The Daily “Win”

This weekend, I read an article on called “An easy way to achieve your goals”. Greg McMillan talks about how you have the chance EVERYDAY to improve yourself in your running. McMillan suggests runners log their runs in their logbooks and follow a very simple pattern: Note each day as a “Win” or a “Loss”. By logging a simple “W” for “winning” or “L” for losing, you are forced to see your own patterns.

A “win” isn’t necessarily a day where you have beaten your own previous records, or ran faster than you have ever done. The daily “Win” can easily be achieved with just a little bit more work. …
If you have ever pushed yourself out the door for your run when you really didn’t want to go…you are winning
If you have ever reminded yourself of the importance of doing your core work a couple times a week…you are winning
If you have ever chosen the hillier route because you know it makes you a better runner…you are winning


Lets face it-You know in your own heart makes a run a “W” and what makes it an “L”. Sometimes a win can be something as simple as knowing your own body enough to say “ok, I could really benefit from an extra day off today.”

I started thinking about my runs since the Boston. Honestly, I have felt a huge improvement in my quality of runs. Why? I’m not entirely sure. Possibly the lack of pressure from Boston being over and no stress? A quick review and a jaunt down memory lane told me that out of my last 8 runs-6 were wins.

I had different reasons for considering them wins:
-One was a winner because I pushed myself out the door.
-One was because I know how sleepy I was that morning but I still got up and did it.
-One was a win because I felt super-fast at 5 am.
-One was a win because I beasted it and managed a good time even though I didn’t feel well.
-One was a win because it was my birthday!
-One was a win because it was a run where everything just “clicked”.

The losers:
-One was a loser because I wish I would’ve taken the day off
-One was a loser because I know I could have tried harder.

Take a quick peek back at your apps, training logs, or whatever it is that you use to keep track of running. Ask yourself these questions:
-How many would you consider wins?
-Are there any patterns forming?
-Is your training coinciding with your personal goals?

Reviewing my log gives me an honest answer. If I see the “L” in my weekly review-I know it’s time to evaluate what I have to do to improve. If I have more “L’s” than “W’s”.. It would really be time to reevaluate my training, goals and running!

Since one of my goals is to break 3:30 in my next marathon, this is something I am going to try my best to keep up with! I would love to see a whole month of “W” in my training log!
Do you have more W’s or more L’s in your logs?

Run Free, Run Strong!


10 thoughts on “The Daily “Win”

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  2. I would def say as of lately I have had way more W’s…. Obvi Sunday was a bit of a L in my book but it taught me soooo much and therefore I guess it could turn into a win.I love this post!!!!

  3. This is so cute and such a good idea, I get cranky over runs I think went poorly but I bet almost all the runs that I get upset a out are still wins. Seems like a great way to improve your running confidence and/or determine rather efficiently if things aren’t working for whatever reason.

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