Motivation is Low, low, low & Confessional Friday!

This week has been a truly low motivation running week. I can’t even explain it since my last 2-3 weeks have been FANTASTIC .

Monday/ Tuesday: I didn’t intentionally take 2 days off in a row from running. two nights of sleep deprivation doesn’t translate into good runs for me, and fatigue tends to carry over into the rest of the week. So Monday was a complete rest day, and Tuesday I did an all-over body strength video.

Wednesday I woke up thinking “Woo-hoo, TODAY is the DAY that I am going to have a great run!” I set out after work to run a 13 miler. I was not into it. 7 miles in, I called my husband to come get me. I don’t even know who I am! I was exhausted from the strength training I did Tuesday. There was never a point during the run where I felt like I could push it or even enjoyed it one bit. I was pretty much over it from the get go!

Thursday I had to bribe myself to do a tempo run on my treadmill. Yup, you read it right: Bribe. I bribed myself with homemade Pizza and wine. (Fun fact about my homemade pizza: I never ever ever feel guilty eating pizza I make because it is never greasy. I think I could eat it EVERY DAY and never feel bad.)
Friday I had to force myself to get up out of bed to run: If I wasn’t meeting Kristina-todays run would not have happened! It was dark, cold, and rainy-but ironically, I think we got the best hour of the day because it is supposed to storm out all day. I think the weather people used the word “deluge”? I didn’t even bother to look that up to see what it means… it didn’t sound like something I wanted any part of … Right now I’m wondering exactly when I moved to England? It certainly feels like it right now! Mid June should be sunshine and heat-instead we have had LOTS of rain and cooler temps?? Anyway, 6.2 miles in 52min, avg pace8:40..not bad for a run I didn’t want to do.

Tomorrow I plan on a long run, possibly along the Baystate course. 17 miles-ish. We shall see What low motivation week brings!

Anyway, enough with the Listen-To-My-Tales-Of-What-I-Ran-Segment…Let’s talk confessions in honor FRIDAY!!!!

1.) I recently realized that while out running, I have a hard time asking business owners if I can use their bathroom. Actually, I wouldn’t call it a hard time-I’d call it a phobia. One time I asked the owner of a pizza place if I could use the bathroom and she flat out told me it is for employees only. What?? This particular place used to be my moms favorite and since then she hasn’t been back. Thanks Mom for the support! Because I was turned away that ONE time I asked, I have been afraid ever since!! SO needless to say-Unless I find a porta potty, or some nice woods…I will hold it.

2.) For the first time in this runners life—I used “Map My Run”. I’m going a little cray over inventing new routes for myself…please tell me you have felt the same about this tool once you discovered it? It’s a gem. A brilliant, brilliant gem!

3.) I typically run commando. I HATE running with underwear on… THERE. I said it. nobody likes chafing in their lady parts. Everytime I TRY to run with underoos-it’s just bad and I am once again reminded of why I do not like them(for running, of course!!) That being said…I don’t want to buy “RUN-derwear because unless it is on sale for a bargain price of $2.99 I consider it too expensive. #cheapskate Why are all things running SO. MUCH. MONEY??? Now is the time to tell you that my husband calls running “The Rich Man Sport.” So feel free to send me any online coupons you may stumble across that give deals on runderwear!

4.) I LOOOOOVE my new Ghost’s. When I got the email last week that the Ghost 7 had been released…I may have jumped up and down. Ok, I did. I did a lot. I wasn’t even planning on buying them, but I was at Dick’s with my husband. Being the generous gem of a man that he is, he offered to buy them for me. Isn’t he the best? I have only run 20ish miles in them but I can already tell we are going to live a well cushioned life together (for 400-500 miles) in the happy ever after land of #runhappy feet. Oh, and here is the confessional part of #4….I was SO confident that I would love them that I didn’t even try them on. Hows THAT for brand confidence?? #imabrookssnob
5.) Speaking of my husband: I haven’t figured out what to get him for Father’s Day. What do you get someone who has everything they want? And also won’t give you any ideas?? I am actually asking you for an idea because I am running out of time.

6.) Every time I see that Iphone commercial with the song that goes “Gigantic-Gigantic-Gigantic-A Big-Big World” I have it stuck in my head for the rest of that day. But I looove that commercial because it just reminds me of HOW AMAZING technology can actually be. (and I really dig the voice of the chick who is singing it!)

7.) I’m not the HUGEST fan of a late in the day post. Typically, I post early in the morning. I don’t know why, I just like to. But today was an “I-can’t-focus-to-save-my-life” kind of day, and here I am, posting late in the day. What does that tell you?? That life is unpredictable?….or that I was lazy?
You be the judge?😉

HAPPY FRIDAY/WEEKEND!!!!!! It’s Friday the 13th, There is going to be a full moon…and its monsooning outside….YIKES!! I’m staying indoors with some wine!

Runderwear Wearers (say THAT ten times fast): Do you like them? Please guide me.

Whatcha getting your dad/husband for Father’s Day?
-I’m getting my Dad a 6 pack of Yeungling because I swear to god that is what he wants…Coolest. Dad. Ever.
-as for my husband…see #5…I’m open for suugestions (RE: HELP!)



13 thoughts on “Motivation is Low, low, low & Confessional Friday!

  1. I have never tried runderwear. Sooooo expensive!

    I love the “Gigantic” song, but it is soooo inappropriate! Hahaha… Never thought I would ever hear it on TV, but I love it!

  2. Our dad’s sound similar! 🙂 My husband and I decided to not do gifts for Mother//Father’s Day this year but i’m always a fan of cheesy homemade vouchers. I’m not sure what he’s into but my husband loves fishing so I would have done something along the lines of ‘one free fishing trip’ or ‘one get out of chores free day’.

  3. I loved the comment about running being “the rich man’s sport” haha. I started running because it was super cheap compared to horseback riding (which still stands true 5 half marathons, a handful of 5-ks, and probably 8 or 9 pairs of running shoes later). If it makes you feel better, this past week has been very tough for me motivation wise, too!

  4. Awesome week! Motivation is low here too! I interviewed for a new job this week, and I’m consumed with the thought of this job! Must put in some good mileage this week! MUST MUST!

  5. OK, that sounds like a definite off week for you. I agree about Map My Run though. I prefer to use Runkeeper when I’m actually running, but I use MMR to make routes all the time. It’s so fun and even lets me include the local bike paths as part of the route!

  6. Good to know even a run rockstar like you has an off week! I used to struggle letting myself have these types of weeks and would push through, but it’s really not worth it anymore.

    I have a similar fear about asking to use bathrooms. I’m always sure they’ll turn me away and it’ll be a waste. It has made me MISERABLE on a few runs. I need to get over it!

    Good luck on the 17 miler!

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