Just some pictures, new fave running apps, favorite posts, &an obsession.

Two of favorite bloggers posted about why they are choosing to run “garmin free”At times during their training.
Lisa wrote about learning to know your paces without the Garmin, and Michele wrote about how she thinks the garmin is having a negative effect on her during training. Both are fantastic reads and food for thought. I personally adore my Garmin-but I do agree with Lisa on letting your body “learn” your pace.
And Michele hit the nail on the head for me when she said that at times, she can feel the Garmin slowing her down. There is a time that the Garmin is my worst enemy: during a race. I have made it my RULE not to look at it!!!

I found a few new awesome running apps that I wanted to share with you.
The first is based on the popular “Mcmillian Tool” where you can input a recent race time, and it will project your finishing time for a different distance. (so for example: input your recent 5k time, It’ll spit you out your projected half time)I had to buy it, but it’s awesome because the tool also gives you the different workout paces that you should be doing. You can search for it as “McRun

Cool app number 2 got me all hopped on musical energy. This app takes the music in your phone and customizes it-beat wise to the type of workout you’re doing. It’s called “Pace DJ“. It lets you create interval workout playlists and that is pretty neat-o (yup, i just said that!) check it out!!!

I am aware that it’s Tuesday…but I had an amazingly fun weekend, so, here are a few pics from it:
Official pic From my Race last week…20140729-144703-53223390.jpg
Lake life!

These pictures are a little blurry and silly but they just make me so happy!


And holy moly, happy anniversary, Thegirlwhoraneverywhere! It’s already been a year?! How the heck did THAT happen?!

No filter here-stunning sunset on the lake!


I am fully obsessed with watermelon juice made from my Ninja. But chopping up a watermelon is a royal pain in the a** am I right?! The hubs found this video online and I tried it yesterday-IT WORKED. My life just got better…

No need to send a thank you-just let me know you tried it…#yourewelcome

Your turn: tell me something random!


20 thoughts on “Just some pictures, new fave running apps, favorite posts, &an obsession.

  1. I love that McMillan pacing tool! I always have fun inputting some of my races times and seeing what I am “supposed” to be able to run for the marathon.
    Thanks for sharing my post! I really need to listen to my own advice because yesterday I ran with my garmin and got all annoyed that the gps signal was off. I tried to run off feel but I have no idea how fast I was going, so I ended up all frustrated about it!

    • Isn’t it funny how you can get so frustrated when your high end technology doesn’t work? When my satellites don’t load it makes me sooooo mad!
      The McMillan tool can get ADDICTING!!!! But it’s so fun!!:)

  2. I cut avocado that way!! I had no idea you could make it work for watermelon, although I’ve tried it with cantaloupe. Genius!

    Something random…I got to throw out a first pitch at an MLB game yesterday night and it was really fun!

  3. Great pics – looks like so much fun! And I think that a Garmin check-in is something we all need to do from time to time – figure out what it is doing FOR and TO us, and how we are responding.

  4. Some of my fastest races have come from running without the Garmin. But I am truly obsessed with mine!! It’s an excellent training tool for sure, but so is your body. I need to work on learning my body’s paces with out the Garmin. Oh how oh how did we ever run without one?! Lol thanks for sharing their posts. Can’t wait to read what they say. Random…I have officially watch all the Planet Of The Apes movies. Can’t believe I waited so long to watch them all. My life is complete haha!!

  5. Thanks for the shout out! I hid my watch in my pocket this morning for a tempo and wound up right on pace without the annoyance of looking down all the time! I’ll probably do that for the times that I use it although I’m not sure what I’ll do for the nov. marathon.

    My kids always want me to cut up watermelons and cantaloup before bed and I’m always saying “let’s do it tomorrow” since it’s the last thing I want to do once the kitchen is cleaned up πŸ™‚

    • I bet this method would work for cantaloupe/ honeydew as well – I get super frustrated cutting them until now!!

      Great Job on your tempo! I saw the pic on twitter!!:) I know I am prob going to leave my garmin on for my marathon but NOT let myself look at it!!

  6. Your pictures are so cute!!
    Something random… hmmm. That Garmin-less running is actually a really great time. I have been doing that for my last few races, and it’s actually (luckily) always been a happy surprise to see my time when I cross the line! Keeps my mind off my pace πŸ™‚

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