National Running Day-June 4th

I’m still obsessed with this: 28 year old Galen Rupp smashed his own record on Saturday night at the Prefontaine Classic with a PB of 26:44:36. When I read that I thought “oh, ok, this must be a misprint. They must mean like a 5k or something. NOPE! Are you for REAL? 6.2 miles in 26:44:36? This is about 4 minutes and 26 secs per a mile. And get this : Rupp’s last 800 meters (2 laps around a track) were done in 1:57-that is ONE MINUTE and Fifty SEVEN SECONDS for a HALF A MILE.
(photo credit)
Now, I think I am fairly speedy(at times) but this is just…WOW. Hats off to you, Mr. Rupp…

In an effort to be competitive with Galen get faster, I did some Yassos this morning. I first ran a gorgeous 7.63 miles with my girlfriend at the butt crack of dawn. After we were done, I had some extra time so I hopped on my treadmill for 5 Yassos with splits of:
3:18, 3:14, 3:13, 3:11, 3:11. I wish I had had time to do more!

In case you didn’t already know this: June 4th (Tomorrow) is NATIONAL RUNNING DAY!!! This holiday was created back in 2009 and is celebrated on the first Wednesday in June. That’s just peachy to me! Hey, a day that celebrates my FAVORITE activity is A-OK in my book! The people who designed this day want runners to reaffirm their LOVE for running, spread their love of running to a friend, set a new goal or even sign up to run a race! There are sooo many different ways you can celebrate this day!

You can connect your own miles on Twitter , (and also with #runningday) , Facebook, or Instagram.

Another cool thing you can is to “Pledge your miles” FOR FREE on the app “Charity Miles”. There are several charities to choose from, and all of your miles logged produces a donation to a charity of your choice. (FOR FREE)!!!

I just realized how “sponsored” this post sounds… it is not trust me. I just like to plug stuff I love!!!

This is what I am doing to celebrate the day:

1.) I’m getting a few new pieces of running clothes today to wear tomorrow! (I have a gift card burning a hole in ma purse!)
2.) I’m going to think about running!!
3.) I’m going to GO RUNNING and log my miles on “Charity Miles” (my charity of choice is Girls on The Run)
4.) I made a running date with an old friend who I have actually NOT seen in like a year and a half! Since the 2012 Baystate Marathon! AAH!!! This picture was taken on the last day we saw each other. We planned a RUNNING DATE and will probably cap it off with some fun pub food!

How will YOU celebrate??



10 thoughts on “National Running Day-June 4th

  1. I had the privilege of watching Rupp set two Indoor American Records this past winter at BU, he is so fun to watch run, you can tell he really loves it. Great post, tomorrow will be my first day testing my leg post injury, perfect day for it!

  2. I will hopefully get to squeeze in a few miles when we reach our final destination in Austria tomorrow, otherwise I’ll be running as usual the next morning and trying to pretend it’s the 4th 😉

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