20 Things You Never Knew You Always Wanted To Know About TGWRE

You know how a thought sometimes pops into your head and you sometimes aren’t sure what to do with it? This is that post. A “randomness” post. Wednesdays are meant for randomness with it being stuck mid-week and all…But, I was really busy yesterday with my adorable goddaughter, so I had to delay this post until Thursday!
So, in honor of middle-of-the-week-good-LORD-get-me-TO-the-weekend-posts….here are some random things about ME for your own personal knowledge bank.

1. I have an intense love all things spicy. Wasabi, buffalo, Tabasco, hot pepper, green chili sauce, the “hot” versions of salsa…I could keep going. Spicy=happiness.

2. I’ve said it before but I’m going to say it again-sponges really creep me out. if I have touched your sponge, I must really like you.

3. I don’t like to share drinks. It drives my husband/stepdaughter nuts. It has something to do with all those gum/toothbrush commercials with how many germs you have in your mouth…Blech! I guess I never forgot Them? The exceptions are 911 situations (like when you swallow a big Japanese beetle while running and desperately need your running partners water because you are going to DIE), and an occasional alcoholic beverage (alcohol kills the germs?) #imaweirdontjudgeme

4. I have a little sister. I don’t really talk about her a lot? But she is the cutest! She makes me very proud because she is a wonderful nurse-when you meet her, and find out she’s a nurse-you instantly know that she absolutely chose the right profession. We grew up sharing a room and we’re five years apart. We had crazy insane fights as kids, and it wasn’t until I moved out at like 19-20ish that we started to really get along.

5.i am very lucky to have my dads attitude towards life. The “It is what it is” attitude: stop trying to control what you can’t change. I’ve combined this with my own “find the silver lining” perspective. There is a silver lining to Every. Single. Thing. in your life…you just have to leave your mind open enough to find it.
(I did HORRIBLE in this marathon–my silver lining is that I was DONE, that I could close this chapter in my life, oh…and that I got my silver blankie, of course 😉

6. I have an INSANE fear of (descending)escalators. insane. I will always take the stairs if that’s an option, and if that’s not available-I will take the elevator over the stairs. I always think I’m going to get stuck somehow in the escalator and plummet to my death. irrational? yes! But I cannot do them!

7. I am the clumsiest person on the entire planet. As I write this, I have just finished cleaning my kitchen/kitchen floor because I dropped my favorite pretty olive oil bottle on the floor and it shattered up and all over the kitchen I previously cleaned only eight hours ago. Awesome. My friends(and I) buy “Nicole proof” packages for their/our furniture because I have been known to spill various things all over the place. The most depressing thing is how hard I try not to be clumsy. ((Sigh))

8. I have many, many years to go, so this IS a bold statement: the most difficult job I have ever had, or will ever have is being a stepmom. Never, ever judge someone til you live a day of their life. Being a stepmom is no joke. At some point, I hope to do a more detailed explanation, but this isn’t the time. I love my stepdaughter, and fell in love with her within the first 5 minutes of meeting her as she toddled on those chubby, yet lanky, two year old legs. I have learned that it can be painful to love another person so deeply: it’s like letting Your heart walk outside of your body…I have no other explanation but that. Sidenote: for all you mommas reading this, I 100% acknowledge that your job is equally as heart wrenching and difficult!

9. I hate scary movies/tv shows. This extends to things like the walking dead and American horror story. I’m SUCH a baby!!

10. I cannot leave the house with the bed unmade..it will haunt me allll day.

11. Friends is my very favorite tv show. When it’s on tv I can NEVER turn it off-EVER!! Before my husband moved in, I didn’t have cable because I’m truly not a tv watcher. But, I would put the discs in my DVD player and watch Friends while running on the treadmill. My friends used to beg me to incorporate new tv into my life!!
the proposal episode NEVER gets old..
and the last one still makes me cry when Rachel and Ross get back together…I don’t think that’s a spoiler alert is it? Considering the show ended 10 years ago??

