Happy Thursday and Confessions!:)

Happy Thursday! It has been SUCH a long week! I just have one question for you…umm. Why oh WHY isn’t it Friday? NO, REALLY–> please tell me because I cannot understand?I think the week is going by extra super duper-sedated-turtle slow because I’m sooo looking forward to this weekend!

It’s almost here…my favorite weekend of the year. Memorial Day! It’s the time to salute, and say thanks to our troops who make it possible for us to sit and have burgers and dogs on a beautiful (almost) summer night. I cannot thank the men and women who have served our country: you are my heros.

This upcoming weekend is the weekend that kicks off the summer fun. I plan to do a lot of fun things this summer-Starting with this weekend! Cookouts, beers, sleepovers, fires, marshmallows, girl talk, laughs….all coming to a cookout near you!

These are my weekly confessions…no judging, please!
1.) Confession: I realized this week that I always want to be running Even when its my “day off” from running/ even if I’ve already run/even if I’ve got a great run planned later—When I am driving, and see someone running, I get HAPPY (Oh YAY! A runner! Look, they’re RUNNING!) and then I get SAD because I automatically have a knee jerk reaction to pull my car over, join them and go run their run with them. This happens Every. Single. Time. You would think it would get old, but nope, I just apparently always want to be running. On Sunday, I was coming home from my half marathon and I was almost home when I saw my girlfriend running in our neighborhood—> even though I was tired and sore, It was difficult not to pull over, hop out, and keep running along with her!!!

2.) Confession: Running is the most relaxing activity for me On Mother’s Day, my sister and I took our Mama out for dinner. My Mom, Dad and sister are Yoga People. They loooooooove Yoga. It’s not that I DON’T like it. Let’s be serious, we can all do with a little more time with just our thoughts as we relax our minds, and that stretching they make you do just helps my body sooooo much. It’s just soooo boring to me. (Yet after I do it, I know how AWESOME of a workout it is because I’m incredibly sore)

Anyway, my sister/mother say that the only way they can truly relax is by doing Yoga. My sister could not believe that I feel the same way about running. And its funny-Running is such a non-stop high energy activity-yet it is the way that I relax and unwind. i guess…To each his own…?

3.) Confession: I’m kind of a fan of THE LAW lately. In the past couple of weeks, I have needed a “pickup” two different times. One of them, I could barely text my husband because even typing the words seemed to escalate the ahem… “situation”. After managing to decipher my cryptic message with directions that were formed by mostly consonants “Pass B’s house left chrch on st”, that awesome dude managed to read my mind and find me within two minutes of leaving the house—he really is a genius, that one. Next, on the 9-1-1 alert, we were RUSHING to get home and managed to ALSO get pulled over for speeding. My husband informed the cop that If I didn’t use the facilities NOW, it wouldn’t be pretty. The cop did us a solid and let us go… thank you, Mr, Officer, I salute you…. .
Please tell me something this extremely embarrassing/awful has happened to you??

4.) Confession: I have gotten lost in my neighborhood a lot lately. And no, I don’t think I’m going senile. I run with someone who is not originally born and raised here and MAN she knows our streets like the back of her hand. Just about everyday, we both incorporate the same two mile hill into our routes. Before I started running with her, I had no idea that the side streets off of it actually went and connected to other main roads. I’ve been trying to run these side streets as a way to easily add on mileage…but, I can’t seem to get to the end point I want to: I always wind up right back on the hill. It is completely hysterical and frustrating at the same time when I manage to only do a handle that takes me back to the road I started on…versus the road I had aimed for. OH well, I guess I have all summer to get it right!

5.) Confession..I usually hate all professional race pics of me. It’s kind of my thing to hate them.. Isn’t it ironic that I truly disliked the half I ran on Sunday yet managed to have the BEST race shot EVER taken of me?! 20140521-214642.jpg

only ONE MORE DAY, friends!!!



21 thoughts on “Happy Thursday and Confessions!:)

  1. Seriously so jealous and impressed of that AWESOME photo. You look so strong and confident! I can totally relate to all of your confessions here. I’ve tried to get myself into yoga but I ALWAYS find myself thinking, man I wish I had spent that hour running instead. I have to avoid looking at people running while I’m driving because I am overcome with jealousy as well. (I think that might be one of the first signs of addiction??)

  2. Someone once told me that when you are running a race and you see a camera—muster up any strength you gave to look good and smile! It always cracks me up when I think about it. But you are right, most race pictures are absolutely awful! You are rocking the pic above! Looking strong!

  3. I get “jealous” too when I’m driving and see a runner…even if I was running an hour earlier. I also recently ran with someone who lived in my town for not long at all and she knew sonny more back roads than I did and I thought I knew them all! Definitely a little embarassing!

  4. Hey!!! Happy almost Friday!!! Yaaay!!!
    Seriously, I’m loving your race photo!!! You look so gorgeous and strong!! To be honest, I always dislike my race photos, too! I never want to look at them. I always make my husband look at them first and if he doesn’t laugh, then I’m like…ohh, maybe I’ll like them!! Hehe!! Kind of kidding, kind of not!
    Your confessions are awesome!! Thanks for sharing!! Running can definitely be very relaxing so I agree with you very much!! Being surrounded by nature can definitely put you in a great mindset! Have a wonderful Thursday!

  5. Great race photo! Running calms me also, though I am giving the yoga thing a go as well. Just signed up for a trial program. I hear it can be really useful to runners!

  6. That is such a good race photo! I always hate the ones of myself, too 😦 How do they manage to capture the most unflattering photos ever? I tell myself that that’s the problem and it has nothing to do with me looking awkward when I run 😉 My husband doesn’t understand how running calms me and makes my day better either, he just views as exhausting and a workout and that’s that.

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