The Morning Runner’s “Runner’s High”

Around this time of year, I start back with morning running. I don’t typically like to run in the morning unless the “sunrise chart” says that the sun is rising at <5:30am. We’re aaaalmost there( 6:10am-I actually stalk the sunrise sunset times on a daily basis. #weirdo)
Thursday morning, Kristina and I ran early( 5:15 to be exact). My school day starts at 7:00 (and there is no way I can just show up whenever I please-but I sometimes wish I had one of those jobs) So we were under the gun to finish by 6:15 am.
(beautiful sunrise we got to see.. When it comes to running and seeing gorgeous views, sunrises are definitely better than sunsets.

7 miles total in an hour..
Two of those were extreme hill style (just the way I like it) , run and done in an hour, 8:34 average pace. Excellent! I didn’t realize how well we did until Kristina told me. I’m pretty happy with this run bc I was nauseated and rungry.
I love the feeling of morning running. For me, it is a very powerful feeling to have one of my favorite parts of my day all wrapped up before the sun completely rises. I literally feel on top of the world- It absolutely energizes me! I was even back in time to give my husband a goodbye kiss…Somehow the day just gets off on the wrong foot if I don’t do that! 🙂

I’m going to try to keep this up..When I get home from work I feel like I’ve been given the gift of time. Literally,the hardest part is starting to be a morning runner: the very first day is the most painful to get out of bed. But by day two, I find myself leaping out of bed wide eyed and with pep in my step. The hardest part is the first day, I promise you.

My tips for running early in the morning…

1.) Make a date with a friend. No matter how hard it is climbing out of bed-You will know that SOMEONE is counting on you to meet them on the streetcorner. You would feel TERRIBLE standing them up. (sidenote: i was so excited/nervous that I would sleep through my alarm and forget to meet her that i slept for 3 three hours, then proceeded to wake up like every half hour to check the clock.)

2.) Try to eat a LITTLE something before you go, even if it is a pretzel or a small cup of Gatorade. If you go for a run and have nothing and i mean nothing in your stomach you might feel queasy/dizzy/weak. If this happens to you on day 1 of your morning run experience and on day 2 you take my advice and you have a wonderful run-you can send me a thank you card #kidding 

3.) Plan your clothes the night before. 75% of why i DONT want to get out of bed to run in the morning is because I still have to get dressed and pick out my clothes. if i have them ready and waiting I am a happy chipper runner girl.

4.) This one is from Kristina’s husband, Mike. I cannot take credit….Carry a flashlight with you so cars are automatically alerted by the weirdos running in the dark at 5 am. (i wore my 100% reflective coat this morning. It is pretty GD cool, i have to admit) But if i run tomorrow solo, I will be bringing a flashlight with me too to stick in my pocket. I have also heard of “knuckle lights” which go over your knuckles and are battery powered….I have yet to buy them but they look SUPER cool.

I am really hoping that while you are reading this post as it comes out on Friday morning–that I am out and about running my little booty off. Cause that runner’s high from Thursday lasted all day. ALL.DAY. LONG…. amazing…..I dont drink coffee, but I had an usually high energy level the entire day.. I loved it.

On a random side note….I am so very excited that I picked these bad boys up at Wally World last night…
They are my VERY FAVORITE FLOWER and they smell incredible. (I knew I had good taste when Princess Kate put them in her wedding bouquet. And I happen to LOVE all things Princess Kate. I don’t know why, I just do. I actually got up at the ungodly hour of 3 to watch her wedding. Hearts for eyeballs for her wedding, and anything involving this classy, classy lady! You’re welcome for this utterly pointless knowledge abt me)

Knowing my husband is going to plant them for me is making me sooooo excited!!!:) my dad has grown these in his yard for my entire life..the smell they give off is incredible.

Happy weekend, everybody!!!

Anyone else like to run in the morning?

What’s your favorite flower?

