Sports Bra, why do you hate me??

If I were to give this summer another description besides The Summer Of Homemade Juice” I would also call it:

I have a rule. An item chafes me-it’s gone. I hate chafing even more than I hate my own clumsiness or scary movies and UMASS Lowell traffic.

I digress. Back in May-ish I took the plunge and bought an Under Armor sports bra. More than what I would usually spend on a sports bra ($40 verses my typical $10 Target Champion steals or Marshalls finds) I liked it just fine, but sometimes the front zipper would leave a little mark on a really sweaty run. So, back to the store I went.

Moving Comfort. I heard nothing but wonderful things about them! I buy one. It’s love at first run! Secure, no jostling, no chafe…heaven. So I buy two more of my new favorite sports bras!

Summer happens.
Two weeks ago, I did a half… I was so sweaty after- you could see where the sports bra had been when I took it off. So. Much. Pain. And this was not the first..or even fourth time this summer that it’s happened…

I know what you are thinking– and it is one of two things—
-did you buy the right size? (Yes. I got measured. )
-why aren’t you using Vaseline/Goldbond/Bodyglide (I do. Most of the time!)

And maybe, you are thinking:
I keep wearing them because it doesn’t happen all the time-sometimes it happens during longer runs, or sometimes it’s sweatier runs…I don’t know. It’s random. And it’s frustrating. You do not know pain until you are hopping into the shower and suddenly, you are thinking the shower water is actually trying to kill you and you’re yelling “WHY IS THE WATER HURTING ME?? WHAT DID I DOOOOOO?????” I am convinced that there is a person at Moving Comfort who’s job title is actually “Senior VP of Bleeding.” Yes, it is their actual J-O-B to design a comfortable, well fitting, attractive, expensive sports bra THAT MAKES ME BLEED. (And they laugh their evil laugh every time I hop in the shower after a chafe-y run)
(I think I make the same faces as this chickie when I remove bra/hop in shower!)

I don’t know. I’m hoping/thinking it’s summer? I’m hoping the less sweaty runs of fall will bring me back my chafe-free life. (((SIGH))) I can’t toss $100 worth of new-ish sports bras yet-I just can’t.

So all my running girlfriends out their reading this.. Spill. Get chafed? Sorry for your pain. But now you need to tell me your favorite sports bra. So help me running gods it better not be Moving Comfort. Just kidding. I’m just real sore right now…


36 thoughts on “Sports Bra, why do you hate me??

  1. I have YET to find a bra that doesn’t chafe. I practically bathe in Fiction Defense (same as Body Glide). My worst problem area is my collar bones. They sort of protrude. Ok, they’re really bony. I can’t seem to find a strap wide enough that has plenty of cushion. I’ve tried the larger bandages, but with all the sweat, they just slide right off. You would think someone would have figured something out by now!!!!

  2. I have yet to find a perfect change free bra. However, when things get bad, I slap a Tegaderm bandage over the spot that chafes. Sometimes, if I think it’ll be an especially sweaty run, I’ll use some of those tape sutures to hold the Tegaderm in place. It’s not ideal, but it’s hella better than bleeding.

  3. This is what I wear– The Panache. I started out running wearing a size “G”. Now, with weight loss, I’m a “D”. I’ve never had a comfort or chafing problem with them and I love that it has a little hook in the back to make it an “x” back or just regular, depending on if I’m wearing a racer back shirt.

  4. For longer runs, I wear the Victoria’s Secret Incredible Sports bra. I have only chafed 2x while wearing it and I think it is more because of how drastically I change in cup size during the month. And if I had remembered body glide the second time, it might not have chafed. For shorter runs, I swear by cheap Fila from Kohls. Chafing sucks. 😦

  5. The worst chafing I get is from my heart rate monitor. I used to get little cuts from the top of my sports bra but that hasn’t happened in a while. I remember once i was getting a physical at the doctors and she saw the lines on my chest and questioned them…like as if I was being beaten or something! No, no its just my sports bra that is beating me up. I also got really bad chafing during a rainy marathon under my arms when I was wearing arm sleeves. That was by far the most painful!

