Hot weather running storage

During the transition of cold weather running back to hot weather-I often forget about how much thought goes into how little we bring with us. I know…this sentence sounds funny. But-for me, a winter run is easier to pack for because I seem to have unlimited storage in the one million pockets/sleeves of coats and vests.

But summer…summer is different. Less is more. Often, it can be SO HOT that you don’t want to carry the extra weight along with you as it weights you down. And then there is the problem of sweating. I have sent more than one phone to their doom because of excessive sweat!!

So what are the best ways to store your stuff? For shorter early morning runs..I usually just grab my Garmin and go. But if I’m doing a longer run-I like to store my stuff like phone, debit card, a $5, some GU’s in something. I have used more stuff than most people, so I will tell you what has worked for me!

1.) the Fanny Pack Literally one of the most unattractive things on the planet, your mom has already figured out that it obviously has it’s conveniences: these things expand super easily and can store a ton of stuff. Because of the strict and crazy restrictions at Boston this year, I wasn’t able to take my Camelbak with me, I used this attractive model. I wanna say it was about $20, and I truly made my Wifey check me out in it…we picked this one because it was the lesser of all the unattractive evils. The fact is, when you are running long, or running a marathon…you need to be able to store a lot of stuff, amiright? Anyway, for Boston I packed a staggering amount of things:
-my iPhone 5c,
-debit card
-three gu
-a ya of Immodium (don’t judge)
-my phone charger
-Swedish fish
All of this ridiculous stuff fit comfortably in here, and I was able to look like my back was pregnant… I really like this thing, but I don’t always use it. Sometimes it will bounce and I don’t love the readjusting. I also have this Nathan one, and it’s basically the same exact thing.

2. The Flip belt I was ssssosososososososososoossoso excited to use this thing. The key is buying the right size so it stays on your hips. (I did) I’ve had it for about two years and the little slits on the inside of the belt easily hold my stuff. You put it on, put your stuff in, then “flip” part of it so your stuff is essentially locked inside. I’ve never used it for a race before, and I don’t think I would, and for two reasons: one time my phone “flipped” out of the belt. Not cool.
The other reason is a time that I will never ever ever forgive it for: I was out running on a hot and muggy day when it started to rain. It wouldn’t stay down on my hips once it got wet, and the belt chafed me 100% around my torso. Imagine a two inch red welt around your waist right smack dab in the middle of bikini season, won’t you?? I have not used it since this happened because I’m still mad at it. I don’t think this happens to everyone, but I had to tell you my opinion! I honestly think it would work better if you weren’t trying to stuff it with as much stuff as I do…and maybe leave the phone at home? (Sometimes you got have it with you though!)


3. The portable pockets. Sometimes I’m lazy and don’t want to pack stuff, or I just won’t mind carrying something small in my hand. I bought the gray pouch to store a few things-money, a GU or 2, my phone, key, money..and it works well. This is my favorite “low maintenance” storage thing. I have no qualms with it and it really doesn’t weigh me down.

The second picture of the blue wristlet I use when I want to tuck a couple of GU into it for quick access to them. I have tried using it for holding my phone and other essentials but it of tens gets heavy and it awkwardly twists and turns on my arm. Two GU is pretty much all it can handle before it gets stressed out and flips to the underside of my wrist. I got this one at Marshall’s for like $5, and I’m sure you could find one there, or you could check this one out.

4. Portable water bottle. I don’t know. I’ve only used it twice. I just don’t like carrying bigger stuff with me. Both times I used it, I just felt slower and that it was weighing me down. The nice thing about it is that you can put a lot of stuff in that front pouch. So of you don’t mind holding a water bottle–> this is one I would buy! In hindsight, I would have really liked a smaller one! I also have tried the waist belts with the flasks…I ended up tossing it on my run and never went back to see if it was still there!

