Do you ever want to kick your computer in the face? Like a real good swift kick? But then you realize that the only one who will end up suffering from said kick is YOU because you will be paying for a new machine?

Today I realized that I have been commenting on several of my favorite blogs via my blog name/email/website….and the comments will NOT GO THROUGH. it appears that they do, only it is a LIE and the comments never actually post on your lovely blogs. At first i thought “well, maybe its my iphone.” So I tried my ipad. No. My Computer. Nope, Not going through. So if any of you are wondering why i haven’t commented on your amazing posts…this is why. I have no clue how long its been going on, and i have no idea if its actually consistent, either. 

 Has this happened to any of you? I’ve searched WordPress and have yet to find an answer so I thought I would put it out here and see if any of YOU have had this issue and HOW in the WORLD you keep from getting frustrated and kicking your computer/phone/IPAD?

Please save the blogger.



18 thoughts on “Frustrations.

  1. I’ve had the same problem as irishrunnerchick, sometimes blogs I follow randomly disappear. Lately my blog has been asking me to approve comments from other blogs that I already told it was ok. I used WordPress help once, and I had fixed it myself before they ever responded. I hope you have better luck!

  2. I had one of yours end up in Spam last week as well. I have found for myself and others that will occasionally get errors on WordPress blogs. Ugh.

    I am wondering – have you had more than one WordPress account? Or different emails associated with it? That can REALLY mess stuff up! I had a few and it caused issues a few years ago, but I got everything consolidated to one account and it is much better.

    • I have had another email associated with it! I swapped it over months ago-I wonder if that’s it? Hmmm. I’m going to try some stuff out!!
      I now feel bad for the multiple spam
      Stuff that my fellow bloggers will be getting! Ruh-roh! Thanks for the info I’m going to look into it ASAP!!

  3. I have nothing to suggest but just want to share your wordpress frustrations! It will randomly unfollow some of my favorite blogs so I’ll have to go and search for them again to re-follow. Ughh!

  4. Poo!! Sorry can’t help you there chica! I think I have gotten all your recent comments. I hope you figure it out soon.

  5. Sorry I don’t have a suggestion. To add to your conundrum though, I know the last comment I saw you made probably a week ago ended up in my spam folder. I had to go in and approve it, which I’ve never had happen before. Not that that helps you…

  6. That’s really strange…especially since its happening from your phone, computer, and ipad. Have you tried different types of blogs- wordpress, blogger, etc? I know certain commenting boxes make it more difficult for me to comment for some reason, but wordpress seems to be the easiest.

    • LOL I haven’t even been able to get my three bloggers the info for the link up bc my emails to them on their “contact me” pages are NOT going through! (And none of them have a personal email address listed skin can’t send them a separate email) Frustrating!

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