THIS. (#2)

THIS is something i never have to do: I have to juggle around my running schedule this week, and I’m a little nervous about it? I have no chance to do a long run this weekend or even Friday due to jam-cram-crazy-packed fun sat/sun, so I’ll be doing it on Thursday(today). I’m a bit nervous because my last long run was only five days ago. I don’t know why I’m stressing..i love running long, I love running(duh), and overall, i shouldn’t be a big baby about it..but I am! I guess I just want to “do really well.” (when do I not? Who says “I want to have a crappy run today”?) #nicolejustshutupandrun

THIS is my favorite playlist right now:
YES, I know…I love Eric Church, and I’m his biggest fan it borders on obsession. He is on all playlists I create because I heart him. And say what you will about T Swifty, but the girl writes a mean lyric and it has a terrific beat to run to!

THIS is the Biggest Lie Ever.
I LOVE kale, I do. I have it twice a day in my smoothies or with my dinner. I’ve even grilled it. I think it’s delicious, nutritious, and a super food.
But Kale will never be/replace/compete against bacon. NO, NO, NO. #lies

THIS is my very weird/random shoe dilemma that I would like and appreciate your perspective on: I am a Brooks shoe SNOB. That’s no secret.
For as long as I can remember, I’ve been doing all my long runs and marathons in my Ghost’s. (Currently, I’m in the 7) But lately I’ve been doing 75% of all my runs in my Pureflows: I’m talking speed, tempos, easy runs, and my last 4 half marathons have also been in those bad boys. I’m debating doing my October Baystate in them—>even though they’re a lighter shoe and typically, I like the cushioning I get from the Ghost’s. So to get myself ready/test that out, I’m going to do a long run in them. Today actually. I’m doing that long run today in a lighter (6.3 ounces for the Pureflow, 7.8 for the Ghost) shoe and it makes me nervous..but you never know until you try right?? stay tuned for an update on the condition of my legs/feet post 20 mile shenanigans.

Question: What shoes do you do your marathons in? Cushioned vs lighter or racing flat???

Tell me something about your life RIGHT NOW!!


27 thoughts on “THIS. (#2)

  1. I’m currently in the Ghost 6. I rotate between an Asics Cumulus, the Ghost, and a Brooks Adrenaline GTS. I’m trying to figure out which I like best. I don’t do long runs in the Adrenalines anymore. They were my first shoe and then I started having knee problems. I’m not sure if it was because of the shoe or not, but I’m not taking chances. I like cushy shoes, I just can’t decide if one is better than the other.

  2. So I am also a Brooks girl…I wear my pureflows for most of my runs- including tempos and anything up to like 12-13 miles. I also have pureconnects for speedwork and I wear them for 5ks, and I wear the purecadence for longer runs, marathons, and any days when I feel like I need a little support. I always have a backup pair of each, too, and start rotating a new pair into the rotation when my old ones get past 350 miles!

    • This is awesome!! Until very recently, i hadn’t even considered doing a marathon in anything but my cushioned shoes. That is pretty amazing that you can make them last until 350+…OMG at 275, mine are gone! I swear I can start to feel “tweaks” in my joint from the mileage. I wish I could make them last longer!!!

  3. I hope your long run was awesome and yes to the kale I sooo love the stuff!!! #nomnomnom πŸ™‚ I’ve been a Brooks Ghost snob for the last 5 or so years. But now I’m loving the. Pure Drift. I started doing about 80% of my running in the ghosts then switched to the green silence and 80% in those and 20% in the ghosts now I’m strictly in the pure drift now but then again my primary focus for now are 5K’s at least until December

    • I think I’m now where you were -20% ghosts, 80% pureflows. I love the Ghost and the extra padding on my feet so I think I’ll continue to vary the two for my Long runs for now anyway. I really like the pure drift! I tried them on in the store but they didn’t have my size so I never bought them!

  4. I don’t get the ‘racing flat’ thing, really. Why would you train in one set of shoes then race in a different one you never use otherwise? Seems like a terrible plan.

