Spotlight post: My Fabulous Sister In Law

Not a lot of people are as lucky as me when they get married. How many horror stories do you head of terrible in laws, awful brother in Laws, or family dramas that make your head spin? There are a lot of terrible awful no good family structures out there and thank GOD I’m not in one of them. I was lucky to marry into a family full of people I LOVE.My mother and father in law are just the kindest, big hearted people, and my BIL, my SIL, my niece and nephew are some of my very favorite people on the planet. Seriously, I hit the jackpot.
Anyway, today I’m going to tell you a little bit about my relationship with my sister in law, Tara. And then, I am going to ask you for your help with something very important.

Oddly enough-my SIL isn’t my husbands sister-she is my brother in laws wife. Right when we met, we were instant friends. How could you not love someone who is so fun/funny/inspiring? And I felt the same way about her…HAHA, I kid, I kid….she is all those things to me–and a wonderful role model for when I have kids of my own.

Tara isn’t only my sister in law, she is also my best friend. She (and my little sister) was my maid of honor in our wedding: She’s the first one I go to for advice (she is really wise) and to tell good news to. She is one of my biggest supporters of my running and always asks me how each race went. She is often my cheerleader and has gone to see me at several different finish lines: she was the first to tell me that she would be going back to the finish line for the 2014 Boston Marathon.

Tara is a bit like Wonder Woman: or rather, I WONDER how she does ALL that she does and how she does it so well… She is a Mom, Wife, teacher, photographer, sister, gym enthusiast, my BFF, a friend, daughter, cousin, really I could go on and on… and most recently, she has added a new adjective to her ever growing repertoire: runner!!!

She is never one to back down from a challenge and finds inspiration in all areas of her life: this year, Tara found herself to be incredibly humbled and inspired upon seeing the runners at the Boston Marathon. She saw the dedication of thousands of runners as we took back the streets of Boston. . In the back of her head, an idea begin to form….
…and I know she will run Boston someday, and I will be right there with her, coaching her towards the finish line!

I have mentioned before that Tara is training for her first half marathon in October. She has been doing great!!! She is about to start increasing her “long runs” to be greater than 5 miles. She has asked me for my tips on how I moved past 5,6,7, etc miles..I’ve given her my tips for long runs, but I have to admit: I don’t remember my own struggles as a new was so long ago that it is all fuzzy. She is in love with the days she runs and it makes her so happy! I know she can make this half marathon goal: all she needs is a little bit good advice from other fellow runners…

So this is where i ask you for your help:
New runners… How did make yourself run your long runs?
Those of you running for years… Do you remember your own struggles to get the distances in? Share or link your own posts back here! I know there are lots of people who read this blog who are thinking they want to run a half or full marathon, or are currently training for one, so your advice will help get them there!

Thanks in advance for your sage advice! 20140724-120036-43236715.jpg


33 thoughts on “Spotlight post: My Fabulous Sister In Law

  1. I trained for my first half 2 years ago (and now I’m training for my first full)! I have since run several 1/2s and I still remember training for that first one – that’s part of why I started blogging back then. You just have to be willing to tell yourself that no matter if you run, walk, or crawl those training runs, you will finish the ones on your schedule. One thing that really helped me was driving to different places around the city and running miles there. It helped to break up the monotony and the people watching was awesome! Also, little rewards after the completion of each run – i.e., I bought myself a new sweaty band after my 6 miler, and then after my 8 miler, I designed a running tank that said “my first half” on it for the race. It’s the little things 🙂 Best wishes to (you/) your SIL!

  2. I did the Galloway method for my first half marathon training & race. I ran it in 2:06 and was quite pleased with my results as a new and older-ish runner. I don’t use Galloway anymore, but it was a great way to keep me motivated and keep my legs fresh when they weren’t used to running so much.

  3. Great post – and you really ARE lucky! I hope things always stay that way for you guys! I have talked about honestly in blogging, but also about seeking to have my blog be a positive place. And you can tell where things are at by tallying who I talk about in my posts (hint – Lisa, the boys … my brother … um, our dogs and cats … you get the picture!)

    And I remember ramping my mileage, and how I did it – mostly gradually. Sure I pretty quickly jumped from 2.5 up to 6.75 over the course of a couple of weeks, but in terms of longer runs – I had already started with my ‘modular run’ approach, so I knew what would add 0.5mi, or 1mi, or whatever … so my runs became about ‘additive elements’. And suddenly I was running 10, 12, 15 miles!

  4. That is so exciting! I remember when I started training for my first distance races I just focused on doing a little more each week. If you can do 8 miles, why wouldn’t you be able to do 9? It’s all about the mind tricks. And celebrate each small accomplishment!

  5. Nice story! I have no storybook tips for the long run really for me it was really more a mental thing learning to mentally buy in to that fact that I would be on my feet for 1:45-2:00 hours. The endurance part was no problem for me. Some of my post from late 2012 to early 2013 might offer more insight into my noggin’ lol

  6. Omg! I’m so excited for her! I always love when people take on running challenges… My bestie is doing her first Marathon in the fall and one thing that helped her is joining a running group… They only meet on Saturdays for thief long runs and they are grouped by pace…it’s been amazing for her! Even if she didn’t join a running group, but found a buddy to run with her and chat with her and keep her going;) She is one day going to be amazed that her “long runs” will become her short runs… I can’t wait to read all about how she does!

