A Love Letter to Summer

My Darling Summer…

This weekend is Labor Day Weekend and the unofficial end of summer. Our love affair is nearly over and I feel like you’re breaking up with me! It’s so unfair. It’s not my fault–you took extra long to get here this year, and you’ve really not been yourself the whole time-August was unseasonably cool. Please don’t leave me!

Summer, I love every single thing about you..I love your longer daylight hours, and how it seems to barely ever get dark because the sun is shining so brightly. I love your intense heat! It’s true, I really do! I even love your humidity! (I bet a lot of people don’t like that, but I do, I swear.)

I love how tan you make my skin. I adore the way my gardens flourish under your prescence. With every meal I have been enjoying garden fresh veggies…THANK YOU.

I promise that if you stay, I will share you with others, and give my all to enjoying you as much as humanly possible. I will continue to rise at the crack of dawn to run, and I will spend all day basking in the warmth your season provides.

You’ve given me so many beautiful things this year:

Stunning Sunsets!

Gorgeous sunrises!


Beautiful flowers in my garden!


Fun with my favorite people!!

And, let’s not forget that you gave me some of the most amazing runs of my life too:

(top left is a race I haven’t reviewed yet, I came in the top three overall for women…pretty cool!

So you see, summer, I really do love you..you can’t leave, you just can’t. Think about it and get back to me,

Forever yours,
The Girl Who Really Loves Summer

Question: favorite thing that happened to you this summer?


23 thoughts on “A Love Letter to Summer

  1. Great post. Even though the humidity can typically be brutal here in MD, this truly was an epically cool summer. I had one trip to the beach and got a pool membership this year – great investment! Your pics are beautiful!

  2. Love all the pics – and I agree. For me summer has gone too fast – and I never even got to complain about it being too hot! Oh well, we had some amazing times, Lisa and I were sitting over drinks while the kids were at marching band the other night talking about it … really amazing summer πŸ™‚

  3. I love this! I am also so sad about summer ending, especially since it never truly felt like summer. However, this summer was definitely a good one. I can get myself to be excited for the next few months but after the holidays its all downhill. January-April are the worst months in my opinion. I think it also has to do with working in a school, since there aren’t many breaks during that time either. Its sad to see summer go but (hopefully) it will be back before we know it!

  4. Love the letter and your summer definitely was awesome and amazing pics too. But I’d be lying if I said I was saddened by summers end I’m actually doing my happy dance haha lol. But then again I’m a Florida runner.

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