It was Hot.

Thank you so much to everyone for your good luck wishes yesterday!! You all rock!!

I am so tired right now. And still a bit sick/weak from earlier. Woof. I don’t have the energy for anything more than some pictures at this point.

I am literally off to bed at 8pm and I promise a real recap later-maybe not until Tuesday because it has been the most insane few days in my little world!

So I will leave you with a few weekend pictures…
A PERFECT and GORGEOUS baby shower for a childhood bestie…it was on the water at Seaglass in Salisbury, MA. This was the view:

Race day outfit prep..

And smiling before the storm. I mean the Half. The fun half. The super awesome half.

Fun World afterwards (and trust me, I was pretty loopy while there..note to self-don’t do things after races. Except for sleep.


Kid has legs for days…❤️

And finally…I am so overwhelmingly disappointed in my time, (obviously). In a nutshell:It was 80 by finish, there were stops by policemen due to letting traffic pass, and major dehydration.
And it was hot. Did I mention that?


5th in my age group, finished in the top 10%, and I promise I will explain my anger/sadness/upset tomorrow!

Big hugs for all your kindness❤️


31 thoughts on “It was Hot.

  1. Still a stellar half!!! I understand the frustration though. It takes me a day or two (or week lol) to analyze my performance and race conditions and finally be ok. All the more incentive to sign up for the next race to prove to yourself that you’ve got what it takes to crush it!

  2. Running in the heat can definitely zap your energy. You still ran a great time, but I understand being disappointed when you’ve feel like you’ve trained for a certain time. But we can’t control everything…….. cough weather and humidity cough. You had a great training cycle and that sub 1.40 is waiting out there for you!

  3. OMG! You totally rocked it! I know you may be somewhat disappointed because it didn’t go the way you planned, but unfortunately, there are things that are out of our control. Can’t wait for the recap!!!

    PS. Your family is super cute! xoxo

  4. ::hug:: I’m sorry you didn’t have a good race, friend. 😦 Heat and humidity can throw such a terrible curveball. I’m glad you made it through and that you’re okay though! Dehydration is scary. 😦

    And I laughed a bit at the part about not doing anything after the race. I went to a family party right after I finished my marathon and I wanted to crawl into a dark closet and pass out the entire time I was there.

  5. Great blog!

    Sorry about the heat, that’s tough. This is the time of year when I definitely do not envy my friends to the south. I’m sorry you had a disappointing performance – you’ll get ’em next time! If it makes you feel any better, I’m totally drooling over that finish time! 🙂

  6. Oof, I’m very familiar with the zombie feeling after a tough race. Running in the summer is so challenging. No matter how prepared you think you are, the weather can totally kill you. I’m sorry you’re disappointed with the results, but at least you finished!

  7. Eh’ no worries heat can make any runner mortal and trust me this Florida guy knows a thing or two about heat lol. You’ll get that goal and it’ll be so sweet when you do. Enjoy your recovery, get better soon, and dont drown in the frustration but use it as fuel. Keep ya’ head up chica!

  8. Ugh so sorry! But seriously, you did well considering the heat! That is some serious heat. I hope you’re feeling better now, dehydration is a terrible feeling! I am done with having time goals in the summer, it can be frustrating and disappointing and dangerous too. You will rock out a half in cooler weather. I prefer below 40!

  9. Aw, sorry girl. There are just so many things you can’t control about race day, and heat is absolutely one of them. I hope you got lots of liquids and sleep yesterday and are feeling a little better today. One day says nothing about your overall fitness level or your prep for the big day. Just unfortunate the weather didn’t cooperate. Sending hugs!

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