    I run in ultralights – right now loving the Saucony Kinvara 5, and also the Virratas (zero drop). I like the 4mm drop shoes best, I think, and the light cushion of the Kinvara. I use them for everything. πŸ™‚

    And as you know (since I stole it ) I LOVE these posts πŸ™‚

    • Keep on stealing away! It’s sort of thinking out loud meets your current issues/loves/hates!
      I have never even tried a racing flat before. I don’t think running a marathon in the Pureflows would be a huge transition for me since I log tons of miles in them already-but running a marathon in a shoe that I do not train in DOES sound like a terrible idea! I don’t know if the elites do it that way-but maybe that is why they are always injured! I’ve heard great things about Saucony too, next time i go to the Merrimack Outlets, I’m going to check the store out. It’s always good to try new things!

  5. First of all, enjoy your long run and have a great fun-filled weekend!!!

    I’ve recently transitioned from doing long runs in my Asics GT2000’s (serious support shoes somewhere between 8-9 oz) to my Saucony Kinvara 5 shoes (at about 6.7 oz!). I started off by doing most of my short/medium speed runs in them when I first got them and slowly tacked on the mileage and I have not had a problem doing up to 18 miles in them even! They feel so much lighter as I run and it definitely helps mentally. If you’ve been doing most of your running in the Pureflows, I don’t think you’ll have a problem adding them to your longer runs. But everyone is different so you won’t know till you try!

  6. Whoever said kale is the new bacon is pure evil. They are dead wrong. Mmmm, now I want bacon. Piles of it. In my face.

    Good luck with the shoe dilemma! I hope today helps you make a decision.

    Something random…hmmm…today is my “Friday”. I took tomorrow off and we’re going to enjoy some kayaking. πŸ™‚

  7. I juuuust got my first pair of Brooks! So freakin obsessed with them. Before, I had some weird Nike whatevers. Brooks trump so clearly!! I currently am running in the Ravenna line. Love!!

    And agreed, I mean I love kale. But how can you compare a salty, decadent meat to a leafy, fibrous veggie? Um, no. πŸ™‚

  8. I am speaking from my own bad experiences going with lighter shoes, but I would stick with the more cushioned ones until you can take enough time to fully make the transition. I used to train in mizuno inspires and then race in a racing flat which eventually led to tendinitis after a while. But a lot of people do well in light shoes, I think it’s a matter of a slow transition! And I hear you on feeling nervous for weekday long runs. I hate it when I have to do it mainly because of an early wakeup, lots of traffic on my route and just feeling “off.”

  9. Hi there I too have to juggle my runs for this week and next week! I’m getting married saturday ..yay! Then off to mexico we go so long run for me tomorrow and then I’m going to TRY to do the speed and tempo next week on the tread mill 😦 but how could I possible complain!

    I also run exclusively in the pure flows for my long speed and tempo runs I have about 4 pairs I rotate…interestingly I run my long runs in the pureflow 3s and tempo and speed in the pure flow 2s….I think the 3s are wider and they seem to be the only shoe I can run in without getting blisters! So I’m sure you’ll be fine in them for your long run!

    • LAUREN!!!! Happy wedding weekend, that is amazing!!! HUGE CONGRATS!!
      And Mexico for your honeymoon—awesome!
      Thanks for the tip-I’m nervous and also a little excited to try this out!
      I haven’t tried the 3s yet- I’m waiting for them to go on sale, or, until I run out of 2s!!
      Have a blast on your big day,
      I hope it’s all you’ve dreamed of!

  10. I always do long runs and races in my lighter shoes, it’s a mental thing! I know it sounds crazy but I just feel faster because I’m “lighter” perse;) good luck on your 20 miler! I can’t wait to read all about it!

  11. Hey!! Have a great long run today!! I know you will!! I’m loving kale lately, too!! Grilled kale sounds delicious! Sounds like you’re in for a fun weekend! That’s amazing!
    Something about my life? I’m loving being creative (cooking, crafts, etc.)!
    Have a wonderful day!

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