August Blues& Track Improvements

Such a love/hate relationships with this month. I love August! It’s slightly cooler but the days are still long…the mornings bring a cooler start than July, and the nights are just perfection. And…it’s my anniversary!

But. School is coming, and fall is on it’s way. Summer in New England goes faster than the speed of light! This summer seems to have flown by at an alarming rate-I can’t believe it. It feels like April was just here and I ran a marathon last week. HOW is it possible that I’m going back to school in less than two weeks?? Although I love my job, and I love teaching….I also know I am NOT ready for’s soooo long…. I’m not. My sister told me this morning that in three months it will be snowing. Gahhhh. I just can’t step into that thought yet, so I’m only going to focus on the NOW: the fact that I have some fun stuff planned with my husband, with my friends, and of course, I have planned out some fun training runs for myself!!

Monday I woke up and headed out the door for a run. I wasn’t properly fueled to run long, and didn’t have water with me (I did have money though), yet somehow I ended up running 14 miles. Something in me was telling me that my summer was almost over, and I had precious few days left for unplanned runs. I ran one of my favorite routes at an easy slow pace of 8:45.

If there is one thing I know, it’s that you cannot waste a single training opportunity: procrastinating will not get you results. I was sore from Mondays run…but I didn’t want to miss my scheduled track day. I like to do my speedwork sessions as far away from my long run day as possible, and while that doesn’t always work out , it did this week. I wanted to try a 400s workout-I had it in my head that i would do 10x400s with a recovery jog in between each one of another 400 meters(400 meters=1 lap around the track). I thought it would be easiest to start out this way because I had never done a 400s workout before. I warmed up with 1.50 miles there, 6.5 on the track, 1.50 run home.

I learned that 400s? They are hard. The hardest part is that you aren’t giving your legs time to recover before you’re launching right into the next one: the point is that you are essentially fatiguing your legs and getting them used to running hard when they’re tired.

I ended up being pretty even paced with nearly all of the laps being a 1:33, and I did twelve instead of my planned 10 (I wanted my last one to be the best, I wouldn’t quit until my last one was the best-12 was the magic number!) Next time I do them, I’m going to do a recovery of only 200 meters (half a lap) before launching into the next one. I think that will actually make it a little bit easier-by the time I got halfway around the track, I was definitely ready to go again. I also will run less miles the day before, or take a rest day. The track is no joke!

I didn’t think I did that well until I got home and checked my stats from my last track workout-most of those laps for my mile repeats fell between 1:42-1:44. Whaaatttt? Improvement is fun to see, and I was so surprised/pleased! Can’t wait for my next torture track session!

Since Wednesday is random day around here: I will tell you that this weekend, I couldn’t get our BBQ sauce out of my head (I had just mentioned it on the blog, and it is kind of an anniversary tradition in our house to make some) so I made a big batch!


And the best thing to put BBQ sauce on is ribs, of course…and homemade French fries!!20140813-133437-48877417.jpg

I saw this somewhere…so true:

And a pic from a random, impromptu party on Saturday night! (those are the best kind of nights!)


Happy hump day!

Any food/dessert that you are well known for?


24 thoughts on “August Blues& Track Improvements

  1. Awesome work out! The weather has been rubbish around here so that means so has my training:( I’m not a great cook but I love to bake…. My family loves my cupcakes and in the fall my pumpkin roll;) I typically don’t eat what I bake but the pumpkin roll is irresistible!

  2. Homemade BBQ sauce? Sign me up! I will put that on just about everything!
    Usually August is hotter here than July, but it has been so cool lately and I’m loving every minute (though not loving what it might mean for this winter).

    Personally I make a mean key lime pie. It is the easiest thing ever, but people love it. I get asked to bring it to parties a lot. πŸ™‚

  3. I really need to get back to the track a few more times this summer!

    And I’m with you on the ‘too fast’ – last night started ‘marching band pre-camp’ week for the boys … next week is full (9am-8pm) week. Then a week, then school. Ugh.

    With my wife’s work schedule I am doing about 75% of cooking, which is fun since I love cooking … plus I can do all sorts of healthy Paleo and Vegan meals! πŸ™‚ During the summer it has been more simple grilled meats and roasted/grilled veggies, strawberry shortcakes, and so on …

    • Grilling is one of my favorite summer pastimes! I’m also the cook in the house & I agree with you that it’s good bc you get to pick the recipes and do everything the way YOU want which is awesome!! Strawberry shortcake! I haven’t had that in FOREVER!

  4. I’ve never even done 400s but 800s kicked my butt and generally anything I do at the track wipes me out! I think the mornings are supposed to get a bit cooler here the next few days which I’m really looking forward to. September and october are the best for running!

  5. Oh and one more thing I’m not known for any baked goods but I’ll eat anything red velvet or chocolate and peanut butter hahaha

  6. Ohhhh those ribs and fries look gooood yummy yummy!!! πŸ˜› and it’s getting cooler where you’re at oh how I wish I could say that myself New Englander. All your extra warmth must be getting pumped down to Florida because I swear the heat has gone up a notch. It’s like summer last hoorah down here lol. And yeppers 400’s are noooo joke. I’ve got 800’s on tap this coming Friday

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