Thank you Jacqueline at SkinnyChicBlog for the inspiration behind this post! If you haven’t read J’s (never Jackie) blog before, check her out..she is funny, sarcastic, lovely, and is always realistic even when the sh*ts hitting the fan.

THIS… is my Favorite song right now. It’s sexy, I love the lyrics, and it sounds really good at top volume over the speakers in my car..

THIS is my group of girlfriends(and one of our dudes snuck in the pic, but we like him so it’s cool) ❤️ and I love them. And I get to see them THIS weekend.


THIS is how I want to spend ALL ridiculously hot days: with Moscow Mules!


THIS is where I spend the majority of my summer, and do the majority of my blog work, IPAD on my lap. Not too shabby. #lifeisgood

THIS is now my favorite social media tool… I joined IG a couple years ago, but I was really only a “special event” IG’er…now I just think it’s the cats meow. Please keep the awesome pics coming at me, I giggle, I find recipes, I’s so fun to use! INSTAGRAM!!

tell me something current in your life!


4 thoughts on “THIS.

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  2. Hey – link correction to SkinnyChickBlog ( – the other one redirects to spammer-ville 🙂

    And totally with you on Instagram – I joined right away (because they did a PR blast at launch and I write for tech sites on occasion) … but didn’t post my first picture until nearly 2 years later! Now it is just part of life haha

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