Skirt Sports 10 on 10 race!

I am really excited to share some very special news with you guys! You all know I’m a recent Running Skirt convert. I absolutely LOVE my new skirt! I’ve found myself reaching for it nearly everyday-not only for running, but for LIFE as well! I did a 5k in it this week that I knew I would need my phone and money after wards so I stuffed them in my pockets- I was going at a 10 mile an hour pace and NOTHING flew out of my pockets…NOTHING! And after the race I could continue on to the bar without a double back to the car. Win!!!

I got really lucky: After reading my skirt review, SS’s founding CEO, Nicole Deboom found my blog and reached out to me on her OWN to tell me how HAPPY she was that I found Skirt Sports and was now in love my new little skirt! She told me a little bit about WHY she created the company:

“Nicole! This is Nicole DeBoom, the founder of Skirt Sports, the company whose skirt you stumbled upon in Runner’s Alley. I LOVE your story, because I started the company – and the entire running skirt phenomenon that women couldn’t figure out if they loved or hated – because I couldn’t stand the options that existed at the time. I could either wear running shorts that rode up my crotch every 3 minutes, or skin-tight shiny spandex that showed everything (this was 10 years ago now!). So I created a skirt (to cover my butt) WITH POCKETS for an Ironman in 2004. A race I had the good luck to win! My point is not to brag (maybe only a little because that’s my only Ironman win and I’m proud of it!), but to say that wearing a skirt can make you feel good AND go fast. You will never discover greatness unless you try new things and take chances! I’m glad you found our skirts first, because we truly make the best products and you picked a winner in that cute little Cougar Skirt (yes, that’s the name of that style!)”

Ummmm…Can we please pause for a moment and acknowledge that this incredible woman won an IRONMAN??? I did ONE triathalon, and I’m still tired from it and it was in 2007. How badass is she???

I looked into Skirt Sports little further because I wanted to learn a bit more. I found this awesome timeline that sums up their history awesomely:
Their Kick Start program sounds pretty incredible and I wish I lived near Colorado so I could participate!

Nicole and I have been emailing back and forth and she shared with me an exciting new race that Skirt Sports is hosting: it’s called the “10 on 10” and it’s a virtual 10k or 10 miler. The race is to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Skirt Sports, AND Nicole’s Ironman victory! The runner can choose to do a 10k or a 10 mile run between September 13, 14, or 15th. You can document your run by hash tagging #10on10 and #SkirtSports, or on the Skirt Sports Facebook Page.

They have three pretty awesome packages to choose from, and the coolest part? You get a gift certificate for a Finishers Skirt (or a top) as your prize! YOU GET TO PICK OUT A RUNNING SKIRT WITH YOUR GIFT CERTIFICATE. YUP. You can be as cool as me in a cute skirt too!


Package 1:

Package 2:

Package 3:

I’m really excited to do this race! I’ve never done a “virtual run” before and I am looking forward to adding this to my list of “2014 firsts”!

****Skirt Sports has also generously offered a discount code to my readers for 30% off your registration! Just use 10on10vip at checkout!****

So..lets recap: an awesome Virtual Race with me…a skirt for your entry….supporting an awesome company…How can you go wrong??

Come race with me in your skirt!


8 thoughts on “Skirt Sports 10 on 10 race!

  1. It’s true!! You have crossed over haha. It’s true what they say once you go skirt you never go back haha lol 🙂 awesome post!!!

  2. Sounds like fun! If I hadn’t just bought a hydration vest, I’d be in, but unfortunately I must learn to curb my spending :/ I’m glad you’re enjoying your new skirt so much!

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