That time I won my age division in a race and didn’t realize it?


And also….
I didn’t really tell anyone about it.. Well, I told like five people. But still. I usually blog beforehand about every race and that’s something I didn’t do for this one. Apparently I am fairly superstitious because I didn’t want to talk about it?

This is my silly montage of my getting-ready-for-the-race pictures…clearly you can tell how excited I was?!
(Also-super cool that I was #5…I mean…I’m pretty sure it went alphabetically…but I liked it. 5 is one of my lucky numbers 😄

I was really really excited to run it. I woke up, ready to bring it.
Every day this week, in addition to stalking Boston’s weather, I stalked the weather in Nashua NH, and was happy to see the temps rising daily to be a beautiful 70 degrees. Yay!

( I know what you are most likely thinking…why is she running a race the week before a marathon? Normally, I would run 13-14 the weekend before a marathon, so this wasn’t anything unusual for me to be doing.)

The race is in its first year-The Moose on the Loose Half Marathon… It’s in Nashua NH, and fairly close to my house. I was given a free entry into the race in exchange for a blog recap. It was put on by the 3-C Race Production company. They put on a bunch of different races in New England ..I ran their Wolf Hollow Half Marathon back in November and I’m definitely planning on doing it again this year, too.

I had picked up my number on Saturday at Runners Alley, a running store that helps sponsor the race. The anal runner in me loooooooves to have all of my odds and ends taken care of ahead of time instead of on race morning. However, if a race is more than one hour away, I will wait until race morning and make sure I leave at the butt crack of dawn to pick up ma stuff!!
(of course I also bought a bunch of goodies…you can’t tell me you don’t do this too..I know you do…

The course started on the South Nashua High schools track. It was literally the easiest and most convenient race to get to that I have ever done in my life. It started at 9, and I left my house at 8:15, and arrived by 8:40. I sat in my car for a little because the weather dumbasses people were WRONG… They had predicted the start of the race to be 52, sunny, 0% chance of rain. It actually rained, was cold, in the 40s, and a bit windy. Don’t think I’m all bad ass for doing a race in the rain… cause I’m not. While I love running in the rain, I don’t like racing in it. I guess I just like to call the shots with running but, obviously, when it comes to races…they won’t hit the snooze button until it warms up a little. #imabbaby

So I left my car at 8:53 to walk to the start line…and it was like a 1 minute walk…how cool is that? There were no blocked roads, or traffic reroutings..I didn’t have to get there super early to avoid closures, or anything…it was freaking awesome-sauce.

For a new race, it was really well organized, it started at 9:01, only a minute late. Although the course can be slightly confusing with which side of the fork in the road to take-they had people directing you at every turn so it would’ve been pretty hard to get lost. It was a double loop off-road course and the views were spectacular: The course ran through Mines Falls Park. When Boston is over, I have big plans to run on this course with my running friends because it’s so beautiful. It goes along the water, through the woods and varies between trails and concrete paths…it was just gorgeous.


(photo credit:

(photo credit:3craceproductions)

There were 8 chances to get water/Gatorade, and I believe there were porta potties at every stop, too…I didn’t need to use them, but if I had, I would’ve been extremely glad to see all of them! I have run half’s before where there were NO porta potties along the course. So, MOTLHM…you are winning at this race thing!!

Let’s Talk About My Run.
I woke up feeling like I was going to kill it. I don’t know exactly WHY I walked into this race in a “winning” mood, but I did. All night Saturday, my husband kept repeating “tomorrow…just book it. BOOK IT.”

The first half of the race, I was averaging 7:30-7:40. I was really on fire and passing people left and right. At one point. I realized I was one of the top three women. By mile 7-I started to slow, I was really cold-even though I was flying. My pace slowed to the low 8’s. I had wanted to break 1:40. I just really thought I was going to do it. I knew by mile 11 that it wasn’t gonna happen-my overall time ended up being 1:46:10…my Garmin says my pace was 7:59, but the official record states 8:07..sooo…somewhere in between there I guess?!

After I finished, there was a little area on the track field with water, Gatorade, bananas, pastries, pretzels and pop chips. The race director was handing out random raffle prizes-he was pretty hilarious and you could tell how passionate he was about his job. I’ve never done a race with the director being so up close and personal-it was really cool to see.

I am one of those people who NEEDS to see the race results posted... I can’t leave before that….even if I’m freezing my dam butt off, I will wait til I see that sheet posted. I saw the sheet listing my name -I was the 9th woman to finish, and I thought it said that I was 2nd in my age group…Prizes were awarded to the top 3 in each age division. When the race director started to call the results and hand out age group prizes, he called my name first out of the three and I thought “oh how weird because I’m second.” It wasn’t until later when I stalked that I actually realized that I won my age group. I ask you..who does that? Who confuses winning and second place??

(winners got a beer glass!)

Even though that wasn’t my best time, or even my goal time, and I didn’t go out as strongly as I wanted- I will happily take a win. That shows me what I need to focus on after Boston…speed! I have to admit that I haven’t been focusing on it as much as I should be.

When I got home, I was beyond excited to use my new winning division beer glass!! I have been craving Watermelon beer for a solid month now, and finally bought a few cans yesterday at a really cool craft beer store in Westford, MA…I saved it as a post race treat for myself today and let me tell ya…it was worth the wait!

And I teamed my delightful beer up with all the food a nice little lunch…yum

and a little bit of the good stuff…


Sooo..basically I am one happy camper. This race got me even more psyched up for Boston, and I didn’t KNOW that was even possible! I would absolutely recommend Moose On The Loose Half Marathon… It was a great local and small race with lots to offer the runners. Everything about it (for me) was convenient, and simple. Gotta love that!

Normally, when I don’t make my “goal race time” I get pretty cranky pants. This time is different. Being that I used the MOTLHM as my last tempo run before Boston, it’s a great speed test for me to see exactly where I am at in terms of being “race ready” …and after today, I know I really am going to kill it.

And, as you read will officially be only ONE WEEK to go
So bring it on Boston, I’m coming for you!

Anybody else race this weekend? tell me all about it!!

Favorite beer?
I really am loving watermelon anything lately!!

Run Free, Run Strong!!

*Disclaimer: Moose on The Loose gave me a free entry in exchange for a blog recap. All opinions of their awesome race are entirely my own.


23 thoughts on “That time I won my age division in a race and didn’t realize it?

  1. Congratulations!!! Running a race as part of marathon training = killing 2 birds with one stone! I just ran a half this weekend too at 1:45:00 and I literally did what you described — kept it going for the first half and then slowed by around mile 10 or 11. But hey, we put in work. Great job! And I want that beer haha.

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