Funky Kingston Half Recap/Sunday Funday

Sunday was the Funky Kingston Half Marathon in Kingston NH.

if you’re a regular blog reader…you are already fairly aware that I am NOT a complainer. My motto has always been to find the silver lining and try my hardest to see the best in every single thing.

Race pickup was easy. it took place inside the gym of the Sanborn Regional High School. It was really easy and I got right in and out.

For me, this half had a bunch of negatives. It was billed as a course with a few “rolling hills” at the start, with a few “medium hills” throughout the course and a few miles of a “downhill finish.” Liar liar pants on fire. The whole GD course was hills. All. Of. It. And there were certainly not miles of a downhill finish, unless you consider “downhill” to actually be “uphill”?

I was angry because i truly was not expecting a hilly course. Now I love a good challenge.. But I just wasn’t cool with this race. The was all uphill…and I had thought last weeks race was on the “hilly” side. Man was I WRONG. My two cents: if you have designed a completely hilly course..describe it on your website that way.

Besides being angry at the course description, I was angry at ‘the start.’ It turns out, there was no actual ‘net time’-everyone had the same ‘go time’ from the gun(aka, no “net” time)-totally not fair. i know it took minimum 10 seconds for me to cross the start. There were no “pads” to activate the chips on the bibs, or however many other ways they track the bibs. I KNOW their time for me is wrong, and that really freaking bugs me.

My Garmin said I ran a 1:52:04 race for 13.23 miles:
I did not zigzag across the field.
I did not have to bump elbows.
I stayed exactly where they told the runners to go, and yet I ran .13 extra.
I never veered off course, or stopped to pee. It’s just irritating. Their “official” finishing time for me is 1:52:14. Again..liars.

After I cross a finish line, I typically wait around for results to be posted. I was done by 9:40am…and at 10:45, with the exception of the first 50 finishers-results still weren’t posted. Yes, I am that crazy girl who needs to see results. after about a half hour, I asked the prize award-ers where the “results poster person” was, and if they would be posting them soon. I was told they were waiting, too. I gave up by 10:45 because I just wanted to go home.

I will say these positives: the course was very safe, well maintained, and the volunteers were great. It was quiet, I never worried about traffic and people in their cars hitting me. The after race food was delicious: this was a Jamaican-themed race: they served jerk chicken, delicious rice, and this yummy bean salad.
It was nice to finish and start in the same area, and it was only about 40 minutes away from my house.

There was also a live Jamaican band and they were really good!

This race was in the first year. But..the people who organize it also direct several other area races and I feel like they should’ve been better prepared. Overall-I have to be 100% honest: it left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. Would I run it again? Eh. Maybe? I’m truly not a picky racer, and I run anywhere and everywhere. But I DID spend $70 on this race and I know for a fact that my results are inaccurate. Maybe if They got appropriate race tracking equipment-I would consider it.

I was the 59th finisher, 22nd woman, 9th in my division.

Now that the negative race stuff is over and done with..
today is my Nephews 9th birthday!! He actually is the sweetest smartest funniest kiddo. So of course we had to celebrate:

birthday boy blowing bubbles at his Grampy!

my little buddy blowing bubbles…she is the cutest!

my gorgeous niece smiling up close for the camera!

me and my SIL!!!!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!!
Anyone have a WAAAMBULANCE story of your race?:)



18 thoughts on “Funky Kingston Half Recap/Sunday Funday

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog, and I couldn’t agree more with your review! I ran this as well, not thinking the hills would be as intense as they were, and was not pleased. But I have had good luck with their previous races, so let’s hope they can fix this for next year!

  2. I stumbled upon your blog while looking for my results, and must say your Kingston entry is pretty funny. I agree that the lack of bib timing was not impressing. I would call those rolling hills, but I run in the area, so I guess it’s all about what we consider normal.
    Just FYI, to be a certified race it has to be longer than it’s regulation distance. I discovered this after trying to figure why my GPS never matches the race distance.

  3. Happy birthday to your nephew!
    Sorry about the race, no mat at the start line, and an inaccurate description of the race course would be pretty big issues in my book too.

  4. Here is a “waaa” on behalf of my husband who ran the Maine Coast Marathon last week and it turned out to be 77 degrees out and a runner got hit by a car. Oh, and he missed aBQ by one stinking minute!!!

  5. Great job! You are amazing for not shutting down because honestly that is exactly what I would have done! I am a psycho when it comes to racing. I like to know the elevation chart, what miles to expect hills, and if there are too many hills bc I will literally not run it if it looks too nuts (i’m a baby). You’re feelings are 100% warranted and while it may not have been an ideal race, you ran amazingly!!! Ps… Used your pace bracelet idea and LOVED it… thank you for the idea again!

    • Thanks! I am usually a psycho too! I just like to be prepared and know the course-I checked the elevation chart and it was not “rolling hills” like they had described. Liars!!
      You did soooo good on your half!! I haven’t read your whole recap yet but I scanned it to see your time-you are AWESOME! I’m going to get as fast as you this summer!! It’s my goal!

      • Thank you:) I wish we lived closer, I could use a running partner… I haven’t signed up for a lot of halves this summer (I told michael I would chill out after this marathon…LIES)….I’m still chasing the 1:30 dream…. if I continue with shaving a min off each one… I have to do 3 more before I hit it… I better start signing up for some halves lol..

  6. Hey!!! You ran an amazing time, hills and all!! You’re super strong to be able to run that fast through the hilly course! I’ve told my husband that before, too- I wish the course description would be more accurate because usually a few rolling hills turns into all rolling hills and it is really frustrating!
    Glad to had a great rest of the weekend!!

  7. I’d be super annoyed about underplaying the hills. I’m crazy about that though, I never trust the race websites and I read all the reviews to make sure I know what I’m getting into so I’d be SUPER annoyed if little miss planner type A over here signed up for a first year race and got something I wasn’t expecting.

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