Radio Silence?

Nope….Just slowing the **** Down for a few days!!
It really isn’t like me to not post during the work week. However, recently I was inspired by a great article I read by a fellow blogger Michael at Running Around The Bend.

He wrote a post based around all aspects of his own life/the world and the things that surround it that he felt needed to just slooooow down.

So, for a few days, I have unplugged from the blog world in an effort to slow a little bit down and enjoy the little things around me. I tried to stay away from reading blogs to just spend a few days of ruminating among my own thoughts.

I kept thinking how technology has changed/enhanced my life…
..I have a Garmin that tells me my every split…
..An iPod that plays my playlists that I created by downloading music virtually…no trip to the store needed for that!
..I have an iPad where I do my blogging from whilst I sit on my porch listening to the music streaming from my iPhone via a tiny Bluetooth speaker… phone is sitting in my bedroom as it charges. So… I guess I’m pretty plugged in??

I think it’s important to take time off from that “connected” mentality of our society every once in a while. To listen to the frogs around you as they croak, smell the amazing smells of spring, like freshly cut grass, and new flowers.

There is so much to appreciate in this world that has absolutely zero to do with technology. I can’t help but laugh at the thought that modern life has perfected simplicity-yet the best things in life are the simplest, aren’t they? Like the view of a breathtaking sunrise, one that is just so gorgeous that you HAVE to pause your run and snap a pic.

Or a sunset followed by an absolutely beautiful dinner..
(best steak tips around: Brown&budnicks, homemade croutons/blue cheese dressing, and lettuce from our garden)

Yesterday, I woke up knowing that I am now on my very first day of SUMMER VACATION!!!! For me, summer break means a lot of “unplug” time. My husband has worked very hard to make our backyard a place where we like to spend all of our time. I spend the majority of my summer time writing, reading, and of course, running. Most days, I am sitting on my porch just hanging out solo. I am ridiculously simple during my summertime break from work and simply relaxing on the porch with a glass of ice water is just perfection.
…and sometimes a cocktail 😉

When I was a kid, Summer vacation meant staying out with my BFF until the streetlights came on, my grandfathers black cows (aka root beer floats), swimming in my Nanas pool, and camping trips with my family. I didn’t have Nintendo or even cable. (We were really pretty Stoneage) I have hundreds of childhood memories of “technology free” life as a kid. I hope that when I am a parent, I can influence my kids to step away from it as much as I did.
I want them to notice this whole big beautiful world around them, and the little things that make it tick.

This summer, I plan to make an effort to enjoy the little things as MUCH as possible.❤️ I encourage YOU to do the exact same thing!

Favorite summer memory?


8 thoughts on “Radio Silence?

  1. We had a summer house in Duxbury MA growing up and would stay down there with my great-grandparents as often as possible. We would get up, go find our friends, play on the beach, begrudgingly come home for some lunch, go back out and play, come home and have some damn dinner, go out and get in some flashlight tag or kick the can before bed and then do it all again the next day. If it was raining, we played lots of cards or board games on the porch watching it rain, listening to the waves crash. I will never ever have summer memories like those again and I treasure them.

  2. Mine revolve around sitting together with my wife, playing with our boys, enjoying beach or ocean or whatever …

    It is funny, growing up we got cable right when it hit the area around 1980 , same for VHS and computer (my Apple][+ in 1979 woohoo!) … but when I look back at those summers, I remember laying on our backs on a picnic table looking up at the stars at night, playing ball in the back yard, exploring the woods, and so on. Nothing tech related – even as technology was working its way into our lives, it was still secondary to just living.

    Thanks for the shout-out … I have been so thrilled with the amazing comments and links people have posted about the ‘slowing down’ concept and the myriad ways we can apply it.

  3. Going to the beach every summer with my family and going to my grandmother’s pool every day. My mom was a stay at home mom until I started high school, so we went swimming every single day at the farm. It was great and I have so many memories of swimming there, slip and sliding, and jumping on the trampoline.

  4. My best summer memories involved family, usually a bbq, and bathing suits! Obviously nothing related to technology. It’s amazing how the world has changed from those days. It makes me feel like kids are growing up in a completely different world, and I guess they really are.

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