Birthday Running❤️

Thanks for all the birthday love everyone!

I love birthday runs…they are just so much fun❤️
As long as I have been a runner, I have made it a point to go for a bday run. And I love to run longer than normal on my bday. I think some people would think exercising on your birthday is punishment… but I clearly am not one of those peeps.
Birthdays (in my own opinion) are for celebrations of LIFE and VITALITY and even a little of HOT DAM YOU SURVIVED ANOTHER YEAR!!! What better way to celebrate than with a run?!

Thursday, this pretty girl
decided she would come with me for my run. She left work a little early so we could run a little earlier than we normally would on a weeknight. How awesome is she and how great is it to have running friends?!

(Kristina beasting our favorite hill)
It has been a fairly crappy week, weather wise with rain nearly every day. BUT- I was overjoyed that by the time we started-it was t shirt and shorts weather!! What more can you ask for on your bday?!
We ended up doing 13 miles together before calling it quits. I did two more miles on my treadmill to round it up to a nice 15. 2:07:18 average pace 8:26
I’m really happy with that: there were zero expectations of time placed on this run..birthday runs are meant to be fun! We managed to do great on our run without much effort at all!
(me going up our favorite hill!)

In other news.. my husband ROCKS!!! I has subtly hinted not really that I wanted Eric Church tickets (he is my favorite) for my bday and guess who’s going?!? Woooohooo!!

I’m off to start Birthday Weekend! I hope you have a GREAT ONE and enjoy! Let’s all pray for nice weather shall we?!?

Birthday runs: yay or nay?
Yay, always YAY!

Anybody else a May baby?
-My sister(28th), My SIL(24th) and my nephew (18th) we are quite busy in our family!!

Run Free, Run Strong!


14 thoughts on “Birthday Running❤️

  1. Happy belated birthday!!! Birthday runs are the best!! Eric Church tickets would be the best gift ever!!!! My birthday is May 28. I always tell people May is just the best month of the year 😉

  2. May 21! I totally believe in the birthday run. I have a 15k trail run planned for May 31 so will get in a good training run on my bday as I prepare for that.

  3. love that you always go running on your birthday. i’m more of a eat-all-the-chocolate kind of birthday girl.

    looks like an awesome day for a run!

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