Really Cool Running Tools!

Whenever I come across great running tools-I automatically have to spread the LOVE…sometimes, it’s too good NOT to share!! Enjoy! and feel to link back with an awesome post of your own about the stuff you have found, or even just comment back with your finds!

1.) This website. I have told you about it before..It is called “Find my marathon”. On it, you can compare your recent marathon time(s) to a different marathon(s) and see what your time WOULD have been at the second. So..the day I ran the Hyannis marathon-I ran a 3:45. I compared it it to a few other marathons to see what my times would’ve been:
The stats geek in me absolutely Loves this tool….

They also have PACE BANDS customized for every marathon: The runner can self-customize with some pretty cool features like your own goal finish time , your starting strategy (evenly paced, conservative, very conservative), Pacing strategies (even effort, even paced, negative split, aggressive negative split, positive split, aggressive positive split) , and finally what size you want it (5 ½ inches to 8 ½ inches) Now that is COOL. I WANT ONE for my next marathon…I think I’m going to wait a couple months until my training has really started so I can figure out if I think I’ll be an evenly paced start or a positive split start. Then I will buy one! 🙂
(Sidenote: a marathon I’m interested in wasn’t one there so I emailed the website..their stats were up within minutes! Obviously it has a great team behind it!)

2. This Tool to calculate out what paces per a mile you should be doing for your different types of runs.
I have shared a tool like this with you before, but I just love it so I wanted to show you AGAIN! You can actually read awesome descriptions of each type of run, as well as how often you should be doing them.
These are my own stats:
Those my stats for what I should be running to train for a marathon. I believe you can play around with it for your different distances. It’s basically a tool that helps you get faster.

3.This website: A treadmill cheat sheet with conversions of your MPH and min/mile. Seriously, who has time to convert all that nonsense in their heads? (Not me) They also have target distance conversions for miles to kilometers and vice versa, and a track workout chart that tells you how many laps it takes to get your miles. Cool stuff!!



Have you discovered cool tools?!
Please share!!

Run Free, Run Strong!!


24 thoughts on “Really Cool Running Tools!

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  3. That is an awesome tool! I love it except that it makes Boston look like it should be faster than most other marathons! I was hoping my next one would be faster!!

      • I wonder if they use finishing times as one of the factors in determining race speed. In that case Boston would be faster because of the qualifying standards. I am not sure which one to run this fall. Bay State, Loco, Hartford and Twin Cities have been tossed around. Are you definitely doing bay state?

  4. genius! i’ve used pace bands before, but never ones that were specific to a course. sounds amazing!

    i love to look at all the tools and totally geek out over all the numbers. i find it to be super motivating to get better and stronger!

  5. When I ran Baystate I purchased a pace tattoo that I wore on my arm race day. I didn’t use it much because I ran with a pace group, but it is the same as the bracelet and I’m sure it would be really helpful if I had been running alone.

    I love this McMillan Running Calculator:

    You can plug in any recent race time and it will tell you what time you should be able to run other distances. Its really cool and tells me based on my half marathon PR I should be able to run a 3:22 marathon, so that makes me like it more. 🙂

    • I’m going to have to check
      That link out-awesome!!:)
      I didn’t know they made pace tatoos! That’s pretty cool too! I love pace groups…they really are a gift from the gods!! A 3:22 marathon would be incredible!!:)

  6. Ok I looooove the marathon equivalency and pacing bands thing. Coolest thing ever for a running geek like me. You better believe I’m going to play with this all morning…

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