The things I’ve been focusing on, and what i ran this week!

I have had some fantastic runs this week and am feeling GREAT. Thank goodness a bad and unmotivated week was followed up a great week of running!

Monday, I took off because my weekend of extra-curricular activities left me horizontal most of the day (YUCK).

Tuesday, I ran an easy 9 miles outside at 5 am. It was SUCH a gorgeous morning. The sky looked like this when I started:

And this is the gorgeous lake I run by:
And a beautiful sky view and rolling fields:
It was just amazing. PLUS I could run in shorts/t shirt at 5 am and I was completely comfortable. #ilovesummer

I also lifted weights for an hour on Tuesday and I was SO proud of myself..I haven’t lifted since the beginning of April and I REALLY feel the difference in my running when I don’t. Gotta hit it hard to get those numbers DOWN.

Wednesdays run was after work-I gave myself a pass on running in the AM because I was super tired from a double workout session. My Tempo run looked like this:
It was GREAT and I felt SO STRONG afterwards. Added bonus was that I was also .44 seconds faster than I was during my last tempo run. I had a little gas left in the tank and I knew I could have gone harder (the next time, I am going to increase my tempo speeds). I calculated out that I would have hit a 1:38 half if I had kept going. Tempo runs are HARD but they make you FASTER, that is fo-sho. I randomly threw in a harder 1/2 mile at 9.0 because I am trying to finish my runs faster–> this is supposed to make your legs crazy ready for marathon fatigue.

Thursday – i ended up running at night vs the morning. I got up and cursed the Gods Of Spring. Are you kidding me right now?? THIS is the temperature?????
Gross!! WHERE is spring? It is almost summer and I wore a coat to work and a SWEATER. Stupid. It was a long cold, hard winter and I am not being rewarded with a beautiful spring…I do not understand!

Anyway, lately, I have been focusing on a few different things to improve my running:
-My diet : (this just started this week) who knew you are what you eat? I kid- I think everybody knows. I decided to eat really really clean this week and see if it really helps. Now, I eat fairly healthy, but I tweaked my diet to cut out any processed things, and all my snacks were fruits and veggies. Also no glass of wine with dinner. Or candy. (wahhhh, I love candy!!) I will tell you it has helped a ton. My whole body is more alert and ready to go and I find myself able to handle speed better.

-Core Work Planks. Core workouts. I will tell you this: it works. I feel my form getting better. I strive to do 2 minutes of planks minimum twice a day. On elbows, and then each of my sides during the next set. Planks are not easy!! but they work great!
(I don’t do all these different kinds of planks, but I am working towards doing a little but of each of them)

-Push-ups. Man, I love push-ups. I can out push-up most men I know. I do about 200 a day-I always feel it tightening my entire upper body. Now, there are a whoooole bunch of push-ups. I don’t do the funky one handed push-ups, or the ones on your knuckles. I’m your standard up and down gal (for now).


-including speed ritually. Intervals, Yasso’s, tempos, Fartleks, sprints. Pick your poison, and just do it. You might not want to do them, but they make you faster. Trust me on this. Yasso’s and Tempos are my personal favorites. Yasso’s are effective, they are difficult, and they hurt. (tomorrow is Yasso’s day, just an FYI). Tempo is my other fave because it’s a challenge, always. For more on the perfect tempo run for YOU, you can go here

-Pumping my arms. this May sound silly–but sometimes I just forget to do this and it really helps your form. Seriously, have you ever been running and it dawns on you that you’re NOT paying attention to your arm movements? I am guilty!

Form is something I try to be cognizant of. hint: to closely analyze your own form, look at your race photos. Good running form looks like this:

You can read more on form here

Anyway, happy Friday!! I hope you can benefit from these things I’m focusing on!

Is it warm where you are?


20 thoughts on “The things I’ve been focusing on, and what i ran this week!

  1. The sweltering heat has it here in Alabama. I just got back from a vacation on the gulf coast, where I woke up at 5am everyday just to run before it got hot and humid. I love it though, because this is the only time of year that I will actually get my butt out of bed and run early.

  2. Great training week! I bet that tempo run felt awesome!

    Monday, I was same as you–totally unproductive! Camping always leaves me exhausted for the whole next week! And the weather, don’t get me started! I am so unimpressed. Mother nature better get her act together soon! 😉

    I also love push-ups! My fav are doing a push-up and then bringing my knee to my elbow, repeat alternating sides! I call it spidey push-ups.

  3. Haha, warm?!? No. You know what it’s like here since I’m only in RI. We’re the same as you. I am NOT pleased with the forecast for my Tough Mudder tomorrow at Mt Snow. Maybe you could speak to these stupid weather gods and tell them to get their s*#^ together??

  4. I don’t understand the back and forth with super warm and downright chilly. I have to check the weather every day before I go outside for sure. 200 push-ups?! You are a beast. Back when I did p90x I was doing about 150-180 a few times a week and I felt the strongest I have ever felt in my life so maybe I need to start that up again…

  5. Recently started incorporating more push-ups, planks, and speed workouts but wow, 200 push-ups? That’s pretty awesome! I’m at maybe 60 and it’s tough!

    Do you feel the difference with core work helping speed? Also what’s your strength routine normally like?

    • Well I don’t do them all in a row (that would be cool though!) I do sets of 50
      At a time. Usually 2 in the morning,
      2 at night.
      Yes, i do feel it: I automatically tighten those muscles even further and after a speed workout, they are crazy sore.

      I don’t do a routine-I have a bunch of different muscle pump and body sculpt videos that have incorporated weights into their routines. If in straight up only lifted weights, I probably would focus on different areas everyday-that’s what my husband does when he lifts:) I am just not a girl who likes to hit weights though-I like the videos telling me what to do!

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