Be Girly

I started to write this post last week. I wanted to tell you how “ungirly” I am for a girl. How I despise things like manicures, and that you couldn’t pay me to get a pedicure, I hate them THAT much. I wanted to tell you how UN-girly it is that I LOVE Whiskey, and hate light beer.

But I scratched that post when I saw this video:

I admit it, being “girly” has always been coupled with negativity. Girls have been seen as weaker, slower, second best. To be “girly” is a stereotype.
It made me want to show all the little girls out there how girly I actually am.

One little girl in the video hit the nail on the head when asked if “like a girl” is a good thing or a bad thing. She said “It sounds like you’re trying to humiliate someone.” When did this start??
Why am I girly?
-I am girly because I work out and have strong muscles.

-I am girly because I am only just tapping into my full potential as a runner. I am finding out that there is a fierce competitor inside me who bears her fangs makes an appearance during a race.

-I am girly because I run…and I am proud to run like a girl because i am a girl. A tough as nails kick your ass I’ll beat you in a race GIRL.

I’ll leave you with this: A couple of the strong females interviewed were asked their advice to little girls when they are told that they do something “like a girl”. They had some pretty powerful messages:

Keep doing it…because it’s working. If someone else says that running like a girl, kicking like a girl, or shooting like a girl is something you shouldn’t be doing-then that’s THEIR problem because if you’re still scoring, and you’re still getting to the ball on time, and you’re still first- you’re doing it right. It doesn’t matter what they say. I mean..Yes, i swim like a girl, I walk like a girl, and I kick like a girl, and I wake up in the morning like a girl because I AM a girl. And it’s not something That I should be ashamed of. Thats what they should do.

Why can’t “run like a girl also mean win the race??

How are you “girly”?



24 thoughts on “Be Girly

  1. I can’t watch the video because I’m at work (lol!), but I’ll definitely check it out on my way home! I loved this post. It’s very powerful. And yes, I am proud to be a girl because I LOVE kicking guys’ asses ahahah! 😀 xoxo Olena

  2. Love this post! And being girly is pretty cool in my book and when it comes to running where would this sport be without the infusion of “girl power 🙂

  3. I really liked this ad the moment I first saw it. I remember hearing “you throw like a girl” in elementary school and immediately knowing that was a bad thing. I love this idea of rebranding being a girl to mean you can be strong, motivated, and tough. I think it can and should also mean enjoying those stereotypical girly things, like getting manicures, etc! We shouldn’t shun girliness; we should embrace all aspects of it!

  4. I can’t watch that commercial without crying. I know that my daughter is going to deal with that same kind of uncertainty as she grows up and I just want to be a positive role model and show her what “like a girl” really means! (Also I am pro-whiskey and anti-light beer. 🙂 )

  5. I love this! I actually watched that video a few days ago on facebook and realized how important it is to teach my girls that its ok to embrace being a girl. I love that I already show them that mommy runs like a girl, lifts weights like a girl, and is strong like a girl! But I also like pink & like to dress up once in a while.

    My favorite like a girl moment is when I have men come up to me after a race and tell me they were trying to catch me and couldn’t! That is running like a girl 🙂

    Oh and we are meant to be friends, I can’t stand light beer either! lol What is your favorite? Hubby & I drink a lot of Sam Adams Seasonals, but my absolute fav is a good Stout or Porter. 🙂

    • Your girls are so lucky to have you Erin! You’re a great role model for them. Haha, I love when that happens to me too, it feels SO AWESOME!
      I really like Sam summer and Cherry wheat lately! And, anything remotely watermelon-y is a ok by me! I seem to only drink a stout around Christmastime…I don’t know why!!

  6. That commercial did make me sad, but I’m really lucky I have parents that never told me I couldn’t do things because I was a girl. My dad even told me I could outrun most of the boys when I was younger (and I would like to think I still can haha). I am ‘girly’ because I am competitive and determined to win, but I also love getting my nails and hair done…because if I’m going to pass people in a race I at least need to look good! 😉 great post! I really enjoyed reading it. #staygirly

    • Amen, I always have a cute race outfit because of that! Lol!
      I love the empowering words of your dad, how awesome! And I bet you can still outrun the boys! One of my very favorite memories is when I beat three boys, one whom was my boyfriend at the time, in a push-up contest…lol!!! #staygirly to you too!

  7. Typically I don’t feel very “girly” – I don’t get mani/pedis or enjoy getting pampered in that sort of way. But I do really like the color pink! I have always hated the adjective “girly” because I think it’s stupid and is only used to put people down. Maybe we should just do away with it completely!

  8. I am girly because even though guys are “supposed” to be faster than girls I don’t accept that and try to beat them anyway!
    I don’t consider myself to be very “girly” as society describes it but I do love a good pedicure:)

  9. I’m girly for many reasons… I love the color pink and fashion and champagne and pedis.. But I’m also strong, independent, and tough as nails. I don’t take crap and I’m not a quitter. I loved that video, it was the first time that I was proud to “runike a girl”

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