I know I’m getting older because…

Saturday I had the BEST long run. I ran a route I had never run before and everything felt fresh and new. It was awesome. Even cooler was that my garmin clocked “16.00” just as I was crossing into my driveway!

My mileage totals for the week:50.4
This upcoming week I will be doing two different speed sessions:one day of sprints or yassos, one day of a tempo run. I would like to hit 53 miles, minimum. It’s time to get back to the 60 mile weeks again!!

I went to bed very late on Friday night, and had no plans Saturday morning except to go running, but of course-I was up early and could not fall back to sleep. I started thinking randomly about how when I was younger-I could sleep until whenever, but now, I can’t for the life of me sleep past 6-7am. SO IRRITATING.

Of course, this one little thought led to several other thoughts of how life changes as you get (a little tiny bit) older.

I give you:

….even if I’m tired enough to sleep until 9 on a Saturday, “I should be’s” wake me up. “I should be out running” or “I should be up cleaning the house” , and it is, therefore, impossible to sleep in.

….my gray hairs are coming in faster. (((sigh))) the only person who thinks is cool is my hairdresser…

….a good nights sleep sounds like heaven, and so does the thought of waking up to a magically cleaned house.

….I will willingly clean the gross drain stopper in my sink when it gets caught with food from washed dishes. –> THIS right here is how you know you have crossed over into adulthood.

….I want to always be wearing comfortable shoes.

….the idea of an “ab challenge ” seems exciting
….getting dressed up and going out to dinner= sounds fun. Getting dressed and going out to a club=ohmygod. No. No thank you. No.

….the idea of having (my own) child is beginning to seem like “a lot of fun”. It used to sound, to me, like “a lot of work.”

….I cry over those dam military commercials where the parents are reunited with their kids-and I am welling up just thinking about watching one of those!

….house projects/Home Depot shopping/actually excite me!! I find myself daydreaming of ways to spruce up my yard, or house!

….bed, early, on any given night rocks. I tend to give new meaning to the term “fresh as a daisy.” #ilovethemornings20140601-213626-77786594.jpg

how do YOU know you’re getting older?



24 thoughts on “I know I’m getting older because…

  1. I agree with all of those!! The whole child thing is pretty fun 😉 that will change the whole sleeping in until 9 an !

  2. this actually made me lol because I’m currently going through the same thing… except I am done having kids lol. I was all excited about the 30 day ab challenge and then skipped day one! why would I do that?! I went running and everything, but nopes, I didn’t do abs!!! why?

    and let me tell you.. I’ve been dying to get to sleep early bc my little ella bella wakes up at 6 am on weekends… WHY?! all I wanna do is sleep until like 8!!!! not her, she’s up and readying to go… until she crashes at 930 and gets to take a nap and I’m stuck awake!!!

    I don’t want to get old;( lol

  3. Ugh…the gray hair….I hear you on that. I feel like I am constantly at the hair dresser! I never sleep in anymore either. I honestly don’t remember the last time I even slept until 7am!

  4. My hairdresser just put my name one a brass plaque on her chair. Seriously. I live there. I’M A GREY MESS. When did THAT happen? And pulling back my hair in a high pony to head out for a run MAKES IT WORSE! I’ve taken to hats.
    I see her this Friday. 🙂 Loved this post! So damn true!!!

  5. The getting up early thing is huge and for me it was first about the kids and now because of running. I actually can’t sleep past 530 anymore which is nuts.

    My oldest is going to be 7. Makes me inevitably feel older.

    I say all the things my parents said that I hated and actually mean them

    I manage our finances (blech!)

    I understand my mom much better

    I get along with my mother in law, genuinely

    I’m old!

    • This is such a great response! I also LOVE my mother in law and I know not a lot of People say that, and my SIL is my one of best friends and was one of maid of honors (along with my sis)

      I constantly catch myself thinking like my DAD-I never saw that coming haha!!!

  6. Ugh I just started getting grays 😦 A club hasn’t sounded fun since I was about 22 though…yuck. I went to one in grad school with some runner friends (who were young) and I spent the whole time wondering why it was so loud and how anyone could like such terrible music.

  7. Hehe!!! Great mileage and I love your reasons!! I can’t sleep in either and sadly I go to bed pretty early!! When I was younger, I used to stay up sooo late!! Oh well!!! 😉

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