Saturday. And Friday. And some randomness from the week.

Friday I came home NOT in the best mood. Just one of those long days that always seem to happen during a “short” week. I have decided that kids/teachers/faculty—> all the people in a school go a little crazy during the shorter weeks. For some reason people try to cram 5 days of stuff into only 4. Sometimes this works, sometimes it does not and ends up making you crazy. Guess which kind of week I had?

I came home and cheered myself up with some eyeliner, a sock bun, my favorite tank top and a lavender martini. (they are my favorite) #itsthelittlethings
And then pretty much fell asleep immediately after dinner.

It’s humid today. You can cut a slice of the air and put it on a plate like a piece of pie. I can’t even stand it and I actually like humidity.

I still did my long run anyways because that’s what I do on Saturdays. It pretty much never occurs to me to switch it around to a Sunday because my husband works on Saturdays so it just makes sense. I should have switched the dam run to a different day.

oh, you know..just some binge drinking before the run…

The first 9 ish miles went great. I still felt strong, and didn’t think about quitting because of the heat. I tricked myself into thinking it was breezy/cool/and that I could breathe. None of those things were actually true. When I was about to hit mile 9, I ran through a common area in Pelham that always always has the sprinklers on their grass. I put my whole body in those sprinklers for like 5 minutes. I looked sooo ridiculous but not even 1% of me cared. This is how you know you have matured– you know you look like an idiot but you don’t care at all. If you saw me, you would’ve been laughing at the site: I looked like a puppy playing in the sprinklers and shaking my face in the water while down on all fours. Hilarious. IMG_3274.JPG

After the sprinklers, I just kind of fell apart. (I was also running in sopping wet clothes/sneaks..but it was 100% worth it)I passed my sisters house around mile 12 and when I passed her house, I wanted to sit on her couch and let her puppies lick my face(I love her pups!!). For some dumb reason because I’m a stupid runner I kept on going. Why not right?! When I hit mile 13, I realized that I had slipped to a 10 minute per a mile pace. I had been running 7s&8s for the first 12….and I just didn’t want to be outside anymore. I was done. My wonderful/amazing sister came and picked me up and brought me home—I was on a road that had no short cuts or turn arounds and it still would have been 6.4 miles til I hit my house.

After collapsing sitting on the couch for a while, I finally forced myself onto the treadmill to round up to the 20.
2:46:03. Two minutes more than last week but it was really about 96%,humidity and felt like 107. So. I guess I will try again next week and have a better run!!! I’m only bummed out because I thought I was going to hit a 2:40 time today…I was convinced. Over the last few days, I took it easy on speed so I could throw in a solid 7ish miles at MGP mid run but that didn’t happen. Humidity is a killer! But there are always other long runs and I’m sure those days will not be full of air that I cannot breathe!

since I know you all love my randomness… I will tell you:
-I ran with a headlight this week. It was weird. My husband pulled out this gem at 4:30 before I was leaving. He reminded me that “Fashion is NOT important when you’re running outside at 4:30am…not dying is pretty much the goal.” He is so smart, I will keep him 😉

-He also earned his keep when he came home with a bottle of the coveted Apothic for me. Awwwwwww. I will be enjoying a glass of this Saturday night!

-She cracks me UP…


-And random…but this plank happened Friday night. All I know is that I lost track of time because I was catching up on blogs while planking. Before I knew it, I was at 7 and I thought “Eh. I can keep going.” And then I hit 10. Wow. I have zero desire to plank for longer than this…but maybe it’ll happen at some point in the future.


-GREAT mail day today..
THANK YOU to Skirt Sports for my new skirt!!! (Come race with me next weekend!)

-And I took Lisa’s suggestion and bought a pair of Brooks Pure Cadence’s..she loves them and she also loves Brooks Pureflows like me so I think I’m in good hands! I found a GREAT deal at DSW!! Can’t wait to run in them tomorrow!


-We had CRAZY storms Saturday night but we saw the most incredible rainbow!

Anybody have oppressive humidity where you are?

Whatcha doin this weekend?

Run Fee, Run Strong!!


28 thoughts on “Saturday. And Friday. And some randomness from the week.

  1. Oh yeah did my 16 miler yesterday and have never felt so bad or run so bad….. and literally felt the same way at one point, found a spot of shade and immediately sat down in the shade….. have never done that…… ugh…… did the run, but more like a forced death march than a run….. would have definitely been in the sprinklers….. nice work to you for getting your run in….. even if you finished up on treads wished I had done that……

  2. I did the same thing in a random sprinkler at mile 7 of my run yesterday! I only had 12 on the plan so I knew I could do it as unpleasant as it was! I’m also pretty stubborn about doing it on Saturday! I’ll be in a headlamp too from now on and I’ll be thinking of you! Here’s to faster running in the fall!

  3. I have no idea where that ridiculous humidity came from yesterday but I did not appreciate it one bit! I think I’ve been so used to early morning runs and slightly cooler weather that running from 7-9am in the humidity yesterday felt awful. I haven’t been that sweaty in a long time! I honestly don’t think I could have done another step more than the 12.7 I did and I was exhausted all day after.
    How did the shoes work out?!

    • I was so sweaty you could wring me out, it was gross!
      I like them! It’s weird but I felt like an 8 is a little big…but the 7.5 was too small…soooo? Maybe I tried them on on a day where my feet were swollen from a long run! I did notice they were more solid than the pure flows!

  4. Im not even sure how you ran at all on Saturday…I toyed with the idea of a short run and took one step outside and said no thank you. Did 15 today and it was soooo nice out!!! Let me know how you like the pure cadence I’ve been thinking of trying them out but I just like the pureflows so much I don’t want to mess anything up by trying another shoe…baystate is soooclose!

  5. I really think the humidity is a pace killer more than heat! I’ve run in the super hot but dry heat out in Nevada and it was so much easier than here on the east coast. I wouldn’t have laughed at you dancing in the sprinklers to cool off, I would have been right there with you! 🙂

  6. Great job on your planking and your long run!! Very impressive!! You have lots of determination!! Awesome!! It’s been so humid in VA lately!! Yuck!! Can’t wait until it finally cools off!! Have a fabulous day!!

  7. Whoa!!! You like humidity … yeppers you, the huz, and the little gotta move to Florida we’ve got all the humidity you can handle haha! Cute sock bun by the way lol. Your step daughter has back hahahaha lol 🙂 that pic was hilarious. Definitely know what your talking with short work weeks. Some of my coworkers can’t handle them and don’t even show for work ugh! Any who … I’m off for run #2 on the race course of next month’s race. Catch ya later! 🙂

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