Anybody have a garden like me and the hubs?
to be fair..he does the brunt of the work. I pick the veggies and the flowers and enjoy them both ☺️



23 thoughts on “The Morning Runner’s “Runner’s High”

  1. I love reading your posts. They are always fun and light. I like to run in the morning but my stomach doesn’t agree most of the time. I also really don’t like the idea of running in the I don’t! I have better luck running in the evening after a full day of fuel and moving around. I also don’t have a running buddy yet – I’m a bit nervous about having someone run with me because I am not a fast runner and wouldn’t want to slow anyone down.

    • Oh thank you so much!!:)

      I’s very hard to start your day, in the dark, and alone! My night runs are typically faster than my morning runs, too, but having my “after work” time to do “all the things” that life requires really reels me in!:)

      Don’t be nervous to run with others..honestly, I run with a good friend of mine who is a great runner and slightly slower…it’s SO FUN to run with her pace never ever crosses my mind bc I’m just so happy to be running with my friend!:)

  2. I’m a 5am morning runner, too, but like you said, having a training group/partner you are meeting with makes it a thousand times easier! We sound like we’d be good friends. my fiance is the total horticulturalist and is brilliant with the garden. i like to enjoy/pick everything. ha. i’m really good at that 😉

  3. I would definitely run in the morning if I had a running buddy! I used run in the mornings more often, but just don’t feel that safe doing on my own anymore. Night runs don’t bother me as much because there are usually a lot of people still out and about.

  4. Good for you girl! I want to be a morning running but I always struggle to get up in the morning. The only time I actually manage to run in the morning is if I know I’m meeting someone else to run, otherwise snooze gets the best of me. But if I do run in the morning I always feel great afterwards, but waking up is just so hard…

    I love daffodils and daisies 🙂

  5. I loooove running in the morning. Been doing it for years! I sometimes even double up runs if it’s extra nice in the summer after work 🙂 Sometimes I just can’t help it!!

    My favorite flower is a sunflower 🙂 Cannot WAIT to have my own garden someday when I actually have a yard/space!

  6. I am also a Princess Kate fanatic. Such a classy lady.

    I wish I was a morning runner, but I need a full day’s worth of food on my stomach to really get in a good run. This is why I love night time races. I am sure if I trained myself to run in the morning it would be better, I just lack the motivation!

  7. You’re hysterical about Princess Kate. I love it.

    I like running in the morning more, but my stomach likes to run at night better. Unless of course I have a couple of hours before I run in the morning like the weekends. Then I love it and could do it every day. I definitely agree about setting your clothes out the night before. When my alarm goes off at 4am, the last thing I can think about is what clothes I need. I put them out on my recliner the night before and I’m good to go!

    • I’m telling you that’s the key to morning running-doing your prep work the night before! Otherwise I could never hop out of bed and run!! Sometimes my belly is not on board too–oh man it can be tough to slog it out!!:)

  8. I’m a daisy or daffodil person, I like bright happy flowers but I’m not the hugest flower person. But I was super excited to find a big field of sunflowers to take pics in when I got married 🙂 I hate waking up to run, even when it’s habit, I’m just not a 5am person. But it’s a necessary evil when it’s hot and humid so I just suck it up. I’m cranky about it every single time and then so excited about it when I finish, which I promptly forget about the next morning until the cycle repeats 😉

    • I love your wedding pictures they are absolutely gorgeous!!! I would have been pumped to discover that too!

      I have those days too when I’m cranky pants and just like you it repeats the next day too! Haha!! I love that I can get home from work and not rush around-that’s the best!:)

  9. Yeppers! I’m typically a morning runner 5am to be exact. Rarely do I get in a day or evening run annnnd my favorite flower is the rose.

  10. Haha, I love how you stalk the sunrise/sunset times!! Hehe, you’re so cute and that’s funny because I do that, too!! Wow, you’re right, it’s amazing to see the gorgeous views while running! Man, this post is such a beauty (like you) in that running in the morning does give you this powerful over the top feeling of love and joy!! It’s amaaaazing!!

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