This 20 miler is in my rearview, PHEW.

Thank goodness that is done. I always seem to have endless motivation. So much so that I could give YOU some and still have a ton left over.

Thursday was not one of those days. Instead of rising bright and early to run–i dilly dallied for about 4 hours and didn’t start until 12!!!! Ugh.

I wouldn’t consider this run to be one of my “good ones” Even though I did it-there was never a time that I didn’t feel exhausted and my legs didn’t feel heavy. Too many long runs close together=tired Nicole. I like to feel strong on long runs.

Instead of feeling good after, this run left me drained. I plunked down on my couch and haven’t moved in quite a while. I did run the 2nd half faster, and that was because I have a HUGE competitive streak with my #1 competitor: ME! I really had to give it an A+ effort to get it done. I ended up beating last weeks time by 1:16, so that is something.

I should tell you some good things about my run. (I always take a minute to think about the GOOD THINGS that happened during my runs. It isn’t always easy, but I’m pretty positive and like to remind myself of the GOOD. Especially if I’m feeling NOT SO GOOD.)

*I felt cute in my new skirt...
And I was able to store three GU in one pocket, my phone in another, and in my back pocket I zipped my debit and key. I think I could’ve stuffed more stuff in there, but that’s all I ever bring with me (besides my Camelbak)

*Pureflows for 20 was a success!!! I think I will alter between the Pureflows and Ghost.

*I had a longrun under the clouds. I can’t remember the last time the sun wasn’t blazing down on me. It was lovely to have a little change of weather.

*my legs DID wake up and not Only did I do the 2nd half faster, I wound up finishing the last 3 miles faster than last week with negative splits.

Every run makes you stronger. Every. Single. One. Even if you feel crappy, perform crappy, disappoint yourself, etc—> you are still getting it done. Don’t ever forget that. It’s important to keep going, even if all you want to do is sit down and shove piles of bacon/beer/cheesy French fries down your throat.(that is what I wanted today, FYI) sometimes I am SO happy after a run, sometimes I’m so mad. But the point is: I RAN. I did it. I got it done and logged those miles. Don’t ever despair that it was crappy and you did lousy: YOU. FREAKING. DID. IT.

Eventually, my goal is to get down to a 2:40 long run. I know I am capable of doing this. No matter what your goal is, keep on keeping on because I truly believe you can do it. And you won’t always feel good. Last week, I felt terrific on my long run, and I finished it in a time of 2:51:38. This week, same run, exhausted legs, bla brain—it was done in 2:50:22. Baby steps, but still progress. Now I’m going to celebrate by taking tomorrow off!!!


Happy Friday!! I hope your weekend is amazing!

How have you proven that a bad run makes you stronger?


23 thoughts on “This 20 miler is in my rearview, PHEW.

  1. Fantastic run and great job! I totally believe we should learn from EVERY run – maybe we killed it, maybe it killed US! haha maybe it was a ‘meh’ run or whatever … but with each run there is SOMETHING … even if it is just ‘well … THAT is over’. πŸ™‚

    Love the outfit – and it is funny that I never really paid attention to specifics of women’s running fashion until about a year ago with the blogs I am following … with Hollie it was ‘runderwear’ and now several folks with running skirts. Very different for guys … I just have to make sure my nips are taped πŸ™‚

  2. So glad you got the run chica! And love that positivity!!! And you so rocked the second half of the run. I always use not so good runs as learning experiences for the next run. There are no bad runs even though its hard for me to think that in the moment sometimes but all running are stepping stones and learning experiences to get us THAT epic run πŸ™‚

  3. Um, hello, you look incredible in your running skirt! You could be a running model πŸ™‚

    I love your enthusiasm even after having a not-so-great run. I always try to find the bright side after a hard run, even if the only upside is “it’s over” haha.

  4. Great work on the long run!! We have all had the tough ones but they do indeed make you stronger…and my favorite phrase to say to myself after any bad run is….”Better today than race day”.

  5. Awesome job! You are so strong- mentally and physically. I’m glad the Pureflows worked out for you! Have you considered trying the purecadence? To me, they feel alot like the pureflows but I can tell they give me more support.
    That’s awesome that you take time to focus on the good parts- its so important! And you are getting me to want to try a running skirt:)

    • I have considered it-I went into DSW to try them on but they didn’t have my size (I’m refusing to pay full price by buying the latest models). I’m usually a 7.5 and those felt really snug, so I would’ve had to move up a size but they didn’t have any 8s. Have you noticed any sizing differences?
      πŸ™‚ thank you -I really try to celebrate each run!

  6. Way to go on your 20 miles!! That’s an amazing time and I know you can reach your goal! You are strong, motivated, and oh yeah, BEAUTIFUL!! You look phenomenal in your running skirt!! Soo, sooo cute!! XOXO!!

  7. Incredible! You continue to amaze me. You must feel great just to have that run behind you! Sometimes I think one of the reasons I do marathons is just to get that feeling of completing a long run. And that picture is too cute for a running pic!

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