Memorial Day and Running Recap!

What a weekend! I took the last few days off of blogging because I have been having non stop family fun. Between birthday celebrations and cookouts, I am beyond exhausted!

Memorial Day is the best holiday (in my eyes):it kicks off the summertime fun, and you still have so many fun nice weather events to look forward to.

We had a family cookout on Sunday and celebrated my SILS bday!
And had about one million laughs ❤️

Total mileage for the week:47
Ive been a little “meh” about running this week/the last few weeks. I’ve been having a hard time lately getting my mileage up and back into the 50-60 mile range. Part of it is from having so many weekend races on my schedule this week and trying not to over do it during the rest of the week. The more I thought about it, i realized that I need to give myself a bit of time off from races to train harder and get more miles under my shoes. The next race I do wont be until July 13th and I’m really thrilled with that!!

Most of my runs this week were easy-my butt muscles, aka the “piriformis syndrome” were killing me. Lots of research, some extra stretching and cushioned shoes for most of my runs seemed to do the trick and by Saturday, I was feeling like myself again.

Tuesday-8.50 easy miles
Wednesday-7.25 miles easy
Friday-9 miles easy
Saturday-7-Interval training- Avg pace-7:16
Sunday-16 miles easy

This upcoming week, I am aiming to do one tempo run and some sprints. I need to keep myself motivated and ready to tackle those hard runs again.
We all know that a week of “meh” running is always followed up with a high motivated week!

I also plan to start eating 100% clean this week. After all the cookout food this weekend (margaritas, burgers, pasta salad…) I am feeling like I NEED to. Woof. I’m sure you all have been there too-it’s not all that fun waking up at the end of the weekend, is it?! Blech!! I absolutely hate feeling this way! Tuesday morning-it’s on.

I hope you all had a moment to pause and think about everything our soldiers have done for us and our country. I am proud to be an American, and grateful I was able to sit peacefully among my family members this weekend. This song always makes me stop and think for a moment (and cry), but its so beautiful.

I hope you all had a fantastic long weekend!


9 thoughts on “Memorial Day and Running Recap!

    • That race looked great! I didn’t sign up for it bc it was too pricey (I missed the early sign up!)
      I hope you’re feeling great after your race and find a good race to run soon-there are lots in the area!:)

  1. Looks like a fun cookout! I love our big family cookouts, I’m sure it just looks like insanity to everyone else though 😉 Weirdly, I’ve been struggling lately for the opposite reason, I haven’t raced in ages and the only races on my schedule are the big ones this fall so I’m feeling a major case of “but it’s sooooo far away” and I’m thinking I need to sign up for a summer 5k or 10k to get some life back into my training.

    • I go through those stages too-there is nothing like a race to keep motivation up and get those legs moving faster! Oddly enough-I have never done a 5k or a 10k!! This might be something I do this summer though!!:)

  2. Heading out for a tempo now! I feel like sometimes it’s harder to run less mileage with “workouts” than more easy miles. Your photos are great, weekends with lots of family fun are the best and the hardest to end 🙂

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