Thursday’s random tangents

This happened Wednesday night. BOOM. longest plank I’ve ever done (previous record 7 minutes) I don’t know why but every week that I do a ton of planking, I have awesome runs. I have no idea of the two are directly related(as in my running is getting better with planking), I would like to think so because I will tell you that I can always feel my abs pulling me along in some of my tougher runs.

Last week, I went to the grocery store and bought three bottles of my favorite red wine, Apothic Red. (this is not a math problem, I swear)20140903-184931-67771443.jpg
Imagine my surprise when my dumb butt got home and pulled out three bottles of the wrong wine.
But they look alike, do they not??

So back to the grocery store I go this week to buy some of the correct bottle of wine. This was the shelf where Apothic once stood…
Someone is pulling a cruel, cruel joke on me. And you can now probably see WHY I grabbed the wrong wine??

I am beyond obsessed with green Smoothies for breakfast lately. The only thing wrong with green smoothies is when there is NO MORE SMOOTHIE left. ((sigh))
(this smoothie has banana, kale, soy milk, Greek yogurt, cinnamon)

Since I couldn’t find my favorite, and since I have a SERIOUS craving for chocolate, I bought these two beauts. Yes, I cracked the chocolate wine. #itsfridaysomewhere

Today I plan to do a fasted 13 before work….half on my treadmill, half outside with my running partner!!! Let’s hope I make it!!!:) (In case you are curious, I leave for work at 7:00…
AM, not PM.
Yes. Early-ness. If All The Running happens, it will be my longest pre-work run. (My current longest is 10)

Favorite wine?

Green Smoothies….LOVE/HATE/Never tried??
And if you love the GS…please tell me your recipe in a comment!!!:)

one more day friends…we are almost there. I can smell it!!


35 thoughts on “Thursday’s random tangents

  1. My favorite wine is called Wild Berry Pinot Noir … it’s from a local winery where I live! I have a mental problem drinking green smoothies, I like to stick with eating my veggies and smoothing my fruits 🙂

  2. I need to get green smoothies back in my life. I used to do them every day but I got tired of cleaning the blender ever day. And I need to get planking into my life too. I’m so bad- abs are my least favorite body part to work on even though it’s what I need the most. Lunges, squats I’ll do them all day long but I get started on abs and I end up just lying down.

  3. You are seriously my planking idol….I wish I could stay consistent with mine enough to get me to that point. And I totally agree…the Insomnia looks exactly like Apothic. I don’t have a favorite wine, I like ALL wine 🙂 I have some favorite expensive, special occasion wines…Rombauer Chardonnay, and Decoy Pinot Noir. But those are above $20 so not the i’m sitting around the house, watching my kids and getting drunk kinds of wines 😉

  4. You SO have me in the mood for red wine now! And seeing that I got my tougher workout done this morning and tomorrow is an easy day, I don’t see any reason not to indulge tonight:) As for favorite wine, its hard to pick! Buy my “go to” wines are cupcake sauv blanc or woop woop shiraz. But my dad works for a wine company and gives me wines that are really good and I can never remember the names of them! Need to work on that. Good luck with the long run tomorrow AM. 4am is an early hour…but it will be worth it! And you have inspired me to plank more!

  5. Apothic is my favorite wine too! It’s gotten harder to find lately… I think a lot of people have discovered it and it sells out pretty quickly at the stores near me. How was the Insomnia? Good enough to be a possible Apothic replacement?

      • Makes total sense! It’s nice to know of others that are good for when people steal our fave… I feel like it makes me sounds like a hipster, but it was nice when no one else knew about Apothic and it was always readily available! Oh well… I guess it makes it even better when we can actually find it? 🙂

  6. Um, so you’re a beast! I need to get on that plank action – I think I’d be lucky if I could hold it for 1:30. And you are a brave brave soul for getting up by 4:30am. I love running, but I still can’t manage to get myself up to get my run in before work. Kudos to you!

    I love that you’re a fellow wine lover 🙂 I don’t know that I have a favorite brand, but in general I love Shiraz from Australia.

    My green smoothie recipe: I’m more a fan of spinach so I use a handful of spinach with a coconut greek yogurt, banana, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and a little bit of honey!

  7. An 8 minute plank is AMAZING! Mentally I can’t get past 1 – so you have inspired me to work on that. Favorite wine? I prefer whites – and sweeter wines. I’m such a wine novice.

  8. It doesn’t look that green but it is: whole milk, yogurt (Greek or whole milk vanilla), 1/2 banana, handful of berries (strawberries or blackberries), 1/3 cup uncooked oatmeal, tablespoon peanut butter (for protein), kale or spinach, dash of sea salt. Sometimes I add a dash of chia seeds.

  9. Great job on your plank time!! That’s awesome!! You’ve totally inspired me to time myself!! I do lots of plank work so how fun to keep track of longest plank!! Love it!! You always have brilliant ideas!! 🙂 Have a fabulous, FABULOUS run and you’re right, a strong core is so beneficial for running!!

  10. You have inspired me to roll my tired ass out of bed and plank away! WELL DONE! I think there is a direct correlation to strong abs and good running. Especially trail running. And I’m a huge fan of the plank, green smoothies and wine! I like your cinnamon touch. Nice. 🙂

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