Races, sunrises, and remember to be AWESOME!

Does anyone else lose sleep like I do when they are excited to race? I am getting way too pumped up for my next half. I even went to Dick’s on Monday to get a new pair of shorts!!
New running clothes=make me way happier than getting new “real” clothes. If only I could live in running clothes…. ((sigh)) I love these new shorts SO MUCH that I’m going to go back and get the other color tonight. it’s the little things in life that psych you up!

I think I just get WAY too happy when it’s a race day. I can’t even wait to get to the starting line and CELEBRATE all my hard work. It’s only been a few weeks since Boston, but I feel like I love the half marathon distance SO much, I end up pushing myself and usually wind up happy with my results.

With a half this Saturday and one next Sunday-i am ready to rock it!

I have gotten up twice so far this week to go for a morning run before work because THIS is my motto:
Tuesday morning, I had a great 9 miler. I rode the morning runners high all day long…I love the feeling of being done before work! Added bonus was that it was all run and done in 1:13 minutes…not too shabby for a morning run when I have been awake for all of three minutes before starting and I haven’t even had breakfast yet.

Wednesdays run was more like “yeah…I’m here…I’m doing it..and I’m sooo over it.” I had stomach issues all day so I wanted to take it slow…it ended up being 8 miles in 1:15. I always find it a bit ironic that i can have runs that are 2 days in a row that I will finish in nearly the same amount of time yet they vary in distance!

Todays morning run was a piece of cake because it was with Kristina. it’s sooo easy to rise and shine at 4:45 when you have a date planned with your friend. We saw a beauteous sunrise:


I know I go on and on about morning running and how great it is : but, I sometimes struggle to get up. Whenever I start to get all whiny about getting up earlier, I remember this:
-after work I have time to do stuff that I would normally do on a weekend-aka “the gift of time”.
Q:Just what can you do with your night when you have exercised in the morning?

-I remember how much I just love the sunrise…all those colors? it’s just magical..

-and finally, I remember how much more alert and engaged I am all throughout the day when I run in the morning. So I have to tell myself this:

Never forget to throw a little “AWESOME” into YOUR day!!

Almost Friday peeps!!
What are you looking forward to the MOST for the weekend?
-being done my half before 10 am!:)

Run Free, Run Strong!


8 thoughts on “Races, sunrises, and remember to be AWESOME!

  1. Love those shorts! I want a pair now 🙂 And I miss seeing the sunrise while out running, my hubby leaves the house way too early for me to get in a run before he goes. Its not always easy getting up, but I love having run done super early. It definitely leaves you feeling like a rockstar for the rest of the week! Good luck with your race tomorrow! Which one is it?

  2. I love the new running shorts! Good luck this weekend!

    I always struggle to wake up in the morning to go running. Most days it doesn’t happen and I end up running later in the day, but the days that I do run in the morning I definitely enjoy the extra time later 🙂

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