Running recap: 4/28-5/4& MEB!!!

Two weeks later.. I still can’t get enough MEB and Shalane!!
I find them both to be SO inspiring. I am truly touched by Shalane stating “I will be returning to Boston…until I win it”. This girl has the heart of a lion, and I feel like we are already bffs because I feel the SAME WAY(YES..I would love to be an ELITE!!)
The thing I love MOST is that Meb is in his 30’s AND WINNING MARATHONS!!!

Running was a lot of fun this week! No pressure=better focus for me! apparently.
I took Sunday-Monday-Tuesday off. I didn’t even know who I WAS taking that much time off!! Wednesday was a 10 miler with Kristina..all run and done before work…I love getting the gift of time! I’m telling you-If you can swing it-do some Morning running. It is good for the soul. And what is good for the soul is good for your running because you will just be walking around all day with a goofy smile on your face and you’ll be excited to go out and do it tomorrow. (or at least this happens to me!)
For more on our morning run, you can read Kristina’s post here.

Thursday was my bad ass bday run. 15 miles, 13 outside with Kristina, 2 on my treadmill.2:07:18, avg pace 8:26.

Friday I took off. I woke up Saturday wanting to BRING IT. I set out solo to do the same run I did on Thursday. I was seriously so fast the first hour-I had done 8 miles in 1:02. Pretty good! But, Once I stopped for a drink-it was all downhill. I couldn’t push myself no matter HOW hard I tried. Sometimes that happens though…once you stop, it can be hard to start back up again and get that momentum going. It took me, overall, 2:21 for the 16 miles. Between my stomach suddenly rumbling to my slow legs…the last 8 were just NOT FUN.

Sunday I ran 9 easy, slowwww miles in 1:24.

Total mileage:50

Saturday night, my husband&bff planned a surprise little cookout for my bday. Nothing crazy-just great friends, good food, and a new firepit!

Since it’s been so rainy, This was the first night we got to use it and I was psyched to do so! It’s going to a long hot fiery summer around the pit, for sure!

I hope everybody had a great weekend!

Anybody race? Let’s hear it!!:)



8 thoughts on “Running recap: 4/28-5/4& MEB!!!

  1. i’m obsessed too! i love all those facts about meb, rita, and the boston marathon!

    awesome fire pit! i’ve always wanted one of those but they really don’t make sense in florida [sad emoji]

  2. Totally agree with Running Southern–it’s so difficult to start back up again once you’ve stopped! Sounds like you still killed it though!

    I ran my second marathon yesterday and beat my previous time by more than 30 minutes! Woohoo!

  3. I, too, cannot get enough of Meb!

    Whenever I stop running for a water break, traffic light, bathroom break, etc., I have the hardest time starting back. I could be having the run of my life, but one stop, and the momentum is gone. Glad I’m not alone in this!

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