Its the Little Things

This week I am feeling particularly blessed to have my husband, and lucky to be his wife. I have no idea why I’m so sentimental-maybe it’s the springtime air and the promise of summer making me all happy? Maybe it’s that we just passed our engagement anniversary(May 18th) and I love thinking back to the day he proposed. I remember feeling so cherished and, so “whole”—To have found someone who wants to spend their life with you from now until the end of their days-well that is a cool feeling.

If there is one thing I have learned during my brief stint of marriage (nearly two years) is that Marriage IS in fact, something you have to work at. Much like anything else in your life, it requires effort to maintain it and help it grow. I have discovered that there is no real secret to a happy marriage. I actually think it’s a lot of smaller things to equal one whole thing-Like little tiny pieces of a puzzle that make up the big picture.
I love being married and I really love my husband..He has all the amazing qualities that I wanted in a husband AND he is handsome to boot. He is funny, caring, generous, silly, surprising, and the hardest working man I know. I knew right when I met him that he was special and our relationship would be different.
This being said—I will be honest with you: Just because I think my husband is all that and a bag o chips-it does not mean that I don’t absolutely want to wring his neck at certain times on any given day(as he does mine). If you can honestly tell me that you don’t feel like this once in a while in regards to your spouse than you must be living in a dream world. I have learned that that is just part of life-it can be hard to live with the same person! Sharing your life is a balancing act: just like running or blogging, Marriage needs to have its own “space” in my/our day.
It’s the day to day activities between my husband and I that help to keep us together and happy as a couple: We always, always eat dinner together. Growing up, that was a requirement from my mom: Dinner at 4pm, no excuses. We also go to bed together(most nights anyways). We stay in touch throughout our workdays. Just a quick text here and there, but it makes me feel connected to him.

I try to take marriage one day at a time-live in the moment, be present. I find myself falling in love with him all over again every day for different reasons. And I think that is one of the ingredients of a happy marriage: falling in love every day for new and even silly reasons. This week, he took me out to dinner on Wednesday, and Thursday, he surprised me by starting dinner before I had gotten home from an errand. Those things are by no means monumental or life changing-but it was something that I appreciated. It’s the little things that are the best❤️

How long have you been married?
-It will be 2 years in August!

Share your tips!


17 thoughts on “Its the Little Things

  1. I was shaking my head yes all the way through this! My husband’s grandmother told me that a good marriage is like a business- you can’t just start it and then expect it to run itself, you have to put work in every day. We just celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary on May 15th. Communication and respect are the two things that I think are most important!

  2. Nicole, Pete and I have been married for 38 years. It is so unbelievable to me. He is my best friend and my confident. It is work and it is wonderful. Our kids are grown and we have a granddaughter. We always kiss good morning and good night and we respect each other. Friday night has been date night for over 39 years. It is important to be a couple (even after you have children) and it is important to be an individual. I hope you and Greg have the kind of marriage and relationship that Pete and I have. It is special and it is wonderful!

  3. It’s absolutely the little things. Tara and I were married a little over 5 years ago now, but have been together 10 years tomorrow. We still make each other laugh almost daily and still have our little tiffs, but we also eat dinner together (almost) every night and never sleep apart, even if we’ve had an argument.

  4. My fiance and I have been together 9 years and are getting married in September. I am super excited about the wedding and honeymoon but even more excited to be able to call myself his wife. But you’re right there are some days when I want to strangle him – but those are rare and most of the time I just think he’s a silly goofball.

  5. I’ve been married for 6 years and we’ve had 3 kids in those years, so of course it’s been challenging. Those are great tips, and with kids in the picture it’s even harder to work on your marriage and it’s often the last priority unfortunately. Practicing kindness on a daily basis is a must, and an area that my husband and I are trying to work on! Making time for the relationship is a challenge , so thanks for this post, I need lots of reminders on this one!

  6. Haha I have ZERO idea what day we got engaged. I actually can’t remember if it was December or January, just that it was winter. Married 3 years in July and together for 9 and a half already which is crazy. You guys are so cute together!!

  7. Happy engaged anniversary! Love is in the air this time of year.

    We have been married for almost 5 years. Marriage is wonderful, even if we do want to strangle each other sometimes.

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