    • TANTRA!!!!! I have been trying to comment on all your posts-you may have a bunch from me in your junk mail-my blog is having issues commenting and I haven’t figured it
      Out yet!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, beautiful!!!!!!!! I looooved
      Your dress/romper-you looked stunning, as usual!!!
      That’s great advice! One of her friends suggested that to her too-I think the pacing by group is so helpful, plus it
      Keeps you motivated to keep going that pace during your actual race.
      The nice thing about the half she’s doing is that there are pace groups, and who doesn’t love a pace group?!:)
      Good luck to your bestie too!! Are you doing it with her?

      • Thanks lovely! My birthday was sooo much fun!!!
        Ashley loves it bc she typically would just sleep in… Lol. This group has been sooo good for her confidence and it keeps her motivated. I love a pace group, that’s what helped me BQ in the spring! Yes, we are doing this marathon together in the fall… I’m sooo excited for her!!! We MAY even be twinning;)

  7. I’m training for my first half in 4 years and this week I’m doing my first 8 mile long run! How I do my long runs is that I always do the same course. I do an out and back and add on .5 miles on the “out” each week to equal a whole mile added on. I know that if I can get to where I was the week before, I can run for a few more minutes and then simply turn around!
    It is amazing that you have such a great relationship with your SIL! I don’t really have that with mine because my brother and I aren’t close. However, your relationship reminds me of my mom’s relationship with her SIL (dad’s sister) – even though my parents are divorced. I can tell you two will have a lifelong friendship!

    • Oooh yeah-neither one of us is ever leaving each other’s lives, for sure!!
      What a cool plan to add the .50 on-I tell her familiarity will help her along, too.
      Good luck on your training, Sam! I think that’s awesome! Way to rock that 8 mile long run!!! Yahoooo!!!! 9 miles or bust this week!!:)

  8. Hi Best of Luck to you Tara!

    I’m training for my first half too, and am so psyched to share I’m up to 9 miles. Whoo Hoot!

    To keep me motivated we have a half planned running first halfs with some friends, my husband and one son. Our other son is a fast runner and will cool down finishing with me. I can’t wait. Each long run is a step towards this amazing day we have planned. Now that I’m far enough, the post-party is being planned!

    I keep in mind that training is one long run at a time. A good playlist and a nice route keep it easier. When it’s crazy hot and my legs are tired, I think about the finish line. Both my husband and son tell me running is in my head and to trust my training… so there’s that.

    Hope that helps. Come visit my blog at and follow my training for the Mighty Niagara Half.

    Good luck and have fun!!

    • This is awesome Terry!!! Thanks so much for passing this along! I also can’t wait to plan an after party for her! I’m sooooooo proud of her!!! She is going to do great, and so are you!
      That is my dream-to someday do a race with my children! I’m planning to take my stepdaughter along in a race soon because she is always dying to go with me!!
      Good luck, good luck!!!

  9. In some ways I found the longer runs to be easier than the shorter (harder) tempo/training runs. I would settle into a long run, knowing it would take a while and not stressing about that. I also downloaded podcasts and listened to those on long runs – I found them very distracting and entertaining. I ran my first marathon last year and trained by myself, following a plan online. It’s an amazing feeling when you find yourself saying things like “I have a shorter run this weekend, only 9 miles” and you mean it. Best of luck!

  10. So awesome you have such a great relationship with your SIL, something most people don’t get to experience I feel like.

    I think my biggest thing for long runs when I was training for my first marathon was ALL of the celebrations. Each long run gets longer, and is the furthest you have ever ran. I’m currently helping a coworker train for his first marathon and it’s so rewarding. Each time he finishes his long run… its a new personal record for him. Celebrating the little victories along the way is a huge part of the process I feel like. Training takes months the race takes a day, so celebrating the training AND the racing is important!

  11. You are so lucky to have an amazing SIL! My husband’s brother is everything I could want in a BIL, but I don’t have a SIL…I wish I did!

    I started forcing myself to run my long runs by meeting someone, even if it was just for accountability but we ran alone.

  12. I honestly did not have trouble getting out for my long runs when I trained for my first half and then full. I was just so excited that every single weekend I got to run farther than I had ever run before. It was so awesome! When I’d get to the end of the run and was tired or dragging, I’d get an automatic boost when I hit the last mile and knew that every step I took automatically became the longest run I’d ever done. I had more trouble training for my 2nd half because the novelty had worn off.

  13. You two are best buddies you can tell and it’s beautiful! I’ve been running and racing (marathons and ultras) for many years and when you said “she is in love with the days she runs”, I smiled because she will have no problem with upping the mileage. I would advise her to just take it easy and enjoy it. Music that she likes can be a huge motivator and if so, she should run with it when safe. Have fun Tara!

  14. So sweet that you guys are so close! You definitely both hit the in-law jackpot 🙂 I really believe that running longer distances is entirely mental – and with that in mind I also don’t believe that it’s for everyone because it’s a lot to wrap your head around and not everyone WANTS to do it. But, for those that do, I think forcusing on “If I want it, I will do it” along with a smart pacing strategy, a willingness to feel uncomfortable and a good strong stubborness can get you a long way (haha.) Setting out for a long run I tell myself “it’s as good as done” or “it’s in the bag baby!” and just continue to remember that you WILL do it if you want it badly enough.

      • Soooo great!! Thank you! It is totally a mind game with me and sometimes I lose. I feel strong. I know I can physically do it but it’s the mental game that gets me. I love these tips! Thanks Cole! Thank you guys so much!!

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