Runs&things that scare me

I have been having some faaaantastic runs lately. Besides the awesome long run I had on Saturday,
I had a super amazing speedy run on Sunday. I adore when I am fast on super tired legs. The plan had been to go slow…absolutely no speed…I had already done 54 miles for the week before that run, who would want to be fast after that?? Somehow it happened with splits ranging from in the 6:00’s to the 8:00’s. Loved this run!! 61.9 miles total for last week.

Tuesday mornings run was also awesome: 10.2 miles with the sunrise, run and done by 6:40am, 1:25:06, 8:21 average with three 7ish tempo miles thrown smack dab in the middle.

Wednesday was nothing special-I slept in and by the time I was ready to go, it was like running through soup. yucky. But hey, at least I did it! ☺️ And now I remember why I get up at 4am…

Under the wise tutelage of my RPIC, (running partner in crime) Kristina…I have decided to do something I literally NEVER thought I would say I would do: run a 5k. Or a 10k. Ah!! According to her–I am in great 5k/10k racing shape. Yikes.. For some reason the thought of either of those two distances scares me, and I think it’s because it’s more of the “hurt so much yet so short a time” type of run vs. What I normally do,the “Alrighty then…Let’s cover this nice length of distance as quickly as we can and see how we do, mmmmkay?” Maybe that’s the same thing, but to me, 5/10ks are meant to be run fast. that is why they are such nice, short distances. But I don’t mind letting my running partner boss me, I’m looking at a race next week for my first 5k! So weird!

Are there any race distances that scare YOU??


30 thoughts on “Runs&things that scare me

  1. Anything above 21.1KM scares me as that is the most I’ve ever run

    5K’s don’t bother me – I prefer them. I have marathon training this year, so I have to say goodbye to most of my standard 5K workouts as they tend to go too fast for marathon training where my mileage is much higher.

  2. I don’t mind 5k’s. I’ve only run three, but I’d love to run another one when I’m actually trained up for it. I’ve always run them after a long winter of not much running. I think you’ll enjoy it, and its a great way to get in some speedwork! Running a few 5k’s over the summer may help you with your fall marathon goal πŸ™‚

    Right now the half marathon scares me! haha That might be because it is two weeks away and I haven’t run more than 7 miles straight since October. πŸ˜‰ I might die, but you will wait at the end with a beer for me right?!

    • I am hoping that they will help me get faster!:) We picked one for next week in Manchester. Once I run this-I will know where I’m at for times for the half on the 13th!
      Can you believe how fast it’s coming? I feel like I just did that contest yesterday.
      And of course I will be waiting for you with a beer!!:)

  3. You are crushing those runs with super speedy times! You’re going to be zipping thru Baystate! I am not fond of shorter races either, don’t like to push that hard. I do run some 5ks because they’re so close to me & for charity (usually holiday related). Haven’t done a 10k in years, need to as I need to refresh that PR! Not in the summer though,and not sure where one would fit in with training and my goal races.

    • A holiday 5k definitely seems like a good idea to me!:) I would like to do a 10k someday, too! It is tough to figure out when you can do a race and when you can’t-too many races can slow you down-I am learning that!!

  4. Ugh, the 5k scares me the most these days…I remember running my first 5k in 2011 and hit something like 27:15. I was rather impressed with myself. Now I’m fighting to break into the 21 minute range….something about seeing 6-something minute miles scares me. I’m also not good at running through the “hurt” or “pain”. I see my friends finish their 17-19 minute 5ks and they do not finish standing upright with a big grin on their face…they suck it up and run fast, hard and run through the physical/mental pain associated with such a short distance. I, on the other hand, finish in 22 and could easily run another 5 miles after a quick shot of water, etc. I think what I’m getting at is that I don’t leave it all on the course…the concept scares me…but I’m trying to get over that mentally.

  5. Ohhhh another 4a.m. riser nice!!! Eh’ no worries you’ll do fine in that 5K. They do tend to make you see the light faster than 26.2 but they are great to run. I really don’t have a distance that scares me maybe an ultra but I’ve never considered doing one either. Smash that 5K chica!!

  6. While the idea of the shorter distances doesn’t scare me, they are hard races no doubt. But, the marathon scares me more than anything else because of how much planning and prep goes into it, and all the stuff that can go wrong! Since it scares me the most it’s also the most rewarding to complete though.

  7. Anyyything in the 20’s scares me πŸ™‚ Haha! But that was marathon training…

    I find my peak distance to be 6-8 miles. I just feel so great up til that point, and after 8-9 is when I start noticing a slow-down. Gotta try those tempo runs for sure!

  8. Oh I love how you think 5K’s should be run fast. Sure…if you ARE fast. I have one speed-slow-regardless of the distance. My fear is my first half marathon in September. I just have to keep telling myself I’ve already run a 10 miler. What’s 3 more miles?

    • Well. I think I think they should be run fast because everyone tells me they should be, lol.
      I think you are looking at it the right way. Sometimes I trick my brain by breaking down the run into parts-that way it’s easier on your mind! In the end, it’s all a head game anyway!

  9. You are killing it!!!!! I can’t wait to read about your marathon in the fall! I hope my body and legs
    Come around! The distance I’m afraid of is an ultra… I DO plan to do it one day, maybe my 40th birthday. Also, the idea of a triathlon petrifies me!

    • Ohhhh ultras just sound yucky to me!! Just way, way too long!:) so yeah that would scare me too!!!! I would love to read about you running an ultra though!
      I did a half ironman triathlon about 7 years did not go well..unless they substitute swimming with maybe more running-I cannot picture myself doing another!!:)

      • LOL… that is exactly my worry… I’m a terrible swimmer! I don’t get it! I’m not sure if I could even complete the ultra and it probably wouldn’t be the 100 miler… maybe 50…. MAYBE…. that may be my finale to running…lol

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