Confessions….of a high school teacher…

I have told you before that I teach a financial education class to high school juniors and seniors. It seems all my seniors can talk about right now is their upcoming graduation. It makes me happy/sad to see another school year that’s nearly come and gone.

It is seriously so much fun to be around a younger generation all day..they crack me up and I’m always going home with funny stories about things they say. Sometimes, I leave school laughing…at myself.

In honor of National Teachers Day(which was yesterday), I give you: Confessions of a High School Teacher!

Confession #1: I often find myself learning new words and am constantly reminded of how I am actually NOT cool and “up to date” on today’s slang.. I once had a conversation with one of my students about how he came to America and the culture differences between his home country and the USA..It went like this:
Me: Do your parents celebrate any American traditions or holidays?
Student: Yeah, we celebrate them all because my parents are whitewashed.
Me: Um. What is “whitewashed”?
Student: For real, Miss? You don’t know what “whitewashed” means? (Followed by lots of laughter, and then the explanation)
Whitewashing” is when you may not be from America, but you are immersing yourself into the “white” culture and beliefs. And here I was thinking it meant covering a wall in white paint. Silly me! #yourenothipat32 #pipedowngrandma

Confession #2: Sometimes, high schoolers make you question fashion. Or, at least they make you think about how YOUR favorite style of pants might not exactly be “trendy” . I have to dress “business” five days a week. For some reason, my job doesn’t condone me wearing running clothes/yoga pants to work on a daily basis. Too bad…. Anyway, we have the random dress down day and on this particular day, I was wearing a pair of flared jeans. (you could also possibly refer to them as ‘bellbottoms’ but using that term would make me sound like I was born in the 60’s/70’s instead of the 80’s, so we’ll stick with flared, mmmkay?) One of my students asked me if I was wearing PARACHUTE PANTS-he had never seen flared jeans before. (Or apparently-parachute pants.) WOW. I felt instantly 75 years old.

Confession #3: Sometimes they make the funniest assumptions and all you have to do is laugh. . I live in a town that is considered to be a “farm town”. There is in fact, several (I can think of 5 off the top of my head) farms in it…but it doesn’t mean everyone lives on a farm. Recently one of my kids asked where I grew up/went to high school. When I told him his first question was “Do you own a cow and do you live on a farm?” I have NEVER been asked that before and it was hilarious. I had to reply with “NO, but my Dad has chickens and one million gardens, and my husband also has a lot of gardens in our yard” (I got a blank stare, and I’m Pretty sure he still thinks I am a farmer because I have gardens.) Just call me Farmer Nicole….


Confession #4: Sometimes they teach me new tricks about how to use my phone. This one actually happens ALL the time. I have had an Iphone for about 3 years and I swear- every day I have a new and different question. I am forever fascinated at the things they teach me (like how to unlock my screen and unsync my emails in my mail app). Just last week I “Facetimed” for the very first time (I’m telling you, I barely know anything) they laughed and asked if I just got the phone…yup. Sometimes I’m surprised I can work this blog..

Confession #5: Sometimes high schoolers can bowl me over with their life plans for after high school… I had a student who decided it was best to go into the military because they didn’t really have any idea what they wanted to do yet and figured that signing up for the Marines would be the best way to start his life. Amazing. One former student said she is joining the national guard because she wanted to get more discipline and rules in her life. I definitely did NOT think that way at 18 .

I am lucky enough to work with some truly cool kids! Just about a month to go until summertime..I can’t even believe it! My students give me HOPE and BELIEF for the future of our country..and for that, I am forever thankful.

In honor of National Teachers Day-tell me one thing you have learned from a teacher!

I’ll be back with lots of running stories tomorrow don’t you worry!!


9 thoughts on “Confessions….of a high school teacher…

  1. I too work in the HS and I literally learn something new every day… And they for sure keep me young and in check…Their brutal honesty kills me some days lol, but I love them to death… I can’t believe that graduation is right around the corner… I’m going to be a mess!

  2. i love it! i taught math at a high school for three years and i can SO relate to all of these. my students always made me laugh and being around them filled me with so much energy. even though i’ve moved into a different profession i miss having students. and i never thought about how much i could learn from their phone knowledge. genius!

  3. Amazing post and students really teach you a lot, right?! They’re so funny and cool! I love everything that you’ve learned, too! I laughed a lot at the jeans one! 😉
    I coach summer league swimming (used to coach high school swimming), so I’m around high schoolers a lot! We’re starting our swim season up this month so excited!
    Most of the high school swimmers don’t acknowledge that I’m 28 (29 in a few weeks). They act like I’m their age so they definitely talk to me in “today’s slang” (like you said in your post). I have to tell ya, I do learn some new words.

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