Just a quick “thanks”

I just wanted to quickly post a THANK YOU for all of your love, positivity, and thoughts from yesterday.

It was a very challenging day for me and NOT my race-I started off slow and only got worse. I didn’t expect that to happen one bit. I was in pain and felt like someone was physically pushing me backwards. By the end of mile 1- I knew it wouldn’t be my day. My finish time was 4:29.

But more on all that later-I am going to now try to get some more much needed sleep!!:)

Thank you all so much! All of your positive thoughts really carried me to Boston!



49 thoughts on “Just a quick “thanks”

  1. Congrats on finally finishing what you started last year, I am sure it felt so great to cross the finish line! I know it wasn’t the race you were hoping for, but I hope you were able to still enjoy running and finishing an amazing race. You’ve been running tons of miles lately, I’m sure it was catching up to you! Keep chasing your dreams, I bet after a summer full of halfs you will be super ready to rock Baystate in the fall 😉

  2. Congrats on a HUGE accomplishment! Taking back the finish line has to feel good. I’m so proud of you and all the runners out there. What a community of support we have with our runner friends. Congrats Nicole – well done:)

  3. Congratulations! It was a challenge to say the least! The waiting and heat was definitely a factor! You went out and did your best! You are an amazing athlete and an true inspiration to so many people! Your encouragement and tips helped me so much through this journey, so Thank you!!! xo

  4. I have really enjoyed following your journey to Boston and it was an amazing race to watch yesterday. Sorry that it wasn’t your day, but so happy that you were able to complete the race!

  5. Congratulations, Nicole!! Boston is a HARD course! The truly amazing part is that you had the courage to start, to keep going when it was hard, and to take back that finish line. I hope that running this year provided you with some closure for what happened last year. You should be really proud of what you’ve accomplished. Even if it wasn’t what you hoped for, you still did it, and did an amazing job!! I’m proud of you!!

      • Oh yeah I bet! The heat definitely got to me towards the end so I’m sure you must have been really feeling it, plus that long wait can be pretty rough too. I was also a little slower than I would have liked. I just can’t get seem to get the hang of those Newton Hills! But overall it was such an amazing day to be a part of and I’m just happy I was there. How awesome were all the spectators and volunteers?! But I’m happy you got some closure 🙂

      • The volunteers and spectators were really SOOOOO KIND…I was deliriously happy at one point when one track team was handing out cups of ice!! I was getting so dehydrated-even though I was stopping every other mile.

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  7. I’ll tell you again – you’re amazing for just doing it. I know that was nowhere near your goal time but that finish line is a HUGE accomplishment in and of itself. I know we’re our own worst competitors and it probably doesn’t mean as much for you to “just finish” but I still think you’re awesome. 😉

  8. Congrats doll! It’s often hard to keep going when you feel out of it so early, but kudos for sticking with it and finishing… I’m envious and quite and accomplishment! Get some rest you deserved it…

  9. Congrats on conquering and completing the race! Despite the fact you were feeling off, I think it’s great you went out did it. It was an important day and I like to think those that ran it contributed to showing what a positive group runners are! Now, go rest (you deserve it!) and you can tell us all about it later!!

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