5. The Camel Bak I posted a couple pics of me wearing this before..I am a bit embarrassed to tell you: I bought this thing a few years ago. I had really really wanted one, and had a gift card to city sports in Boston, so BAM! I bought it. And didn’t use it for THREE YEARS. YUP. #weirdo Anyway, I finally broke it out this winter for some of my long runs that my girlfriend said wouldn’t have any stores to buy a drink. In the wintertime–I had zero probs. It’s light, I never felt it’s weight, and it stores my stuff easy peasy.

Then…Summertime. The season of The Chafe. The first run I wore it on with a racer back tank-it left a gigantic cut on my back, and chafed under my armpits. A couple of (re: painful) runs later, I have realized I NEED to wear a full back tank top, and body glide under my arms. there was no chafe this last weekend.. Besides that–I LOVE IT. My size stores about 32 ounces of water. On Saturday, I was out for my 16 miler and went through ALL my water (this has never happened.. I usually have lots left) and stopped to refill. The next 20oz I added were sucked back by the time I got home. I couldn’t have been more grateful to have had it on! Even though it’s summer, I still don’t feel it’s weight on my back, and it’s super easy to clean. This is my number one recommendation for easy summer storage!

I also want to note: I picked a smaller one because I’m a 5’1 itty bitty girl so obviously a “tactical” one would make me REALLY look like a camel. I just checkout their website and you can actually plug in your age, fitness activity, weight, urine color, temps, and length of typical workout and it will direct you to what YOU need. Pretty cool!!!

6. Shorts with zipper pockets, bra storage Sometimes, I will stick my key in a back pocket on my shorts..but only if it has a zipper!! I have a ridiculous fear of losing my house key. Maybe because it’s happened before? You take a guess..I have also wanted to try the sports bras with storage in them. lululemon makes one..but I’m sorry..$52 for the bra, or $58 for the tank is ridiculous. I found a bra for $24 here and am now patiently awaiting it’s arrival via the mail!!

I hope these storage ideas make your summer runs more fun!!
anybody else have a good tip..or five?!

Happy Hump Day!


33 thoughts on “Hot weather running storage

  1. Awesome post. And it’s encouraging me to try the Camelbak I bought last summer and never used. I thought it would be too hot for summer plus I’m about your height, so I worried about fit. Thanks!

    • I hope you like it! I absolutely love mine, now I can’t imagine a long sweaty run without it! Today I forgot to out Vaseline under my armpits so there was a little but of chafe..nothing too bad though!

  2. All great ideas! I’ve got a Camelbak and handheld (smaller than yours though) that I use. I can’t decide what to do with tonight though and I’m probably going to melt so it really doesn’t matter. They will have 4 water stations throughout the 6 miles, so I might be fine. If I melt, it’s been nice reading your blog. HAHAHA

  3. Have you seen the HipSister? A friend has one and loves it. Similar to the flip belt but I think softer material.

  4. I have the exact same complaint about my Amphipod and my hand held bottle! Also I’m really happy that I read your comments about the Flipbelt. I have been on the fence about getting one because I heard they are virtually impossible to get your stuff out of while you’re running, but that chafe sounds HORRIBLE! No thanks!

    I wish women’s running clothes had better pockets. I hate having to have extra stuff strapped to my body when I run!

    • I KNOW!!! I feel the same!! I need pockets all over place and besides Lulu, I haven’t found anybody that makes them! And buying a couple lulu items is like a mortgage payment(or close to it, haha!!)

      That chafe was worse than any I’ve ever had. Putting on a shirt was painful!

  5. The camelbak story cracked me up because I did almost the same thing!!! I really wanted one so I bought it a couple months ago… and just used it for the first time last weekend 🙂 Once I had the camelbak I kept getting worried that I would wear it on a long run and find it to be heavy and annoying, but then I’d be stuck with it. Now that I’ve used it though, I don’t plan on ever doing another long run without it! ESPECIALLY during the summer!

