Whats better than a celebratory run…

…for National Runners Day?

TWO CELEBRATORY RUNS for National Runners Day!!

I started out the day running with my girl Kristina!

(I did 8.55 total-my splits aren’t accurate so these are hers)

Even though we both were exhausted for different reasons, we managed to take that run down at 5am! Way to be awesome!

Two sleepy cuties hitting the roads!

For Some reason—> it is my nature to 100% over celebrate life’s little events. Wednesday night brought me a date with an old friend who is ALSO a runner!! I was SO beyond excited to see her, and since it was National Runners Day-we naturally celebrates with a run!
Doubles…who am I???
4.00 miles of negative splits-8:53, 8:17, 8:03, 7:55. We did really great on tired legs! (well my legs anyway!)

We had to celebrate negative splits with some delightful treats:



Successful Hump Day by my standards:
-two runs!
-great friends!!
-watermelon beer!!
-sweet potato fries!

HAPPY THURSDAY–>only one more day!

Watermelon beer-yay or nay??

Doubles:For them or against them?
-Usually against but Wednesday they were perfect!



21 thoughts on “Whats better than a celebratory run…

  1. I’m more of a wine girl but I am always down to try new flavors of beer too! Double life is hard. lol I think I would prefer to spend the extra time doing strength training or core work instead of pounding more, maybe aqua jogging if I really want a second “run”. But I’ve always struggled with injuries so that’s just what works for me.

  2. I’ve never run doubles!! You go girl!! I have to agree with DarlinRae, Hell or High Watermelon …SO GOOD!! Had it for the first time a few weeks ago, it’s now my go to summer time beer!

  3. I have never tried watermelon beer, but is sure sounds interesting! Who was it by? I would love to track some down.

  4. Doubles?! You are amazing! I barely mustered out 3 miles yesterday (i’m battling some sickness and it is kicking my a$$). I actually love doubles… If I had more opportunity to do that I def would. We use to do them all of the time in college… I always felt soooo fit… you go girl!

  5. There’s only one watermelon beer I drink-Hell or High Watermelon by 21st Ammendment. You can taste the fruit, but it’s not super sweet. Very refreshing!

  6. What a great day of running! I have been having some funky right leg thing so the elliptical is more my speed this week. For the past 2-3 years I have incorporated doubles into my plan at times. Never more than twice a week and run 2 is always easy. I think they can be helpful but could lead to injury/burn out if you are not careful. The first time I trained with doubles for a few months I was able to shave 4 minutes of of my half marathon. The next time I used doubles I ended up with a stress fracture. The key is listening to your body which is easier said than done!

    Never tried watermelon beer but it looks so yummy. I AM a big fan of blueberry beer, though (Seadod Blue Paw)!

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