Back to Life, back to reality…,

Today is the first day of school!! I really cannot complain, it was a fantastic summer filled lots of amazing things!

I had a SUPER busy weekend.. We celebrated this beauty, my Wifey, who is getting married soon!! Saturday was her bridal shower and it was absolutely perfect ❤️


Oh you don’t vacuum in your ball gown?!

And on Sunday, it was an awesome family day with lots of my favorite people!



Sorry so brief: it’s been a jam packed weekend and this grandma Needs to hit the hay! I will be back tomorrow with the good stuff: a Baystate Marathon training post update!

Happy Monday! I’ll be the one crying on the school bus! (just kidding about the bus…but not about the tears!

tell me something fun from your weekend!


18 thoughts on “Back to Life, back to reality…,

  1. You take the most awesome pics annnnd your huz could easily pull off a good Chris Daughtry impersonation … just sayin’ lol 🙂 hmmm this weekend I finally got to play some futbol aka soccer for the first time in months woohoo!! And that was after a moderate paced 7 miler booyah!! 🙂

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