I don’t even know who I AM: I bought a RUNNING SKIRT

I have a confession: I have never liked running skirts.
……There…I said it! ……

…..I’ve never put that out here on the blog before because so many of my running friends and readers wear them. And it’s not nice, and my mom would be mad if I wasn’t I like to be nice!!

It’s weird that I don’t like them-I love dresses so why don’t/wouldn’t I want to run in a cute little skirt? To me-I always felt like It would be as if I was “trying too hard” to show I’m a girl who is running-sort of ‘over the top’ trying to show the world that Girls Run Too!! ……..I know, it’s dumb and I make no sense. Aaah..well…I guess that’s what makes me ME.

All that changed this past weekend. My husband Greg and I went away to the Wentworth by The Sea in Newcastle, NH to celebrate our anniversary…


This hotel is GORGEOUS! It has two restaurants, two pools, a spa, and a million gorgeous beach spots all around it. It’s right next to a little beach called “Great Island Common” where we took our engagement pictures. A bit pricey(think Boston prices)– but worth it for a special occasion! This little area is really special to us, so I was super excited to go!

(Engagement pics from 2011!!)

Anyway…moving back to The Running Skirt…I’ve been searching for a while for an awesome pair of shorts with a bunch of pockets. I wanted something to stuff my GUs in for long runs so I don’t have to wear a wrist pocket or my flip belt. Less is more!!! On our travels, we stopped at Runners Alley in downtown Portsmouth Nh. I saw this cute little skirt, and was floored when I lifted up the ‘skirt’ part and saw the two deep side pockets that looked like I could easily fit my phone and a couple GU in there. PLUS— the skirt had a zippered back pocket which i knew I would use to put my housekey/money/debit card. I should’ve just bought the skirt on the spot because zippered pockets actually make me a little too excited…but I didn’t. In my head I kept saying “You don’t like running skirts.”

BUT….After a delicious lunch…I made my husband turn around and buy the skirt that I could not get off of my mind!!
I even tried it on back at our hotel in FULL running gear because I was way, way too excited to wear it on a run!


I test drove it the next day. I loooooove it and now I am eating all the words I ever said about running skirts being lame because this one freaking rocks. it’s so comfy, didn’t chafe and I loved it’s “flirty” look. It’s short and sassy and the knowledge of having shorts underneath it made me NOT worry that my skirt was blowing up in the wind!

I love the pockets- my only complaint is of my own stupidity: Silly me forgot to lock my phone before heading out to run. I managed to take 17 pocket pictures–some of which were embarrassingly uploaded to IG by my phone/pocket (the two of them were in cahoots!)

And I came home to a hilarious text message about my phones mad uploading skillllzzzzz. So: lock your phone, friends. Good thing I didn’t call anyone or shoot off a blog post by accident!!

So I think I’m now a skirt convert, I can’t Believe it! The one I bought is from Skirtsport I’m already pumped to buy another!

When is the last time you ate your words??


42 thoughts on “I don’t even know who I AM: I bought a RUNNING SKIRT

  1. I’m not sure if I missed this in the thread or not, but which running skirt did you get? After dealing with serious chafing from my long run this weekend I’m eager to try something new and they had a lot of options on their website. Thanks!

  2. I’ve always kind of been on the fence about running skirts. Just because I’m a girl, why can’t I run in shorts like the boys, why do I need to show I’m a girl…pretty sure people can tell. I think I just feel like girls can look girly without skirts. Look at me being a feminist lol. BUT I do think they look super cute on others, and I own 2 myself but usually just wear them running errands or around the house being comfy. I really like the looks of that one you got, random question…did it get heavier sweating? (so random, haha)

    • I felt the same way as you and I’m such a feminist. But I’ve gotta tell you-I have felt SUPER confident running in it. The shorts didn’t ride up and the pockets were amazing! And yes, it’s so cute that I have worn it grocery shooping! What an awesome question! It didn’t get any heavier and I sweat a LOT when I’m wearing my camelbak, I didn’t notice my butt being wet with sweat either. Do yours get wet when you sweat?

  3. Oof. I am usually SO anti running skirt, but that’s pretty cute. And a pocket that holds a whole iPhone would be really really helpful for me. What’s a gal to do…sigh…

  4. I never thought I’d like running skirts either, but a Ragnar teammate has one that changed my mind. It had cute flounces! So I held out buying one until I found one I really loved…I’m hooked. It’s sooo comfortable and breezy, plus…pockets! So I’m a skeptic-turned-convert too!

