Funny stuff..because the last few days have been WAY too serious

For real. The past few days on the old Bliggity Bloggity blog have been Very Serious. There is a good chance that, Friday-Tuesday…it will be waterworks up in here.

So I wanted to lighten it up in here for today! On a daily basis, I notice the most hilarious search terms that lead people to my blog. Sometimes I text the very weirdest/creepiest out to my girlfriends.. But it’s high time I share some of my faves with you guys!

“shoes didn’t last a month finish line”
are you hanging out at a finish line? In new shoes? For a month? I feel sorry for you, your shoes, and that finish line.

“sometimes annoying”
I know I am..but so are you

“Instagram post exercises”
To all of you who find me this way, I hope you share your great exercise finds with me!

stones “right on your shoes”
If you are running with stones ‘right on your shoes’ then you are not only a are also someone who won’t be able to run much longer due to the stones in your shoes.

“things I’ve never done”
I really would LOVE to hear all of these things you’ve never done… Shoot me (or your lawyer?) an email, someone will read you your rights get back to you soon enough.

“I hope you will feel better tomorrow..”
umm. Thank you. I hope you do too?

“you don’t look like a runner”
thanks assface person, neither do you

“he said I don’t look like a runner”
you ask him if he likes face punches, and then give me his address so I can meet you there.

animal farm “I can always do better”
I literally DONT know what to do with this??

“Applefest half marathon why was it really cancelled”
if you find out, please send me an email,it is actually my favorite half!

“I love how fellow runners wave”
Me toooooo!

“food day long run”
You have a long run today? Eat all the food. #yourewelcome

“I hate the cold”
Me too!šŸ˜ we are either soulmate friends..or both of us have survived a really bad winter…

“girls streaking”
I am very positive I have never written about this…but good for those bare assed gals?

“funny questions to ask a girl”
Please, PLEASE do not ask her if she is pregnant. She will actually NOT think it’s funny.

“what would happen if I ran everywhere”
you probably will need a nap, a massage, and some stretching. And see 4 All THE FOOD!

“what does it mean when a girl is called a stud muffin by her coach?
that is a terrific question…I would assume it means he is fired?? No??

“world top 10 bigger booooms with no bra girls photo
Ahhhh…anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Buller?

Happy Thursday!

Bloggers..share your weirdest search terms!


11 thoughts on “Funny stuff..because the last few days have been WAY too serious

  1. Too funny!!! Looking through those is the best….My favorite that has popped up are “why i run blerg.” I also had someone find me through “happy birthday to my deceased mother.” Luckily my mom is very much alive, but why are people searching for these things??

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