The Runners Personal AD

I always get a kick out of ads, especially the ads for personal matters! I thought it would be kind of fun to put my own spin on one: A RUNNERS Personal Ad! Just the thought of it made me laugh!!!

It should read like this:


Runner seeking companionship and possibly a running -mate.

-Being a runner yourself is not necessary, but an understanding for the love obsession of the sport is a ‘make it or break it’ deal.

-Must love looking at piles of sneakers. There is literally no way around this. If you hate looking at sneakers, stop reading this personal ad now. Seriously..must understand sneaker obsession…

-Must be able to tolerate long,boring (to you) talks about running. If you are ALSO a runner, you must be ready to lace up sneakers and head out daily.

-Must be supportive, encouraging, and understanding of your runners PR’s and dreams.

-you will have hours of free time to yourself throughout the week. (Should you also be a runner, you can fill that void of time by running with me.) You can also expect a guaranteed 2-3 hours of freedom on Saturdays as that is long run day. (I hope you have a hobby or two…)

-The love of TRAVELING isn’t necessary, but is encouraged in seeking out ideal mate. RUNcations are in the foreseeable future! Think of all the places you will get to see!! I will happily hobble around with you upon completion of whichever race I have just run to sightsee with you!! If you are a runner, think of all the races we could run together!! The possibilities are endless…

-a Gentle temper required. Sometimes, surplus money earmarked for something else will go towards a race entry fee. Whoops..#sorrybutimnotsorry . Please promise not to get TOO mad…

-Patience is a virtue. Sometimes I might cry after a bad race, terrible run, or sprained/torn/ruptured body part/ligament/muscle/tissue(etc, you get the point,don’t you??) Must be ready at all times to pick up the pieces when your runner is injured, or for some reason cannot run.(In the instance of an injury-you should probably just disregard all things I say…I could be quite testy..try not to take it personally..)

-Must be okay with seeing me in compression socks, having black toenails, and chafing in odd areas…#donthatetherunhatethechafe

RUNNERS..,Did I forget anything?? What would YOU add!!



16 thoughts on “The Runners Personal AD

  1. Love this ad! When I was still single I always was looking for a runner to date! Lucky for me, I found a man who supports my running and Will even run with me from time to time! 🙂

  2. This is awesome!!! LOVE IT!!! Hahaha I think you hit all the areas of concern now it just needs to be posted lol 🙂

  3. I wasn’t a runner when my husband and I first met, so I’m really lucky that he’s so supportive and basically helped me start running when I first had the desire. I would add: Must be understanding of weird sleeping habits – early to bed Fridays and naps post-run Saturdays!

  4. I guess I should appreciate my husband more, he has all of these qualities and I barely even notice! He really could not be more supportive of my running and sometimes quirky behavior. And he loves runcations and actually encourages them!

  5. -Must understand that I won’t partake in Friday Margarita Madness or any sort of Friday night binge drinking. I’ve got a long run in the morning. #happyhourwhathappyhour

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