Running recap &a few pictures

I don’t really do a weekly recap very often because I don’t think it’s a riveting source of entertainment for ya’ll to read about. This just in:GIRL WENT RUNNING! —> Not riveting. But, This week was a pretty great running week. For being the first week back to school, I got a surprising amount of mileage in. Being back to work means back on my feet and being in my feet all day is exhausting. Why does getting older hurt so much??

Anyway, Monday was doubles, 5 miles before work, 4 afterwards. I was surprised at how sore I wasn’t on Tuesday. Doubles, when done effectively, really do help alleviate muscle soreness!


Tuesday I did a local 5k the next town over from me. It was called the “Last Call” 5k and it was the last race in a 10 week running club series called the “Good Times 5k”. Runners can register on the day of the race for $15, or ahead of time for $100 for the whole 10 week series. I was going to do a full recap, but I think I’ll just sum up my thoughts on it here:
-I hated running during it. Hated.
-it hurt a lot, at one point I felt the wind being knocked out of me because I was going so fast. has that ever happened to anyone?
-I was extremely, ridiculously nervous beforehand. This was only my second 5k, and ironically, I’m less nervous for 26.2 miles than I was for 3.1 miles. Weird. I ended up coming in as the third woman overall and that was pretty fun!


I didn’t like my time for it: 21:23. I really thought I was going to break 20:50 (my only other 5k time) but honestly after standing on my feet all day, and not taking the previous day off–I shouldn’t complain! I realized I want to another 5k sometime soon so that I can continue to assess my speed and how my speedwork is paying off!! Eventually, I would like to break 20 minutes 🙂

Wednesday: completely off from running. I did some core/arm work, but that’s it.

Thursday: 10.14 miles. It was my first time running at night since early June. I did not like it one bit. Morning running is really where it’s at for me. If I can do just a couple of days still in the morning, I will be happy!!

Friday: off.

Saturday: This was my fastest long run ever. I’m really proud of myself for inching closer and closer to my goal of a 2:40 20 miler. (once I hit that, I will have to come up with a new goal) I took 6 minutes off of last weeks time, and 16 minutes off from my first 20 mile run from this training season. This is honestly the most 20 mile runs I have ever done while training for a marathon. I think my progress is due to the combo of speedwork and tempos..and also because my body is just getting used to a 20 mile run every week. I don’t know if this makes even a lick of sense but I do know that I’m making a ton of progress!


Sunday: 8.22 recovery miles

It was an awesome weekend! We had lots of family/friend time!




Happy Labor Day, everybody!


18 thoughts on “Running recap &a few pictures

  1. That’s one monster week speedsta!! And no worries on that 5K eh’ you’ll go sub 20:50 soon enough especially with cooler weather on its way 🙂

  2. Awesome job! You’re a running machine, I get exhausted just reading about your training! Way to rock that 5K too! That is one beastly 20-miler, congrats! I did 20 miles for the 2nd time this weekend, but it was 30 minutes slower. One day I too will run it under 3 hours…one day..maybe…:-)

  3. Amazing week of training! Your 20 milers are SO inspiring! Especially to have done so many in a short period of time it is so awesome that you keep improving with each one you do! And 5k are so rough…I pretty much question why I am doing it for the entire race!

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