Blogging: things I love & keeping yourself (and loved ones)safe

This REALLY isn’t my typical post. DISCLAIMER: no running stuff today !!!

I have now been blogging for a little over a year. Back when I started blogging, I actually had no idea that there were so many running blogs.
I’m not even kidding. I never researched/read any other blogs and it had always been a fun idea in the back of my brain to start my own blog one day. Good thing I didn’t do any research because this blog most likely wouldn’t have happened!! The week I created my blog, I was sitting on my back deck and I thought “I wonder if there are any other running blogs out there!”–> 100% honesty. I had ZERO idea.
Of course, the 1st blog I stumbled upon was Hungry Running Girl. (oh, if you aren’t aware, she is awesome/a great mom/incredible runner..and OH! One other thing..prob the most popular running blog in The good ole US OF A. You’re Welcome.

Anyway. Blogging. There are a lot of things that I absolutely LOVE about being a blogger. For example…

*I have made some connections with new friends all over the place. I feel like I could hit up a marathon in nearly every state and have someone really cool to run with!

*I’ve made new friends not only through blogging, but via other social media sites too, such as Twitter and Instagram. I have loved meeting new people and I definitely get a lot of inspiration through other runners. AND FOOD—OOOH, FOOD…..—I follow a lot of food bloggers on IG like Skinnytaste, and I love seeing their posts that give me new amazing recipe ideas!!!

I have really come to enjoy following/commenting/interacting with the blog world. I consider it a part of my daily routine to come onto the World Wide Web and check out what’s happening in the “real life” of someone else. I have said before—This is one of the reasons blogging is so popular—Its like reading a book, but its real so its got a different feel to it. And more fun than the newspaper, no?

Still, even though I love my blog family, There are some things that I never will disclose on the blog.. I used to advertise my newest posts on my personal facebook page, but then I ended up making a page just for TGWRE. In hindsight-maybe it was not the BEST idea to connect “The Blogger behind the blog” to my personal friends and family, but oh well. I created TGWRE as a way to help answer running questions from my friends, co workers, family, etc. It was a great way to help raise awareness of my blog, so I guess I wouldn’t change it. I’m always surprised at the randomness of who reads my little blog-Happy surprised though! I LOVE hearing about how I helped inspire someone on their running journey—that is one of my very favorite parts of blogging!!

There are a bunch of local runners who read my blog, I love that!!! And it is a public domain…. So, technically….anyone in the whole world can read it. I think I’m pretty fun and (sometimes) funny…so good lord knows who will be amused by my ramblings. I’ve never had a “crazy stalker” of the blog (as far as I know) or even any negative comments by haters, but, still, like I said: this is a public domain. Anyone can find me.

I love writing about my awesome friends and family, but I try to conserve their privacy. A little over two years ago, we (Greg and I) were devastated when our house was broken into. It was mostly my things that were taken(and I’m not really that cool that someone would want to steal my stuff), and I’m still angry about it. It was just a few months before our wedding and the robbers took the only heirlooms my grandparents had left me: a beautiful opal ring that was my great grandmothers wedding ring, and a locket that was my grandfather’s mothers. I was going to wear both of these things on my wedding day, and even thinking about how they were taken still makes me cry. I would literally do anything to have those two priceless items back. All the ipods/ipads/computers that were also stolen pale in comparison to things like that.

Since then, we have gotten a crazy sensitive alarm system and cameras. Still, even with these things, I’m wary of putting certain things up on the blog. I think my house was broken into because the wrong person saw a facebook status that a mutual friend had “liked”. (If you use facebook, then you know what I mean) I am actually CRAZY with security now, and I wanted to pass on my tips to all of you because they may not be things that are going through your head.

*I use my real name, but I try never to disclose the real names of friends and family members because I want to protect their privacy. I have no problem writing about what happens AFTER a big event, but beforehand, I am top secret. If I wrote about how I was visiting a friends vacation house for the weekend, it is actually crazy easy to discover the whereabouts of someone’s regular home address and break into their home. I would never, ever want that to happen to someone I love. OR even someone I don’t love because that is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to recover from, trust me. It is Both emotionally and physically damaging.

*I never say where I’m going ahead of time, unless I know for certain someone is home at my house and there is no reason to worry. I will give you an example: Last summer, I went to the Kenny Chesney concert at Gillette Stadium with two of my girlfriends. Until I was POSITIVE that someone was home at both of their houses too, I would not upload a fun picture from the show. It is amazing what you can figure out from the internet..isn’t it??

*No matter HOW MAD I am at someone, I will not put it in this blog. Well, unless its like….The President. Or Miley Cyrus, that chick drives me NUTS. I mean people in real life. Privacy yo….Once you put something out there on social media—it is out there For.E.Ver and you cannot take it back.

*I’m now super careful with putting pictures up. Once I accidentally posted a picture on the blog (of all places!) that had a friends debit card in it. A very nice reader pointed that factoid out to me and I immediately deleted the entire post and let the friend know. You have to be very careful checking over pictures before you post!!

