Psyching myself up for the LONG RUN.

This is a “reblog” from my early Blogging days! Since I have a long run tomorrow, and I know a lot of you out there have one as well-I thought it would be a good time to reflect back on former tips and tricks!

The Girl Who Ran Everywhere



I couldn’t sleep last night because I was super excited about writing this next blog post…I KNOW. I’m a geek. But, If running is my outlet for life, writing about running is it’s plug. For me, they go hand in hand.

I created this blog hoping to reach a lot of different people. I like thinking about who could be reading this…

Maybe you are an experienced runner; maybe you’re brand new.

Maybe you’re a walker thinking about running.

Maybe you are training to run a marathon and need inspiration?

Maybe you don’t even LIKE running but you think I’m interesting and amusing and funny?

Maybe all of these are you!

Plus-since I eat sleep breathe run, and 98% of my waking thoughts are about running, I can only assume my family and friends are sick of hearing about it. They get it. “I like to run” .

Anyway….Today I…

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4 thoughts on “Psyching myself up for the LONG RUN.

  1. I love this! As I’m getting into longer runs, these tips are great. I like how you broke down the run into a few different components, I totally feel all of them on my long runs. I tend to like them the best out of all of my weekly runs! 20 miles seems so intimidating though, no wonder why you’re doing so well!

    • Thank you!! You know what it was really tough for me to do them at first..20 just seems like a LOT of miles!! Once you think of it in pieces, it helps. Or set yourself up doing loops that are never too far from home- that has helped me before. It really can be mind over matter sometimes!! Good luck!

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