Happy birthday, Dad!


This week was my Dad’s 61st birthday!!! His actual birthday was June 4th, and since that was ALSO deemed National Running Day, I thought I would do a post about Jan-The-Man on a different day. He is pretty freaking special! My Dad is one of the coolest guys you have ever met in your life. Besides his amazing personality, his love of reading, his clumsiness, and his feet-I have inherited a whoooole lot of other things from him. I actually identify more with my dad than my mom. No one could be more shocked than I am by this! In my wise old age, I realize sooo many things throughout my childhood that he did for my sister, my mom, and me. We are three lucky ladies to have him by our side!

He has taught me soooo many life lessons that it was really hard to narrow it down. These are some of my favorite things about my Dad!

1.) Hard work is never underrated. My Dad is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. He leaves for work at 4 am everyday. I can count on one hand the times (when I was a kid) that he has stayed home sick. Since he exemplified this in his daily actions, I couldn’t help but learn this mentality. And I’m so thankful for it.
Daddy/daughter prom pose!!

2.) Find your passion and never let it leave you. My Dad is not a runner. Nooooooooot at allllllllll. His motto is “one should only run when being chased.” BUT-He is passionate about many other awesome things. To name a few: gardening, cooking, and ESPECIALLY Scuba Diving. He has been a certified diver since he was a little kid and he makes time for it ALL the time. It was something he used to do with his Uncle and they shared a very special bond because of it. He has always been passionate about it and tried to pass his enthusiasm onto his daughters…unfortunately, I’m a little afraid of the ocean and the wild beasts that roam among it. like SUPER afraid. Even if diving didn’t translate into passion for me, the lesson is still there. My dad feels about diving like I feel about running: He could do it all day, every day-he loves it that much! He taught me that passion is something you ought to have in your life!

3.) You don’t have to be a good dancer to dance. My parents a bit of a legend when it comes to parties. Those two will tear it up on the dance floor and they get MAD when a DJ plays music that isn’t “danceable”. All my friends LOVE seeing my parents tear up the dance floor! When I picture my childhood, I remember them dancing all throughout our house. My Dad doesn’t care one BIT that he isn’t a good dancer. He only cares that he is Dancing. I could take a peg out of his book, believe me!
4.) Don’t you dare tell a lie! My Dad is a stickler for this one! You need to be truthful, always, always, always.
Last year at his surprise 60th bday party!

5. Who Cares? . Don’t take yourself too seriously. Have FUN because life is actually pretty darn short. Example: My Dad LOVES Hawaiian shirts. LOVES THEM. It has gotten to the point that he has SO many that he doesn’t even have to alternate anymore. From Memorial day through Labor Day, you can find my dad wearing one of his famous Hawaiian shirts. Sure, Hawaiian shirts aren’t in “style” (were they EVER though)..but my Dad doesn’t care. He will wear exactly what he wants to wear. The same goes for bright orange clogs. He does not care that they are bright orange and do not match his outfit: he is comfortable in them and THAT is what matters. It all boils down to this: YOU are the only one who cares what you wear/look like….and if you are happy, than its all gravy, baby. 20140606-170038.jpg


6. Never Give Up. I’ve never seen him give up, ever. Not on one single thing. He will try his hardest until he gets it right. Even if he loses a toenail/breaks something in the process. –> I am not even slightly exaggerating on this. My dad had a broken toe during my wedding and he still walked me down the aisle/tore up the dance floor. Broken toe was due to a project he just would NOT quit on!

7. Family time is Important. We took amazing family vacations when I was a kid and those are some of my very favorite memories. He always made it a point to show us really cool new things and take us places that would make us excited. I am pretty sure my sis and I are the only kids who went to Prince Edward Island to see Anne Of Green Gables and dug for diamonds at the Herkimer Diamond mines within the same summer. My love of WEIRD and DIFFERENT stuff comes from this man!

8. LOVE My father LOVES my Mom. LOVES her. He firmly believes they are soulmates and it was love at first sight for him. He was THAT SURE that my mom was the one for him. It is through him that I learned the value of love, and how it can change you and make you grow. He has always respected my mom, even when she drove him crazy. I knew that when I grew up, I wanted to marry someone who would treat me as wonderfully as he treats his “Gaily-Waily.”

Happy birthday, Dad! I am so proud to be your daughter!

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

What are some lessons your Dad taught you?


14 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Dad!

  1. Awwwww!!!! I love dad/daughter stories!!!! Seriously…just so darn cute!!!! I love what your dad has taught you!! My dad has taught me soooo much, too!!! Gosh, dads are soooo great!!! XOXO!!!

  2. You are so sweet! Your dad is lucky he has a daughter that loves him and appreciates him for all he is. Happy birthday to your dad, he sounds like such a loving and cool dad!!

  3. love all these lessons! dads are so magical. this makes me want to meet your dad, he sounds amazing 🙂

    my dad has taught me that you make your own choices. his dad was an abusive alcoholic and by the time my dad was in high school he was heading down that same path. but he hit bottom and decided to make something different out of his life. he hasn’t touched alcohol since he was in the navy and he created an amazing family full of love. and he did it without really experiencing that himself growing up.

  4. That is a beautiful birthday sentiment to your dad! It is so great to see young people who love their parents! I think many people under-estimate the importance of a daddy-daughter relationship. It affects your entire life and who you will love in the future. You know this and he seems wonderful! 🙂 Great post.

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