I don’t give a dam, and Things I can’t stop doing

I can’t stop reading about the marathon….
It doesn’t matter what it is.. I want to read it.
I can’t stop trying to memorize what pace I need to hold for my goal finish time (3:30 or bust)

I found a cool pace conversion chart on John Hancock’s website:
(my goal finish areas are circled) This chart goes up to a 4:09 marathon time. If you think you are going to be longer than that, well you are in luck..you can visit this site on runnersworld.com and see all of their handy dandy pace charts for how long it will take you to finish. Their charts range from a super-freaky-stupid-Kenyan-fast 5:00 minute mile to a 15:00 minute mile…see…I told you that I’m losing it and can’t stop researching stuff…

And if you are even crazier, like me you can plug in your own finishing time into this neat little tool here and see what your running paces need to be along the course to finish in your goal time. Thanks to my girl Tbotti for showing me this super fun tool!!:):)

I’m in the homestretch of my finish line… I’m in the “taper crazies”… I’m almost there. Every night I have a marathon-related dream..for the past two nights, I’ve had a dream that I am winning it?!?! …Let me clear…not crossing the finish line. Not meeting”my” goal time..but winning. ..I am taking that as a VERY positive sign.
When it comes to tapering, or I can take it or leave it. What Marathon Monday comes down to, for me is finishing that last .10 of a mile that I never finished last year. I have been waiting for a year to do it. I am going to haul ass to that finish line.
I don’t give a dam if my legs are tired.
I don’t give a dam if I have not slept in two days or ten days due to the excitement
I don’t give a dam if it’s hot
I don’t give a dam if it’s raining, sleeting or snowing.
I don’t give a dam if my legs give out…I am freaking crawling to that dam finish line.
I give a dam about what happened to me last year.
I give a dam that I am there, that i am able to even be there.
I give a dam that I’m going to finish what I started ❤️

Run free, Run Strong…

Run for Boston!!!


32 thoughts on “I don’t give a dam, and Things I can’t stop doing

  1. Hi Nicole,

    I posted on your blog a loooooong time ago on your post about your feelings after last year’s Boston Marathon. Life got super busy between then and now and I stopped writing my own blog posts, but I’ve been checking yours now and then. I’m happy to see everything is going well, and I know you will rock the marathon!! Can’t wait!!

  2. I love the Boston specific chart! That is amazing, I want one for all of my races! I research obsessively too, I do it for everything but I enjoy it so much with running that I swear I inhale every article about running there is.

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