*this is something I learned once from Will Smith. Back when he was still “just a rapper”, someone had asked him how he came up with such smart/swear free/terrific lyrics (actually, I made that up. I have NO idea what they asked young William) But he said the the never sang/rapped a single lyric that he wouldn’t be proud enough to let his grandma hear. And I loooooooove my anything that goes on here, I automatically assume that my mom, dad, Memere are reading it too. #keepingitclassy

These are just a few of my security tips for keeping yourself safe, and keeping your blog safe!. I ever surprised at what I can find on google nowadays!

Any tips to share??


25 thoughts on “Blogging: things I love & keeping yourself (and loved ones)safe

  1. Great tips Nicole!! As a brand new blogger this was timely and so helpful!! I’m actually really private and kind of paranoid about safety issues… Which is weird that I started a blog!! But some of these were things I never even thought of so thank you!

  2. I just started blogging, really just for my family to stay updated because my husband and I just moved to NYC (I was in Boston before!) but you really don’t have any control over who sees what. These tips were good for me to be a bit more aware.

  3. Very good tips. I try to always be careful about what I post, my family and my boss read my my blog. I never share friends real names and I blur out their bib numbers if one shows. Thankfully there is always someone at my house. My name is also mispelled. 🙂 When I first started I didn’t want people to know it but then I wised up to the fact that I am sharing races names and times so someone could figure the correct one out real quick if they tried. I have just ever gotten around to correcting it.

  4. Good and timely post in light of the celeb nude photo hacks that made the news recently. It really is great that we no longer live in the early internet days when every person you meet online must automatically be a creepy lying stalker. It’s truly a positive thing that online friendships and relationships are now more socially acceptable. But the downside of internet being so ingrained in our lives and being part of our day to day life is that we just don’t THINK before we post anymore. We all need these reminders!!

    I like your tips and follow many of them myself, especially the ones about not posting when you’re mad at someone and remembering who could be reading my posts.

    I think an important tip for runners in particular is about posting screenshots of their routes from GPS tracking. A few weeks ago, I was going to post the mapmyrun screenshot of one of my runs and I suddenly realized that it starts and ends at my house and I don’t want the world seeing that! I felt so stupid but I’m glad I caught it in time.

  5. Thanks for sharing your tips and experiences.

    I just took the step to add my picture to my blog. People can be weird sometimes and you can never be too careful. It’s a delicate balance to share yourself and keep safe & private. Hope it was a good choice. Since the blog is mainly for me (and any other empty nester interested).

    A couple things I try to do is to…Be careful of posting or sharing images, especially during the exuberance of a trip. It can be hard to resist. Tight reins on the instagram account!
    I try to keep fb friends to close friends and family (we tried groups and it was too hard for some). Not because I’m a fb maven (I’m not), but because it’s easier to filter things that way. Everyone else is an acquaintance. Helps for those just can’t resist but am away from home posts :).
    Far from guarantees but make me feel a little more comfortable.

    Take Care!

  6. Hey!! Definitely love your tips and sooo agree with all of them!! Really love your last tip about never putting something on that you wouldn’t be proud enough for your grandma to hear!! Totally agree!! My mom, dad, sister, etc. read my blog, so I definitely wanna always keep it classy!! XOXO!!

  7. These are all great and important tips. When I first started blogging I was really aware of being top secret…but I have definitely loosened up a bit and this was a really good reminder to be aware of certain things. That break in sounds awful:(
    I can’t believe you didn’t know there were other running blogs when you started yours! I started reading healthy living blogs about 4 years ago and then started to come across blogs more focused on running which interested me more. I read the “bigger” blogs for awhile but now the only one I still read is HRG (I don’t think I’ll ever stop reading her blog even if she never replies to any of my comments:)) but now my favorite blogs to read are the ones that I interact with the bloggers everyday! I also find that certain blogs I come across (like yours) feel so easy to get into and connect with!

    • I feel like I wrote that comment myself-The ones where I interact with others are all smaller blogs where i now have connections with the bloggers. and i love that!!! Its so much more personal now! ANd I agree with you on HRG i think i will read her blog for as long as has it!!

  8. Really good tips. Sorry to hear about the break-in – that totally sucks! I would be devastated.

    It’s so funny because I was thinking about doing something similar to the first half of your post recently (not about safety). Just about blogging in general, etc and the cool people I’ve “met” and actually met in person. My favorite bloggers are the ones that interact with me through our comments on each other’s pages. I’ve gotten rid of soooo many blogs that I read because there was never an interaction, never a connection. So, unless they are spectacular at blogging and I just have to keep reading regardless, they’re gonzo. There are just too many out there and I was spending far too much time online with them so I had to widdle it down somehow.

  9. I love your story and safety tips! I really haven’t given much thought to safety beyond protecting my kids so these were all good things to keep in mind. I do post to my personal page and actually like doing that because I get a lot of people telling me they read and relate to what I put out there, and that they feel they know me better. As someone who always felt misunderstood I love that people can read and get a sense of who I am! I’m not going to pretend I’m always classy (mostly not always!) because that’s also just not me 🙂 I love your blog and have been reading it just shortly after starting my own, it’s been helpful!

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