  5. Nicole! This is Nicole DeBoom, the founder of Skirt Sports, the company whose skirt you stumbled upon in Runner’s Alley. I LOVE your story, because I started the company – and the entire running skirt phenomenon that women couldn’t figure out if they loved or hated – because I couldn’t stand the options that existed at the time. I could either wear running shorts that rode up my crotch every 3 minutes, or skin-tight shiny spandex that showed everything (this was 10 years ago now!). So I created a skirt (to cover my butt) WITH POCKETS for an Ironman in 2004. A race I had the good luck to win! My point is not to brag (maybe only a little because that’s my only Ironman win and I’m proud of it!), but to say that wearing a skirt can make you feel good AND go fast. You will never discover greatness unless you try new things and take chances! I’m glad you found our skirts first, because we truly make the best products and you picked a winner in that cute little Cougar Skirt (yes, that’s the name of that style!).

    I’m so happy you discovered Skirt Sports. I may have to send you another skirt for simply telling the world how happy you are! We are celebrating 10 Liberating Years of running in skirts with our 10 on 10 Virtual Run on September 15, 2014 (my IM win was Sept 2004!). Join us if you can! Please stay in touch – AND SKIRT ON!

    • Nicole!!! I’m truly honored and flattered
      That you took the time to come to my little blog!! THANK YOU!!
      I think it’s amazing that you won an Ironman!!(if I ever won one-I would shout it from the rooftops because that is BADASS!!) I agree with you that some of the shorts ride up in places
      That you don’t want them to-ugh! With your skirt this doesn’t happen, at all!
      I would LOVE to participate in the 10 for 10 Virtual Run on the 15th! I am going to keep singing Skirt Sports praises for sure (and any skirts you ever want reviewed, you let me know because heck i love this beautiful little skirt!) I plan to do a small race in it next weekend and I’m already excited to see the after photos because I have a feeling it photographs well!!
      Thank you again for reaching out, you are as amazing as your products!!!

  6. Wandered over here from Running Out Of Wine. The last time I ate my words was this year when I actually started enjoying running. I bought my first running skirts last month. They are super cute aren’t they? You look great in yours!

  7. Hahaha the last time I ate my words was when I said I would never wear knee high compression socks. “Those are for old people” well let’s just color me old cause I eat those words at least a few times per week haha! Annnnnd what a funny coincidence that I crossed paths with a fellow runner sporting a hot pink running skirt this morning while out on my run and then I get home and see this post lol 🙂

  8. Lol I was the same way in th beginning! I was like what’s the deal with running skirts? I bought one and now I’m OBSESSED! I will only compete in skirts….and you know what? It makes me feel a little girlie and a little badass!

  9. I bought 2 running skirts for the first time this summer. I never liked them and thought they were silly and pointless, but then a runner friend said they’re all she ever wears and had quite a few cute ones that didn’t look at all silly to me, so I tried! I actually wore them more for casual wear than running, but they’re fine for running too. It’s a fun switch from shorts all the time!

  10. This cracks me up because I was the same way about running skirts and now I’m thinking I really one one. Like I actually had one in my cart at Target the other day, but put it back for some reason. Now I’m going to have to go buy it.

    Happy anniversary to you and your hubs! What a beautiful place! (And I love your engagement pics!)

    • Please go buy it bc it will make me feel better about how much I disliked them before lol!!! I need to get myself to Target too for new sports bras-I am going to look at said skirts!!!
      It really was gorgeous! Their restaurant inside was called “SALT” Lol if you ever go there —you have to eat there!!(and it was delicious!)
      Thank you!! My SIL took them &she’s the best!!

    • I swore UP AMD DOWN that I would never wear one.. Now I wish I had two so I could wear it today and tomorrow for my runs, LOL!!! I definitely recommend trying one on in a store, they sit (on me anyway) slightly higher on my waist than shorts do…I think I would’ve gone a size smaller if they had it in stock but they were out!

  11. Haha, soooo with you! I have some friends who wear THE cutest skirts, but I’m not a skirt person really. I finally tried one, and I thought it was really comfortable. But I still felt like I wasn’t a skirt person, or that I was trying too hard. I wore it a few more times and started to like it more and more. I now own two. 😉 Not sure I will be a total convert, but I do like the change of pace sometimes.

  12. Oh my goodness, I love the Wentworth! My uncle lives right next to it and it’s just so pretty! I was actually hoping to live there this year but it didn’t quite work out…
    That skirt is so so cute. I’ve been the same way with running skirts, but lately I’ve been wanting to find one on sale to check it out. I’m glad you tried it and loved it! Runner’s Alley is such an awesome store, too!

    • I would love to live in that area! It’s so cute and there’s always a million things to do! The only thing I don’t like is that all the houses seem to be on top of one another (downtown at least) and I would miss my big backyard!!:)
      I never would have bought this if I was only shopping online-seeing it and trying it on definitely helped sell me! I do love runners alley-they have everything I could possibly want in a running store!!:)

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