What does BostonStrong mean?


When I first heard the phrase “BostonStrong” I felt it light up my heart with pride and emotion.

This is what BostonStrong means to me:

BostonStrong is the way you felt when you heard that there were bombs at the marathon finish line. You felt hurt, anger, terror, confusion…how could someone do this to other human beings? Hurt innocent children? End lives?

You watched the media coverage. You heard the stories of Sydney and Celeste Corcoran, Jeff Bauman, Roseann Sdoia, and so many others. You watched the funerals and it was as if your heart was there in those churches with the families. BostonStrong is being able to show your compassion for the victims, for the families, and for those who will never be the same. Just because you have wept for them doesn’t mean you’re weak: it means you have emotions and you have reactions and most of all it makes you REAL.

BostonStrong is Jeffrey Bauman losing both his legs on 4/15, but waking up and the first words out of his mouth were “I saw the guys who did it” That is courage, that is strength. That is freaking incredible.

BostonStrong is perseverance. It’s learning about how the victims rebuild their lives, despite huge lifestyle change: they never give up. They display a dignity that is so profoundly beautiful it moves me to tears.

While a nation watched and collectively held their breath, two terrorists tried to flee. We shut down entire cities and towns to catch them. BostonStrong is how you felt when they took the terrorist into custody. It’s pride in your fellow man, it’s honor as you watched the brave men and women who caught him, it’s having faith that justice will prevail.

BostonStrong is support: its the New York Yankees playing Sweet Caroline in their stadium. It’s the London Marathon paying tribute to us by hanging a sign for their marathon. It’s Big Papi saying “this is our f*cking city” as he lays the World Series trophy on the finish line. It is a sickly mayor making the effort to rise from his wheelchair to speak at the memorial for the victims. I get goosebumps just thinking about Mayor Menino’s speech that day.

BostonStrong is hearing the stories of every single person who was there that day: be it a runner, spectator, officer, firefighter, medical personell: each one has a different story to tell, no two are the same. I have listened or read hundreds of stories and the message is crystal clear:


BostonStrong is not giving up it’s moving on and up, never lateral or backwards. Runners are coming back tomorrow and ready to take the streets: nothing can stop them from the running of the 118th Boston Marathon. We have risen from the tragedy: we are the very definition of strength, love..and we are ready. We have been waiting a year to cross this finish line.

BostonStrong is a feeling that no one can take from me.it lives in my heart and I bet it lives in yours. Let the feeling fill your heart and soul.

Tonight, as I prep for the race, I am nervous. But I stop to remember why I’m doing this: because I love the marathon, I love my city, and I love the people in it. I am running for a cause much greater than me and his name is Everett. Tomorrow I’ll show the world that I’m resilient and that I can overcome tragedy….I will be courageous and emotional and strong and filled with love-all at the same. But I’m not worried…

…Because I am BostonStrong.



11 thoughts on “What does BostonStrong mean?

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  2. Congratulations on running the Boston Marathon today! You are an inspiration to runners everywhere! Way to be Boston Strong!

    Also, I’m sending some sunshine your way, to let you know how much I appreciate your blog by nominating you for The Sunshine Award! No worries if you don’t want to participate!

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