12. While we are on TV watching, if a show makes me cry more than twice, we break up. I don’t care how much I loved Sons Of Anarchy…the season of “the Opie death” ? We were done. It was just too much.

13. The music is always on in my house. I’m not a tv person, but I’m most definitely a music one. I have a giant collection of it-ranging eclectically from Elvis Presley to the Reverend Al Green to Eric Church, ZBB, Miranda, Buckcherry, and even Salt and Pepa. There is hardly anything I won’t listen to. Eric Church is my main man though, and I can’t wait to see him in October!!!!

14. Edward Norton is my FAVORITE actor. Hands down. If you have seen 25th hour (my favorite movie), Primal Fear, or American History X (not my favorite movie bc it’s SO SAD yet it shows his depth as an actor) you will understand.

15. I frequently reread books I love. I hear all the time how weird that is. I love a good story and I love to become involved in characters lives all over again. I have reread the Harry Potter series about 4-5 times…strange, I know.

16. I guess…if we are talking about “weird things Nicole” and “books” that I should tell you this: sometimes I read the ending of the book before I finish the book. Take the HP series….I HAD to know if Harry died before I could read the last book..so I read the last chapter first! Somehow, it takes the pressure off to finish the book faster. I am actually the SAME with TV shows. I know. Sometimes, I beg my friend M for spoilers on shows we watch, but girlfriend keeps it mum cause she knows I am RIDICULOUS.

17. My husbands BBQ sauce is actually the very best you will ever have. It’s a secret recipe he invented and he will not let me give it away, ever! We ended up giving it as the favor at our wedding because people love it so much! The fact that the jars came back to us empty and my friends claiming they never got any was a good sign:) It’s almost BBQ season now and I can’t wait! In the fall-I put it on everything-chicken, steak, burgers, salmon…it is the best!

18. If I had to use only one word to describe this summer, it would be “juice”. I have consumed more fruit than I ever have in my entire life…I am loving my Ninja!!! It comes with a little recipe book, but lately I have treating my smoothies like a “must go” veggie soup-whatever I have in my fridge or freezer goes into the smoothie. Today is cherry-watermelon-banana-blueberry…and it was delicious..

19. Lunch is my favorite meal of the day. By far. Lunch of choice? A sandwich. But, I pretty much will have a sandwich for any meal though….egg sandwich… turkey Sammy….dinner sandwich … sandwiches are my favorite. 😉 A good sandwich also musthave some sort of chip-ish side, and a pickle!
my lunch yesterday: an open faced homemade chicken salad sandwich on a bagel half with goldfish…but I ran outta pickles..and chips!!!

20. This pretty much sums up how I feel about cleaning the house:
I wish I cared more that I don’t like cleaning. But I don’t so that’s that. My house is always always clean and picked up, but man do I hate doing it!!

All time favorite tv show? Favorite meal? LOVE a good sandwich? Hate cleaning?
Tell me knew thing completely random…or at least please let there be someone else out there like me who rereads books or likes to know the endings to some books/TV shows! (I have never met anyone like me!! )


43 thoughts on “20 Things You Never Knew You Always Wanted To Know About TGWRE

  1. haha – there are like a billion things I could comment on with this great post … but thanks for sharing!

    One thing – a young engineer on our team was telling us (we had 15 extra minutes between meetings and it wasn’t worth walking all the way back to our offices!) about how his biological father died when he was 2, then his mom remarried and then when he was going into his senior year of high school, she just up and left in the middle of the night. The step-father, who he called Dad , didn’t miss a beat, and paid for all sorts of things for him to go to college. My point – being able to reproduce and being a parent are not necessarily the same thing. So kudos to you …

    • Thanks Michael! It makes my heart SO happy to hear that! I always tell her that if anything ever happened to her dad, I would still want her in my life and would continue our traditions just the way we’ve always done!:) that man is amazing for filling in the dad’s shoes!

  2. I’m a newish reader, so this is perfect!! I share so many of these traits…like retreading books I love and reaching Friends. I love how even though it’s been off the air for like 8 years, it has aged so well and is still so funny and “current”! I love Edward Norton and sponges squick me out!

