Friday confessions..

Happy Friday! Good lord. What a week. My allergies (this is a new thing because I’ve never had them before) are killing me…please go away, pollen!!

In the spirit of Friday and of fun… today is confessional-obsessional Friday! Some are confessions..some are obsessions, but all are the truth…or may the Running Gods take my kicks!!!

1. I can’t get enough of Cookie butter from Trader Joes.. It’s like crack. And I LOVE it so intensely!!!

If you haven’t tried it to your nearest TJS and get it! Be careful with sharing…maybe tell your spouse/kids that it is yucky?? Trust me, it is not…

2. Tuesday I ran the best tempo run… it was on my treadmill, which is something I normally wouldn’t do-but I wanted to make sure I hit the speeds I wanted to.

I was really intensely sore from it..I forgot how good it feels to do speed work. I love being that sore

3. Thursday was a half day at school... Most of my “post work” day consisted of watching Nashville (SO GOOD), a nap (I don’t even know who I AM), and reading “Darkplaces” by Gillian Flynn.

It took me a while to really get into it…but now I cannot put it DOWN!

4. On Thursday…post nap, of course…I set out for my run. One mile in, I decided I just wasn’t into it and I turned around ..again…WHO AM I?!. Unless I have to use (((ahem))) the “facilities“.. I never turn around!! Sometimes you just need an extra rest day!

5. I have a problem. my name is Nicole..and I’m obsessed with Dicks Sporting Goods. In case you didn’t know..Dicks is the happiest place on earth (not Disney world, in case you were thinking of that instead) Examples of my obsession:


Two different shopping trips. Good lord, I love running clothes! #imnotevensorrybecauseiloooovetheseclothes

6. Because I skipped Thursday… my plan is to get up at 4 and run a nice, slow, easy run before work on Friday. Let’s all hope it happens!

7. As part of my bday present, my wifey gave me one of the BEST surprises EVER-she had a logo designed for the blog! I am So OBSESSED with it-It is so me, and it’s completely amazing! Scroll down to see what she helped create!

Happy Weekend!!

I hope its is great for all of you!!

Tell me something confessional, obsessional, or RANDOM!!



22 thoughts on “Friday confessions..

  1. omg, that looks like a tough workout!!! i want to steal it, but i’m not sure i’d survive…

  2. Those Nike tanks are AWESOME! I have two gift cards burning a hole in my pocket and workout clothes are calling my name!

  3. I LOVE new running clothes… I legit buy new stuff when I I have a big race…I feel like new stuff gives you confidence and confidence makes you run faster. Thats my theory and I”m sticking to it!!!

    I’m soooo jealous of your logo!!! I want one!!!!!!

  4. COOKIE BUTTER!!! I Just bought my 100th jar yesterday!! Hehe!!! It’s so yummy!! Fun fact: my husband is not a sweets/butter spread type of person, BUT HE LOOOVES cookie butter!! He eats it more than me!! It’s good!!
    I love the workout clothes you bought!!! SO freakin’ cute!! I’m obsessed with workout clothes. That’s all I’ve been thinking about lately!! I get most of mine from Forever21 an!!

    • Oooooh I’ve never heard of that website! Do they have good deals?!
      Cookie butter is just amazing… I am proud of myself for leaving the jar at home today..otherwise I won’t fit in those super cute workout clothes pretty soon! LOL

  5. I run at 4am everyday, its great this time of year to be out alone and watch the sun come up as you enjoy the warm weather with an awesome run!

    Every once in a while i’ll turn around too, not too often but when it happens I know I need the rest. Its hard to tell when you’re just being lazy or if you really do need the rest. Thankfully I don’t turn around that often so I think i’m doing pretty good 🙂

    • I can’t remember the last time I turned was weird yet refreshing! I love morning runs-sunrises are magical. I love being up before anyone else is.! Glad I have another fellow
      Morning runner friend!

  6. Cool logo! I love Dick’s too, but it’s so expensive I tend to stay out. I hit up the Wrentham outlets instead because they have basically have outlets for all the major athletic brands. I pretty much live in the Under Armour outlet.

    • Yes!!!!!!! I am the same way! I love
      The Adidas, under armour and nike outlets. They make dreams come true with their amazing deals. I actually had a coupon, and a gift card-otherwise I would be shopping at tj max instead(they have great cheap workout clothes!)

  7. Haha I am SUCH a sucker for new running clothes. I may have just gotten some new ones myself 😉 I actually love doing speed workouts on the treadmill and being positive I hit my paces exactly as planned!

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