    • LOLOLOL I’m dying laughing reading this bc I once went to the dermatologist after a chafe-y run and I felt the need to explain the same thing to her-NO, I’m not being beaten, YES, I’m a runner!! LOL!
      Rainy day runs have caused me MUCH pain before in basically ALL the places. Ouch!!

  6. I’ve only chafed once and it wasn’t from a bra (it was from my arm compression sleeves and it was on the one spot that I missed with Body Glide). Of course now that I say that, I’ll probably chafe next time I’m out. My go to are those Target C9 cheapies because really for me and my glorified A-cup, a sports bra is just a formality.

    I’m sorry you are chafing, but I have to admit I laughed out loud at Senior VP of Bleeding.

  7. I have a really tough time with this too. My LuLuLemon tata tamers chafed my collar bones, and now my Panache sports bra chafes my back. Bodyglide helps, but god help me if I forget to apply it…

  8. Hey!! This post is so cute!! Sorry for your pain, though!! Ugh, chafing is never fun. There are a few spots that I always chafe, so I put Body Glide on those spots. XOXO!! Happy Monday!! Have a great day!!

  9. Sorry….My favorite is the moving comfort rebound racer. I buy the band a little smaller so that sucker isn’t moving. Its a pain to get off but, worth it not to have the shower scream..haha I also use deodorant before glide under the front.

  10. My favorites are basic Nike sports bras. Nothing fancy, usually cost about $20 when I find them on the clearance rack at Academy. The tradeoff is the uniboob look, but I prefer that over chafing, ya know?

  11. My friend Court swears by the lulu lemon all sports bra- you can only get it online. She’ll still use glide on the really long runs. I’m part of the itty bitty titty committee so I have no advice here! haha

  12. Uh helllo?!
    Just get a reduction! Solves your problems haha πŸ˜‰ I’m tiny and I guess there are some perks to that since I’ve never had chaffing. Wish I could help–but I’m a target lassie as well!
    I’ve only heard amazing things about Moving Comfort–gooohood luck!

  13. I bought an expensive sports bra once and it chafed me so bad on a long run that I have two SCARS from it! That was the most painful shower in my entire life… total, absolute torture. I am sorry you’ve experienced this several times!

    I honestly think the bras from Target are the best. I’ve yet to have one of them chafe me! I also have one from Nike that I like, but it was double the cost of the ones from Target and doesn’t really do anything different other than have the Nike logo on it!

  14. Sorry to say, but Moving Comfort is my one and only bra. I’ve only ever been chafed twice, and it was after wearing it for a very extended, very sweaty period of time. Since it’s happened, I’ve used A&D ointment to help after the fact, but now (at least for the summer) I coat the side and underneath with Body Glide where the bra sits and haven’t had any further issues this summer. Cooler weather is on its way!

  15. I’m definitely not a lady but I loved this write up and the comic strip and so sorry for your pain. Looks like we both could use the fall

  16. I wear the Lorna Jane range of sports bras when I run (Australian brand). The fabric is shrink-resistant and fade-resistant, quick-drying and breathable. They are practical and also come in a fantastic range of designs for all. They provide good, firm support and I have never experienced any soreness, chaffing or pain. xo

  17. I have a spot where the band goes that has chafed to the point of scarring. I don’t know if it’ll ever go away. I didn’t start chafing until last summer and I’ve always worn the C9 bras from target…it just randomly started happening! So I literally feel your pain. I use baby powder and Vaseline and that seems to help, but ugh. So frustrating!

  18. I wear crop top style sports bras (not sure of the official name) and they’ve mostly fine. I have 2 cheap ones from a shop called Primark in the UK which cost Β£4 each so they’re only for short runs or other workouts but my long run I wear a Nike one which has medium support. This one didn’t chaff me on the last half I did whereas the other Nike one I have (just a normal crop style sports bra) chaffed underneath and has left some interesting scars!

    Everytime I wear shorts, my thighs rub together and that hurts but the only other time I’ve chaffed other than the sports bra is when doing my first half in Oct 13. I had my chip on a velcro strap around my ankle that chaffed and my ‘waterproof’ jacket left a mark on my neck/ chest. Both of which I didn’t notice till I had a bath. OUCH.

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