  3. Amen sista to the love of all things spicy and I’m sooo with you 100% on the not sharing drinks thingy … ewwww haha lol 🙂 and sponges creep hmmmm guess you’ll never be making a visit to Tarpon Springs, FL then “home of the sponge docks” haha lol

  4. So much randomness but a great way to get to know you!

    I dropped a bottle of soy sauce on my kitchen floor the other day. Cleanup was a nightmare. oof. Although I’m sure that oil wasn’t a peach to clean either for you!

  5. Haha that was probably the best ‘get to know you’ posts I’ve read. You really actually do have funny things about you. Love it.

  6. I reread books I love all the time! I also frequently read the ending before I finish the book to prevent myself from being up all night to finish it…for both of these things, I am teased mercilessly. It’s nice to see I am not alone 🙂

  7. This post cracked me up! I am the same way about having the music on all the time, I am also not a TV person. The music goes on the moment I wake up or the moment I walk in the door. My husband is a licensed contractor and when we were remodeling our house I had to make sure that he put a speaker in EVERY room of the house! We have outside speakers, bathroom speakers and even speakers in our basement, lol!!! It’s the best!

  8. I don’t like to share drinks either. I have a weird thing about saliva – it REALLY grosses me out. If I’m in a social setting and someone offers me a sip of their drink, I try to discreetly roll the glass to the side they weren’t drinking out of before I take a drink. I don’t want to seem rude though lol.

    And as I get older I understand more and more why people hire house cleaners and maids. If I had the money I would hire someone to do my cleaning in a second. I don’t care if people judge me – think of all that FREE TIME I would have in my life! The money would be soo worth it!

  9. Friends is one of my favorite TV shows too. My sister and I usually text random lines from the show…and when my couch and love seat were delivered I went around my apartment going ‘pivot. PIVOT. PIVOT.’…lol…my poor husband. Breakfast is actually my favorite meal of the day, probably because you can eat dessert like things like pastries and muffins as a meal and no one judges you (whereas if you eat a piece cake for dinner there is much judging haha).

  10. This is such a cute post! I aaactually love cleaning though – kinda a neat freak. 🙂
    My favorite meal of the day is breakfast! I workout in the morning so I’m always down to GRUB after my workouts – totally working for it haha!

  11. Haha as I was reading a whole bunch of these I couldn’t agree more….but for a few things I am the total opposite! First of all I cannot handle spicy food.Also, lunch is my least favorite meal (dinner is my favorite), and I could never handle reading the end of the book before I got to it! But escalators, sponges, sharing drinks, making the bed, scary movies, and clumsiness- I am with you on those!!

  12. Clearly I need some of this famous BBQ sauce. I loooove a good BBQ sauce.

    Friends is the most amazing show ever and ranks up there as one of my top favorites. I will watch them over and over and can repeat every line word for word. And those are 2 great episode choices you have there. I do, on the other hand, love the scary shows like Walking Dead and AHS (both of which I watch religiously).

      • I sell my jewelry too at craft fairs!

        Hey I tried to comment on your post-but my blog is still having issues that are insolvable for WordPress…lol..I would be so careful: if you feel like you can handle the four extra miles to make up your 9-then do it-but don’t push it. I worry about your injury flaring up 100% and you not being able to run your half!! You’ve been working so hard!

  13. I like to read the end of books first too! I also love spoilers because I hate being surprised. I need to know what’s going to happen before I get invested in a book/TV show. It drives my boyfriend nuts lol. The last time I didn’t do this was when I started watching Game of Thrones and the end of the first season was a total shocker. I still don’t think I’m over it haha.I actually yelled Nooooo at the TV.

  14. Juicing is awesome! I have a vitamix and I use it daily! My new favorite is a mix of beets, apple, lemon, blueberries, pineapple, and spinach!

    Also at night I made a snack using frozen banana, blueberries, and strawberries. I blend them with a little bit of vanilla coconut milk. It makes a nice sorbet which I top with some warm coconut oil which hardens into a shell. So good on a hot night!

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