Long Run recap and picture Saturday

Happy happy happy was the theme of my day (most of my days actually!)

Thursday I left my house to do an easy run. I could tell I was going reasonably fast, but I knew I wasn’t “pushing it” so I kept on going, holding the pace I was at. All the while, I avoided looking at my watch. I got home and I couldn’t believe my splits:
Crazy Fast for what really felt “easy.” Sometimes my legs and brain surprise me. I ended up doing a couple of awesome videos for arms/thighs/butt on YouTube afterwards. YouTube is turning out to be my workout BFF lately because I can just prop up my little iPad on my bureau and hop to it! (Fitness Blender is my favorite as of late)

Friday I was sore beyond belief and thought that maybe, in my sleep, someone ran over me?! Woof. The combo of fast miles/strength/lots of planking murdered me. So it was this kind of day as I cleaned the house top to bottom:
This is how I felt about said cleaning of house:


And dinner was my new fave pizza. Instead of using a sauce, I roasted some garlic in the oven and spread it on the pizza dough for the “sauce”(400 for 45, cut the head off, cover it with evoo) and Voila! Deliciousness!


Topped the dough with this:


you think with all the pre-cooking pics that I would remember to take one after? no no I did not. And to be honest…we ate all but one slice…and it was delicious.

Because the maid had such a hard day, she had one of these:

Red raspberry martini. and dammit it was GOOD.

This morning I pretty excited for my long run. a day off does that to me! The first 3-4 miles I really struggled. I wanted to be running but my legs DID NOT. By mile 5-6 I really woke up and started getting it done.

One thing I try to do with a really insanely long run is divide it into parts. In my mind today, the run had three parts. Once I was halfway through part 2-it was on. I managed to pull out, after 11 hilly miles, very low 8s for the rest of the run. Very proud of myself for being able to complete the 2nd half much faster! That is one of my tricks-don’t go out TOO fast, and finish the 2nd half faster–> this makes me REALLY ready for a marathon, that is for sure!

I beat last weeks 20 miler but 9 1/2 minutes 😊

Also***just a small disclaimer…: A follower on my Instagram commented on how I did two 20 mile runs two weeks in a row: i don’t usually do a back to back 20 mile runs. If anything, I would do them a couple weeks apart with a 16 or 18 miler in between. However, I do usually do one a month during an 18 week training cycle. I didn’t do one in July, and the combo of school starting in a week/summer ending made me feel like I really wanted to do another one this week. Before I know it, school will start and life picks back up its hectic pace..Saturdays and weekends will be filled with the “catch up” of things I don’t have time to do during the work week-it’s possible I won’t have enough time to do another until my last 20 miler on September 28th, right before taper begins. I just felt like I ought to explain this to you all in case you were wondering WHY I did two 20s two weeks in a row!

After the long run it was family day and a quick stop at the Happiest Place On Earth (to me): Dicks!

I had to buy it, I was Wonder Woman a few years ago for Halloween…


And now,(at 8:30pm) exhausted beyond imagination, I’m off to bed after a very lovely and wonderful Saturday❤️

How was your long run day and your Saturday?


6 thoughts on “Long Run recap and picture Saturday

  1. Congrats on the speedy 20 miler and I also like breaking my runs into segments too! It really makes things more manageable for me especially longer runs. If I look at it as a big chunk I freak out about it … not good at all for the noggin’ lol. The pizza looks or should I say looked freaking awesome 🙂 and love the don’t wanna houseclean face hahaha it’s classic 🙂 lol

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