In my own skin

As a teenage girl, my life revolved around boys and makeup. I was forever getting dressed and ready to impress whoever I bumped into. You can bet your buns i never went out without makeup and getting dressed up. The thought of wandering out of the house looking less than perfect made me cringe. I cared way too much about what other people thought of me.

Essentially-I was hiding behind makeup and always curled/styled hair instead of showing my true self. I didn’t think I was pretty “enough” to walk out the door without it. What would other people think?

I spent my 20s trying to figure myself out. I think that’s what they are for though, don’t you? For me, (and for most 20somethings)my 20s meant making big life decisions, dating, and trying to keep everything together. I was stressed out a lot from trying to finish school and manage a home on my own. When you are on your own, it forces you to get to know your roommate pretty well: and me, myself, and I got to know each other very well over the course of 4 years.

Appearance was a big factor of my life in my 20s. I was still the girl who got dressed up for everything, everyday, and cared about everyone’s opinions. I didn’t start to truly feel comfortable with who I am until I met my husband. It was like something inside me could finally just…begin to breathe…and relax I can remember my little sister saying to me one day (shortly after meeting my husband),that I looked more relaxed and better with less makeup. I began to settle into “who I am” and ” who I want to be” rather than “who I ought to be” or “who I am trying to be.” He was able to see me for me, and for the first time ever, I began to let go of feeling like I needed to impress everyone around me. Its a pretty freeing feeling. Being with someone who loves you so completely for YOU is amazing.

Makeup and my appearance started to play less of a role in my life. I still love to get all dolled up for a special occasion-but my day to day look consists more of me not wearing makeup, and bumming around in running shorts rather than a cute sundress/real people clothes. And I hardly ever style my hair…
(sockbun, I love you)

Caring what others think of me takes up way too much time. And to be honest it’s exhausting. it took a long time, but I truly have learned that if someone doesn’t like me-or like my appearance-I don’t give a damn about it. That lesson took a while to learn: I always wanted everyone to like me. But things are much deeper than what is on the surface: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I’m beautiful in the eyes of my husband, friends and family, and that’s what matters. I don’t need to be friends with everyone, or cater to a whole bunch of other people’s needs. I’m completely satisfied with my little family of my five or six girlfriends who are honest and open with one another and looks aren’t a factor.

(no makeup selfies!)


What really matters is how you view yourself. Respecting your own self enough to say

“I am beautiful, inside and out, and I don’t need makeup to prove that.”

—>That is important. Getting comfortable in my own skin is something that I just had to learn. Being comfortable enough with who you are as a person makes you STRONGER.

How have you gotten more secure within your own skin?


24 thoughts on “In my own skin

  1. Girl, you are beautiful!! When I became a runner in my mid 20s I began to care less and less about my appearance. I think it’s because we learn we are strong and beautiful on the inside and it naturally shines through. So glad I found running… I would of forever been about makeup and boys too!!!! πŸ™‚

  2. You are so lucky to have such nice skin, and so much confidence! I have to wear foundation (or at least concealer) even to the beach. Otherwise I can take or leave makeup. I didn’t learn to care about my appearance until my junior or senior year, and it never really stuck, so I like to consider myself low maintenance, especially on my hair. Who has time for that?!

  3. I totally agree! I remember appearance was so important for me in high school and college. Now, you couldn’t pay me to get out of my sweatpants or put on makeup. (I try to look somewhat presentable for work, but I would always rather be comfortable!) Its so true that you need to build the confidence to be yourself and not worry about what others think!

  4. Love this! I honestly feel like once I met my husband I became more confident about who I am. And then I became a mom and now I feel like superwoman–who doesn’t need make up to be awesome! Lol! I still wear make up but much, much less because I no longer feel like I “have” to.

  5. I can completely relate! And for me it is still a battle to remind myself that it just doesn’t matter if people think I’m pretty or not! My self-esteem was tied up in how others viewed my appearance for years, and although it doesn’t make sense to me to live like that anymore, it’s hard to break the old habits with makeup! I definitely wear less now but I still feel “prettier” with it on and don’t go out often without at least a little on.

  6. My perspective is this – true beauty always comes from within, and we ALL wear ‘make-up’ in some way or other.

    And for so many years i was thin but worried so much about being fat, so I would be sure to work hard to be thin but publicly try to maintain ‘casual thin-ness’ where I could suddenly eat anything and stay thin. Only these last couple years have I truly had the confidence of my holistic approach to health and fitness.

    And as a result I feel like I am finally ‘makeup free’ … no one to impress but myself, and confident in my skin.

    • Seriously you have floored me again! I think I was trying to say something like that all along but didn’t quite know how to get there! Your confidence is killer and shines through to all aspects of your life-including your writing and your running!

  7. I LOVE this post! I think this is something we all struggle with, more so at some points in our life than others. I feel like I actually wear MORE make-up as I’ve gotten older, or I guess I should just say wearing make-up more often because I still don’t wear a lot but when I was younger I barely ever wore any. I’ve always had sort of a baby face, and so its a little tough getting older and feeling like I look it. But positive body image and feeling comfortable in my own skin is something I really strive for having 2 young girls. I always want them to love themselves and I know that starts with me!

    You are beautiful with or without make-up! Your make-up free selfies are gorgeous!

    • You are such an amaaaazing role model Erin! I think your girls are very blessed to have you as a mom! Body image is so hard for a young girl, and it seems to get harder and harder as the years go on since young girls are becoming more aware of their bodies every day!
      Thank you -you made my day!! Big hugs!!! Xoxo

  8. It’s funny – we spent all that time putting on makeup to look good for people, and all the while, those people probably don’t even notice much of a difference between our makeup and no makeup faces. Other people don’t care about your appearance nearly as much as you do – something we all learn too late.

    I actually rarely wear makeup anymore. I wish I could say it’s because I feel so comfortable without it, but really it’s more “ain’t nobody got time for that.” I work in an office and only see the same handful of people all day. I finally realized, why do I spend all this time on makeup? That’s 10 minutes I could be sleeping or eating breakfast or something. Forget it!

    I’ve slowly stopped wearing makeup in social settings now too, unless it’s something fancy. I think my boyfriend appreciates that I don’t feel the need to put on makeup all the time. And my friends don’t care what I look like. And I finally realized, no amount of makeup is going to change the way I look. Everyone knows. I might as well just embrace it!

  9. Hey! Great post! I used to care WAY too much about what other people thought about me and hated to go out of the house unless I had makeup on, but I’m definitely different than that now and actually, my husband likes me much better without makeup.
    I have definitely got more secure in my own skin. It took time, though and practice, but there is a certain freedom to not caring how other people view you.
    XOXO!! Have a great day!!

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