new places to run! I’ve been on runs in my neighborhood that i had never even run on before until I ran them with someone else!!

Having a running friend means that there is usually someone who will do a race with you. That means someone to carpool with and to talk about the race with once you finish!

-If you haven’t seen one of your running friends in a while, it gives you a great excuse to go for a run and catch up!
Planning to run a race with a friend gives you an excuse to return to your childhood when your mom used to dress you and your siblings alike. (my mom did that anyway)
There is someone to share your runs with. response from Telling my non-running husband about my really fast 9 miler: “Wow, good job.” Response from telling my running partner about my really fast 9 miler: “That is awesome, lets replicate that next week. Do you think that your pace would change if we did it on a hilly route?” A running friend is Someone to sympathize with about your awesome runs, as well as commiserate with your terrible ones!!

Running friends give you a good excuse to get up in the morning at an ungodly hour and go for a run. Knowing someone is counting on you to meet them makes it sooo much easier to get out of bed in the morning!

Running friends allow you to bounce training ideas off of one another:
“Do you think I should do more speedwork and what kind?”
“How long should my breaks be between my 800s?”
“I haven’t decided yet if I really want to register for the half/full marathon”

The topics of training are endless. Running friends let you ramble on about the best topic ever … RUNNING!! and you will also probably never get bored because you are talking incessantly about running!
We can talk about poop. There’s not a whole lot of people you can talk about poop with. It’s kind of taboo. First date convo? NO. Job interview? Umm…No, not if you want the job anyway… But runners and running friendships are different. You can tell me in depth about your bowel movements before your runs/after/during (yuck, but I’ll still listen and sympathize. And call you a cab?) and it truly doesn’t phase me. I think once you have bowel issues during a marathon that lead you to pretty much poop your own pants….all shred of shame is gone. (or lost?)

Running causes really deep friendships. Maybe it’s the connections over the arduous hours, maybe it’s the fact that that we are also connecting with nature at the same time that we are pounding pavement and we feel more at peace with ourselves and the planet? Something about running brings out really raw and deep bonds in runners.
Why do you love your running friends??





13 thoughts on “10 reasons why running friendships are just the bees knees…

  1. I am such a solo runner and don’t really have running friends. Even though my husband runs we rarely run together. But at least we can talk about running at home. The truth is I have fallen while running twice in the past year and a half and both times I was running with someone else. I think I just need to focus on the running and not distract myself:) But you make lot of good points which would definitely get me to consider running with friends at some point!

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  3. Running with friends helps me to not give up/slack off during a run. Hey, if she’s pushing through it, so can I! 🙂 I also tend to listen to my iPod when I run, so when I run without it and talk (huff, puff, 2 words, repeat) it works my brain a little different instead of completely zoning out to music.

  4. My running friends are incredible. And yes…one of the main reasons is that we can talk…I mean realllly talk…about good ol’ #2. Between running and multi-day backpacking, I’ve lost all shame. And frankly, I’m okay with that. I’m actually off to spend 24 hours in a van with my running friends this weekend – I’m doing my 5th Reach the Beach Relay (208 miles from Cannon Mt to Hampton Beach). The talk that goes on in running relay vans is a whole other story 😉 I would be lost without my running friends…they are the only people who can truly understand my craziness…and they are the only people who truly understand why I can’t hang out with them on a given night because “I have to go for a run.”

  5. Absolutely loved this post Nicole!!!! But poo I wish I had a running friend 😦 all my friends DO NOT run and they just don’t get it. My best friend runs but he moved to Georgia quite sometime ago so I’m the lone ranger in these parts

    • Awww!!! That’s too bad! I met two of my running friends in different ways-1 is the wife of my husbands friend and we became close once we started running together. Another I met through blogging and THAT is a really cool story I will save for a blog post! 🙂 maybe you will be lucky enough to meet someone in a weird way like me!!:) I’m sorry your bf moved to GA-dam those friends who move away!!

    • Great post Nicole!! Running friendships are the best!!! FLRUNNERBoy I found all of my running friends through my local running store — you should definitely look into that! I started out joining their social runs that they held and then we started training for things together.

  6. Great post and very, very cute pictures!!! I love all of your outfits!! The experiences you have shared with your friends is touching!! Have a wonderful day!! XOXO!!

    • Haha most of my best friends are also NOT runners and think I’m crazy too!!!. But-I met my running partner through blogging and we became close, and I became close with the wife of one of my husbands friends when we started running together! I feel lucky to have found them! 🙂

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