    • It is seriously so easy to put it on and GO!! Today I filled it to the max (1.5 liters) and I used ALL THE WATER bc it was so hot out!
      Thank god my friend runs on routes that don’t have stops..I don’t know when I would’ve started using mine!! I’m glad someone procrastinated like me!!:)

  6. Ya know I hate to admit this but I have never bought any ‘special’ running accessory..but now I’m thinking it’s about time. I can’t think of anything cooler than using a fanny pack haha!
    I’ve been running in hot humid Nebraska with my cell phone in my hand–gets wet pretty fast. Ew, I know. Usually I just leave my keys on my back tire haha. Probably not the best idea. I’m on the look out for an awesome head band now to keep the sweaty hair away–any suggestions? Thanks for the post!

    • It took me a while, too to realize that I NEED to carry stuff with me to have better runs! And I was murdering cell phones with sweat, omg, it was gross!!! Sometimes it would shut off and not turn back on for hours!!!! Tha fanny packs are super duper uggo but truly a good bang for your buck and then you can put your phone in it too. If you are listening to music, I’m sure your headphone cord will reach…mine does!!:) headbands….I NEED to work on this for myself too! I currently use a sweaty bands headband..they’re kinda pricey though. I head bondi bands are Great and I just took a look-they are only like $9 vs sweaty bands 15-18.(are you kidding…15..for a headband?!?)

  7. Thanks for those tips chica! This Florida boy can definitely use any hot weather tips that are out there since I live in the heat most of the year. I like the fanny pack and portable water bottle. The bottle with pockets I actually have used and still use on occasion and tend to like it the most. Annnnnnd you are 5′ 1″ sweet!! Speedy things come in small packages lol 🙂 My mom was a little bitty standing at a whopping 4′ 11″ 🙂

      • Ha! I thought you’d like that comment. And yeppers! Running is brutal here at the moment and that’s even with me getting my runs in at 5a.m. my shoes and socks are like sponges even after the shorter runs. I just keep myself motivated by saying this is prepping me for fast fall racing 🙂

  8. Thanks for the tips! I’ve always wanted to try out a camel back. I have a handheld water bottle that I only use on runs over 10 miles and I will shove whatever fuel I’m using in it. BUT I can’t stand carrying that damn thing! lol I have had no choice in the past because I never pass stores while I run. During Baystate I just shoved my Shot Bloks & Imodium (so you will get not judging for me, that stuff is a life saver!) in my sports bra. I hardly have any boobs so that works for me! haha

  9. Thanks for the helpful hints… I have the drink holder and your right it’s just too big… Question about the camel bak… Does it stay still when you are running? Meaning not bounce up and down? And do you know how many liters it holds? I want one sooo bad but I’ve been fearing buying it and hating it:/

    • It takes some adjusting before you get it to stay still. I’ve had a few bouncy runs where I’ve been too stubborn to stop, take it off, adjust, then keep
      Going. You have to just take your time. You know how much liquids it will hold because it says it on the tags on the description of the pack. I think mine holds exactly 33.8. They have a bunch of different ones. Go to a sports store that carries them first before buying-you don’t want to buy too big of a size either!!:)

    • Ok, so I just looked on the blue water bag again-it hold 1.5 liters…I just came back from a 2:15 run in blazing lay terrible heat…I had a little bit of water left over and was continuously sipping on it! I was a hot, sweaty MESS, BUT…I was a HYDRATED hot and sweaty mess!! You are little like me so I bet this size would be good for you, too!! 🙂

  10. Well if you’re my husband then you bring along a full on 80s style fanny pack. For me I just make sure i have a good pair of lulu shorts/skirt with 6 pockets and cram everything in the pockets. Water gets tricky for me though and in the past I’ve worn a hydration belt for long runs and hated it. People have told me to drop water along the route to pick up but I haven’t tried it. I like your tips!

  11. haha – so true for everything. I found a cheap belt at Target a couple of years ago that holds my phone, a key, and a card/cash … and that is about it. I use that one regularly and carry a Camelbak bottle or wear my backpack for longer runs.

    And I always wear a full tech tee shirt anyway (regardless of temperature) but definitely would have to with the hydration pack for chafing sake 🙂

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